Apple vs. Google: Your New Search Engine That Could Replace Google

For decades, Google has been the main search engine used by Internet users from all over the world. Since its creation, the vast majority...

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For decades, Google has been the main search engine used by Internet users from all over the world.

Since its creation, the vast majority of Internet users around the world use Google to search for and access all kinds of information, regardless of which hemisphere of the Earth they are.

This, along with the constant innovations that the company has developed, have allowed Google to be the most successful search engine in memory.

However, this could be about to change, thanks to the arrival of a search engine created and developed by Manzana.

The search engine with which Apple could displace Google Know it!

  • Last August, Apple announced the launch of a new search engine capable of competing with Google’s.
  • Since 2018, John Giannendrea, a former Google guru, has collaborated with Apple in its Artificial Intelligence department: Is he responsible for this project?
  • It is believed that this engine will help protect user data, although the strategies to implement have not yet been detailed

It is not yet a fact that Apple will launch its own search engine.

What is a fact is that Google is currently in the middle of a legal dispute that could play against it when a new competitor appears.

For several years now, experts have indicated that Apple could be preparing a big surprise: the creation of its own search engine, capable of unseating Google.

Google lawsuit

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While there is no further data on this, it is possible that Google’s recent legal troubles play a factor in Apple’s efforts to develop its own search engine.

For years, Siri has been considered one of Apple’s functions that most closely resembles a search engine; however, this feature can only work from Google, Yelp, and Apple Maps.

Last August, Apple formally announced plans to launch a new search engine capable of competing with its rival Google.

The portal Screen Rant outlines a few reasons that might indicate that this search engine is closer to being realized than many experts believe.

One of the first indications is related to the recent lawsuit filed by the United States Department of Justice against Google.

According to some reports, Apple is on a mission to distance itself from the antitrust laws with which it has associated Google. Taking into account that the default search engine for iPhone devices is Google, it seems logical that the company opts to implement its own search engine on its devices.

Apple is believed to have spent a large portion of its budget over the years to keep Google as the default search engine for iOS devices, iPad OS, macOS, iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

John Giannendrea, now working for Apple could help create his own search engine

Likewise, the portal shows that the hiring of John Giannendrea in 2018 could mean that the launch of Apple’s search engine could be a reality very soon.

Giannendrea started working for Apple in 2018, having served Google for several years.

The Scottish-born engineer currently serves as Senior Vice President of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Strategy, and it is believed that he will be in charge of creating a search engine similar or superior to Google.

Along with this evidence, there is also the fact that Apple has not hidden its intentions. At least in its job postings, the company has stated that it is looking for candidates to “define and implement the architecture of an innovative search technology for Apple.”

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Google’s monopoly, according to the US Department of Justice: What is known about this lawsuit?

Just last month, Google received news that represents a great danger to its interests, as well as to its business relationships with companies like Apple.

It was the United States Department of Justice that, after a year of investigations, reached the determination of file a formal complaint against Google, accusing the company of violating antitrust laws in the country.

Furthermore, this complaint accuses Google of participating or having participated in illegal activities to withhold information or abuse its power.

Eleven states have joined these accusations, in a move that is presented as a wake-up call to all technology companies, in an attempt to raise awareness about the limits that exist in their functions.

The main complaint is that Google has violated federal laws by blocking its competitors and reaching agreements with electronic device manufacturers to insert their search engines into brands such as Apple.

Jeff Rosen, Secretary of Justice, explained that “As the complaint issued this Thursday explains, Google has maintained a monopoly of power through exclusionary practices that are harmful to its competitors.” He added that “If the government does not enforce antitrust law to allow competition, we could face the loss of the new generation of innovation. If that happens, the American people may not see the new Google. “

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