Apple could replace your old headphones for free

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Apple could replace your old headphones for free

In days gone by, Apple announced creating a project, with which it aims to offer its users the possibility of replacing their old hearing aids for free.

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Thus, Apple’s ‘Airpods Pro Service’ program was born.

In it, the free return of headphones that have failed in recent months will be accepted.

Airpods Pro Service: Apple’s program that responds to growing criticism about how your headphones work

  • Apple Announces New Project to Replace Reported Airpods
  • The program is called ‘Airpods Pro Service Program’ and will only accept for replacement headphones that have been manufactured before October 2020
  • Apple hopes to reduce its carbon footprint by 2030: How will you do it?

The project stems from a series of complaints made by Apple consumers, specifically those who have experienced problems with audio playback through their Airpods.

It is not a program to replace all types of headphones, but users must follow a series of instructions to be eligible for this initiative.

In order to access replacement Airpods, Apple has determined that the only devices that will be accepted for return will be those manufactured prior to October 2020, date the program started.

In this way, customers can make the decision to take their devices to an Apple service center or contact the company’s support center for an examination of their headphones.

If the technician determines that any of the headphones are faulty, then Apple will replace them.

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Just last week, Apple announced that it would begin to replace Airpods for free, since it was concluded that some devices manufactured before October 2020 could fail.

On its official site, Apple has announced what will be the failures that will be considered for the replacement of the headphones; These include:

  • Static sounds that increase in environments where there is a lot of noise, when exercising or when used to make calls
  • Noise cancellation failures; increased background sounds such as a street or airplane.

It’s important pointing that the Airpod Pro Service program will not extend the warranty of these devices, but will cover the replacement of Airpods up to two years after purchase.

New designs on Apple Airpods

Apple has reported that it is working on manufacturing a second generation Airpod Pro, and a third generation Airpods.

Some experts have assured that the second generation accessories will be much more compact than the current ones, and that the small stem at the base of the headset will be eliminated.

This new design also promises a rounder presentation that fits naturally in the user’s ear.

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Apple begins a crusade to eliminate its carbon footprint in the next decade

Although the news of the creation of the Airpods Pro Service program has been well received by users, Apple is still in a series of controversies, including its decision not to include accessories in the sale of its new devices.

During the launch event of the iPhone 12, called ‘Hi, Speed’, users were surprised when it was announced that Apple is on a new crusade to take care of the environment.

In this crusade, Apple has taken the iPhone 12 as a starting point to set new manufacturing standards in its next releases.

It was at the ‘Hi, Speed’ event that Tim Cook took on the task of explaining this measure; Cook emphasized that in an effort to reduce Apple’s carbon footprint by 2030, the decision was made not to include chargers and headsets in its new devices.

At its event, Apple announced that it was in the middle of an arduous task to try to reduce as much as possible the company’s carbon footprint.

To achieve this, one of the main measures will be to stop the manufacture of accessories that users already have.

This includes headsets and chargers, items that require a great deal of resources to manufacture and which they claim quickly turn into waste.

Apple’s plan aims to reach 2030 with minimal environmental damage, while continuing to innovate in design, technology and service.

One way to reduce the carbon footprint, according to Apple experts, was by reducing the ‘waste’ caused by the manufacture of certain accessories.

For example, for the iPhone, it was announced that none of its models will have connector cables or AirPods, accessories that traditionally included in the sale of these devices.

According to Apple, users will be able to continue using the headphones or chargers they already had, or they will have the option of purchasing new ones in Apple stores.

And although Apple’s intentions have been established, this measure has not been entirely well received by users around the world, as many of them have assured that the high price of the devices does not correspond to the service they are used to.

However, the company’s stance remains strong despite criticism, and it is confident that this strategy will work in the long term, allowing users to access Apple services, applications and accessories independently when they need them.

Exterior of the Apple Store in the city center near Rotonde, France.
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