Apple warns keeping iPhones at least 6 inches from pacemakers

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Apple warns keeping iPhones at least 6 inches from pacemakers
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If you or someone you know has a pacemaker and Apple device, it is time to carefully read the most recent recommendations that the company has made to prevent any type of interference related to their equipment.

  • Do you have a pacemaker? Maybe iPhones and Magsafe accessories can be dangerous for you
  • In a statement, Apple said that some medical devices have sensors that could generate interference and cause damage to pacemakers
  • One of the recommended measures that the company has carried out is to keep the devices at a minimum distance of 6 inches from the pacemaker

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An important piece of news was recently released by Apple: iPhone devices could be harmful to those with a pacemaker.

In a statement, Apple explained that there are several types of medical devices, such as pacemakers, that contain sensors that respond to magnets and other elements found in iPhones and MasSafe accessories.

This type of response has the ability to generate interference that can endanger the correct operation of these devices and, consequently, the health of users.

Thus, Apple issued a statement in which it assured that “The iPhone contains magnets, as well as components and radios that emit electromagnetic fields. All MagSafe accessories also contain magnets, and the MagSafe Charger and MagSafe Duo contain radios. These magnets and electromagnetic fields can interfere with medical devices. “

Among the Apple devices that stand out in this list are all the iPhone 12 models, which contain a greater number of radios than older models.

However, the fact that this model has a greater number of radios does not mean that it is more dangerous than other similar Apple devices.

In the same statement, Apple ensures that iPhone users who have a pacemaker will be able to use the device without danger, as long as they keep the iPhone and MagSafe accessories at a minimum distance of 15 centimeters; If the device is charging, the recommendation is to move at least 30 centimeters away from it.

Likewise, he invited these users to go to their private doctor to learn more about the interferences that could occur and what they imply for their health, as well as the prevention measures they can take to avoid them.

The statement also stated that “Manufacturers often include recommendations on the safe use of their devices near wireless or magnetic products to avoid possible interference. Stop using the iPhone or MagSafe accessories if you suspect they are interfering with your medical device. “

In addition, Apple made other recommendations, explaining that “The iPhone or the battery could be damaged if the device is dropped, burned, punctured, crushed or comes into contact with liquids.”

Along with these recommendations, Apple invited users to avoid trying to open or repair iPhone devices; In case of any failure, these must be taken to an authorized Apple supplier.

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Apple Unveils New Innovations for 2021: It Could Bring the Touch ID Button Back to Its New iPhones

It’s not all bad news for Apple; After recommending its users to follow a series of care in case of having a pacemaker, now the company has given a piece of news of encouragement for those who miss their previous designs.

According to a report from the portal The New York Post, Apple is analyzing the possibility of reincorporating the Touch ID button to its next iPhone models.

It was in 2017 that Apple stopped using the fingerprint sensor on its devices, a move that initially came as a big surprise to users who had followed the brand for the past few years.

Now, the company is conducting some tests to determine what should be the modifications that the new version of the Touch ID will have.

But, why is the return of Touch I D?

Perhaps the pandemic has something to do with this decision, since the Face ID function has become uncomfortable and impractical at a time when users require wearing face masks for most of the day.

This has motivated Apple to find new ways for users to quickly access devices.

Although the decision is not yet official, the return of Touch ID could be closer than some people think, although that would not mean the disappearance of the Face ID function.

So far, it is known that Apple has not decided to completely eliminate the Face ID function, but it is possible that this will become another option to unlock devices.

In addition to these modifications, Apple is also considering the possibility of permanently eliminating the charging port of iPhone devices; in this way, iPhone models would be charged exclusively wirelessly.

According to the Bloomberg portal, Apple contemplates the launch of an iPhone 12S sometime in 2021. S models usually have minimal modifications; In the case of this new device, Apple would offer an identification alternative to facial recognition that for years has been the only option for users.

Also, the report indicates other changes that Apple has planned for future iPhones; Among them are the folding models, which would be available in 2022, as well as the elimination of the charging port in some models that have not yet been announced.

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