Apple fined in italy for misleading iPhone advertising

Everything seems to indicate that Apple is in a legal mess in Europe. The Italian Antitrust Authority recently fined the company 10 milli...

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Everything seems to indicate that Apple is in a legal mess in Europe.

The Italian Antitrust Authority recently fined the company 10 million euros, accusing it of implementing ‘deceptive’ strategies to promote the iPhone, one of its best-selling products.

  • 10 million euros is the figure that the Italian Antitrust Authority has established to fine Apple
  • The accusation? Italian authorities say Apple used deceptive advertising to promote the iPhone
  • Specifically, it is a description of the conditions in which the iPhone can resist water and the failures in the warranty that prevent its repair in these cases

According to the Apple Insider portal, the company has been fined 10 million euros, or about $ 12 million, for using deceptive advertising to promote the iPhone.

Specifically, it is a failure in the communication of the capabilities of the iPhone and the water resistance with which the device has been promoted on previous occasions, which has led to consumers receiving poor information regarding the product they purchase. .

The fine was applied last Monday to Apple Distribution International and Apple Italia SRL; the products flagged with deceptive advertising were the iPhone 8 and subsequent models released by the company.

The main problem? The details corresponding to the water resistance of this type of device.

In advertising, they say, Apple states that iPhones can withstand water at depths of between 1 and 4 meters for up to 30 minutes.

In the first of the charges against it, Apple was accused of failing to clearly detail to customers the depths at which the iPhone could operate, as well as the time the device can spend under water.

In addition, in one of its notices, Apple states that the warranty does not cover damage caused by liquids, which is contrary to the advertising of the device, which ensures that it can resist water.

The Italian Antitrust Authority also considered that the way in which Apple refused to offer assistance for damage caused by liquids was “inappropriate”, which goes against the rights of users in the country’s Consumer Code.

In addition to the fine, an order was issued for Apple Distribution International and Apple Italia SRL to post a link on their website directing to a document about the Authority’s findings.

Two years have passed since the Antitrust Authority fined Apple and Samsung for slowing down older devices with software updates.

The € 10 million fine includes a couple of violations, including not providing customers with sufficient information about the status of their batteries, as well as slowing down older equipment without warning.

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Apple, once again in trouble: Legal troubles do not stop at the company

The portal The Verge shared that Apple is in legal proceedings before the United States Court.

The company led by Tim Cook hopes to reach a millionaire agreement to replace the losses caused by an alleged slowdown of certain old iPhone models.

Although the accusations made by the Italian authorities correspond to other types of deficiencies in the service, the first indication of Apple’s legal problems occurred in 2017, when consumers first noticed that their equipment showed inexplicable failures that coincided with the launch of a new iPhone model.

Apple assured then that the equipment did work slowly, but that it had only been a strategy to protect the batteries of some models of iPhones.

To minimize the damage, the company agreed to replace the batteries in this equipment, for an amount of up to $ 29; however, the lawsuits against the company continued to come, which is why Apple was forced to disburse approximately $ 500 million in damages.

In recent months, it was announced that Apple is in the process of reaching a second deal in 34 states, which is expected to pay an additional $ 113 million.

In the United States, the judges concluded that Apple had operated with full knowledge of the facts, and that the company “fully understood” that by hiding this type of action, users would be forced to buy new devices.

As it happened in Italy, Apple is expected to reach an agreement in which the maximum punishment is the disbursement of a large sum of money.

Apple’s settlement before the Court of United States it means that the company will be forced to pay a large amount of money, which will save it from a potential lawsuit or possible investigations related to the same problem.

A PDF document that has not yet been approved by the Court, you can read the agreement that Apple has reached with the authorities, and it is possible that very soon those affected will be able to receive the compensation established in it.

There, it is suggested that the plaintiffs who have applied for a compensation of $ 25 dollars will be able to know on December 4 next if their complaint will be approved.

Apple will pay a minimum amount of 310 million dollars to negotiate the lawsuit filed against it; finally, the figure could rise to 500 million dollars, but this will depend on the number of complaints that have been approved.

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