Apple will make your iPhone 12 purchase safe against COVID

With the announcement of iPhone 12 launch carried out by Apple at its ‘Hi, Speed’ event, some doubts have arisen from users r...

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With the announcement of iPhone 12 launch carried out by Apple at its ‘Hi, Speed’ event, some doubts have arisen from users regarding the device, but also the way in which it can be acquired.

Given that the sanitary conditions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic have forced a massive closure of Apple stores around the world, users are faced with a dilemma: Order the iPhone 12 online or go to the physical store?

In past years, the anticipation generated by the launch of Apple products, especially the iPhone, has led to massive attendance at the company’s physical stores.

However, in the middle of 2020 the circumstances have changed, and users will have different options to access the most recent iPhone model.

The foregoing, in order to comply with the regulations established by the health authorities of each locality and to avoid a massive contagion by Covid-19.

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Throughout the month of October, the arrival of the new iPhone model has put Apple at the center of the conversation.

One of the main talking points regarding the iPhone 12 has been the measure implemented by Apple, in which it will not include any type of accessory that was normally sold together with the iPhone.

After this controversy, which took thousands of users by surprise, Apple now faces an unprecedented new executive decision: How to sell the product without putting sellers and buyers at risk?

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The iPhone 12 and a new sales method for Apple

The new iPhone 12 will begin to be sold in bulk from next October 23.

Among the characteristics of this model, it stands out the fact that it will differ from its previous ones thanks to the 5G technology available in several of its models.

Another difference? Before, the launch of the iPhone was an event expected by millions of people around the world, and the physical stores of the company were filled with buyers.

These made a line that could travel up to several kilometers outside of any branch in any part of the world; However, the arrival of the pandemic has forced Apple to rethink its sales strategy.

At least with the iPhone 12, users will see their shopping experience modified.

In essence, this is the first time in Apple’s history that the company has faced the launch of an iPhone in the middle of a global pandemic.

The iPhone 12 launch event also featured certain modifications, as it had to be postponed several times due to restrictions imposed by federal authorities in order to avoid infections.

With this background, it is possible that on October 23 there will be a different launch than on previous occasions, and Apple has been commissioned to devise a logistics process which aims to minimize the possibility of contagion by Covid-19.

Due to the pandemic, the iPhone 12 purchase process will present some modifications with respect to previous years.

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So far, the iPhone 12 is available in pre-order. To the surprise of many, the device is already practically sold out.

The buzz around Apple products has always been shown to attract thousands of people on launch day, especially when it comes to the iPhone.

However, 2020 presents several challenges, the first being the challenge of reducing the risk of contagion. To achieve this, Apple has decided to resort to a new modality: prior appointments in its physical stores.

The process, according to Apple, will work differently depending on the city in which the purchase is made.

This will depend, in turn, on the sanitary provisions imposed by the authorities corresponding to each area.

The first option will be to receive the device at the car door; If you choose this option, an Apple employee will be in charge of delivering the device to the buyer when it is inside his car.

Likewise, Apple has the option of scheduling the shipment of the new iPhone 12 to the customer’s door, making sure to avoid any type of interaction between one person and another.

If the user decides to go to the physical store, Manzana has arranged everything to ensure a hygienic and reliable experience for users.

To achieve this, it has implemented a system of counters protected by a plexiglass screen that resembles a bank box.

Although some physical Apple stores are already authorized to work on a regular basis, in addition to the care implemented by the company, the user must schedule an appointment to ensure that it is an agile and safe process for all those involved.

The steps in this process also include taking the temperature at the entrance of the store and the mandatory use of face masks at all times.

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