Argentine deputy who groped a woman during session of Congress resigns (VIDEO)

An Argentine deputy resigned after being involved in a scandal for kissing a woman on the breast during a virtual session of Congress The...

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Foto: Getty / Video: MH
  • An Argentine deputy resigned after being involved in a scandal for kissing a woman on the breast during a virtual session of Congress
  • The politician lowered the shirt to his wife, who was sitting on him and kissed her breast in front of his colleagues
  • “It’s not funny, it’s outrageous,” said a journalist

The Argentine congressman involved in a scandal for having kissed his wife’s breast during a virtual session of Congress resigned from his seat on Friday, while criticism from many citizens increased for the decline of the political class, according to The Associated Press.

Legislator Juan Emilio Ameri, from the ruling Frente de Todos and protagonist of the erotic scene, presented his resignation, which was immediately accepted by the lower house.

The day before, while Ameri was at the computer at her home in the northern province of Salta during the discussion of various legislative bills, he pulled his wife’s shirt, who was sitting on his lap, and kissed her breast, a situation that was seen by colleagues.

Argentine deputy resigns who groped a woman during session (VIDEO)

Photo: Twitter.

To see the video press HERE.

Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, the Argentine Congress is in session virtually, except for the heads of each political force who attend the venue.

Immediately the president of the lower house proposed the suspension of Ameri and social networks were filled with messages from outraged Argentines.

“While people wait for solutions from politics, in the middle of one of the worst crisis in our history, a deputy in a sexual situation in the middle of a session in Congress. It’s not funny, it’s outrageous, ”said model and host Luciana Salazar.

Other users of social networks questioned that the deputies do not commit to their work while receiving huge salaries.

Ameri apologized and explained that she wanted to review her partner’s breast implants.

“She came out of the bathroom, I saw her and I told her ‘let’s see how that is’ because she put on a prosthesis a few days ago… I was convinced that I didn’t have internet and when the connection came back, it automatically reconnected me,” he said.

Argentine President Alberto Fernández supported the suspension of the deputy and members of his political space admitted that Argentine society has long been divorced from the political class.

Meanwhile, the chief of the cabinet of ministers, Santiago Cafiero, commented in an interview with the C5N chain that “these behaviors are unacceptable… We are all committed to lifting Argentina out of the pandemic. With these improper attitudes we are not going to have a light thought ”.

Other virtual sessions in Congress have been mired in controversy. Weeks ago a senator posted a frozen image of himself to pretend he was listening to his peers and on another occasion a deputy drank whiskey in the middle of the debate.

Also during a Zoom meeting, a Hispanic teacher died of COVID-19 while teaching virtual classes.

A university teacher who had been battling COVID-19 for several weeks died at her home in the middle of a virtual class, according to the Clarín newspaper.

Paola de Simone, 46 years old, had been a professor at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) in Buenos Aires for fifteen years. She collapsed in the middle of a virtual classroom via Zoom last week.

As reported by The Sun citing Diari Mes, De Simone, who taught 20th century World History, had complained in previous classes that he had trouble breathing.

On Friday, August 28, the teacher wrote on Twitter that she was going through a tough battle against the coronavirus. “It’s very complicated. I’ve been here for more than 4 weeks and the symptoms don’t go away. A friend of ours is complicated. My husband is exhausted from working so much at the moment (medical therapy and emergencies) ”, he indicated.

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According to the media, at the time of the collapse the students asked her to give them the address of her home so they could send an ambulance immediately but she gasped and only managed to say “I can’t” before collapsing.

De Simone’s husband who is also a doctor discovered the teacher’s body when he got home. The 46-year-old teacher is also survived by a daughter.

One of her students, Ana Breccia, 23, described the last moments of the Hispanic teacher, according to The New York Post.

“He started by saying that he had pneumonia, we saw that it was worse than in previous classes,” he said.

“At one point, he could not continue to run slides, or speak and became unbalanced,” he said.

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