Apple added a secret button to your iPhone, and you might not notice it

Always at the forefront, Apple has surprised its users once again. This time, it is a new button that, for a few months, went unnoticed b...

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Always at the forefront, Apple has surprised its users once again. This time, it is a new button that, for a few months, went unnoticed by most of its users.

In recent days, there has been quite a stir around the ‘Back Tap’ button available on a wide variety of Apple devices, mostly iPhones.

Back Tap, the Apple button that is compatible with 16 devices: Get to know it here!

  • Back Tap, the ‘secret’ button that Apple that is compatible with 16 devices and that you may not yet know
  • Apple implemented this new button with its iOS update from September 16, but never alerted its users about its operation
  • Back Tap works with the locked screen, on the home screen and in applications. Find out how!

It was last September when Apple released the latest update to its iOS 14 software.

As usual, the company announced an update to its operating system, anticipating the launch of its latest iPhone models, which were finally unveiled last October.

As part of this update, Apple added a customizable button known as ‘Back Tap’.

However, the big surprise for most users was that this button was not announced as part of the improvements to iOS14, and, despite its usefulness, some users did not know of its existence until a few weeks ago.

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Back Tap, the Apple button that you did not know existed Configure it in a simple way!

Maybe you did not know, but it is very possible that from September 16 you will have the Back Tap button.

This allows you to double or triple tap the back of your device to perform specific tasks that you can configure yourself on your device.

To configure this function, which is not really a ‘button’ as such integrated into the device, you just have to follow the following steps:

Go to the Settings or Configuration section of your iPhone and click on Accessibility> Touch and slide your screen down until you find the option ‘Back Tap’.

Once you activate this button, you must select the ‘double-tap’ option and then choose the function you want to perform by touching the back of your device.

In addition, another advantage is that it is not only a ‘double tap’, but you can customize it to perform up to three consecutive touches.

Generally, iPhone users use the ‘double tap’ function to take screenshots; However, this option can be used to access other applications or perform tasks related to App Switcher, main screen, locked screen, Notification Center, Siri, Spotlight, as well as to raise and lower the volume of the device.

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iOS14, What are the Apple devices benefited from this update?

According to the KTLA portal, iOS14 operating system update and Back Tap button is compatible with the following devices: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE (1st generation), iPhone SE (2nd generation), and iPod touch (7th generation).

This button is just part of a series of improvements that Apple has implemented in its devices, at least in those that are compatible with its most recent update.

Just last month, Apple launched four new iPhone models that are expected to be compatible with the 5G network, with a price range of between $ 700 and $ 1000 USD.

Hi, Speed: The Apple event that came to surprise everyone

After a series of delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, on October 13 Apple launched its new iPhone models.

It was an event that generated great expectations around the world, since, in addition to the launch of the iPhone 12, a series of news related to the compatibility of the devices with the 5G network was expected, as well as different updates of another type of brand devices.

With the legend ‘Hi, Speed’, Apple managed to generate great expectations among its guests, who before the launch were already anticipating the launch of at least four new iPhone models.

The ‘Hi, Speed’ event had been planned to take place last July, but the company executives decided to postpone the event due to the health emergency derived from the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the event, Apple not only confirmed the launch of the iPhone 12, but surprised attendees with news that no one anticipated: the company declared that it was in the middle of an arduous task to try to reduce the carbon footprint caused by the company.

As part of the plan, it is expected that by the year 2030 the environmental damage caused by Apple will reach minimum levels, although one of its challenges will be to achieve this while continuing to innovate in design, technology and service.

One of the biggest surprises during the event was the announcement that Apple will resort to a specific strategy to reduce the carbon footprint and reduce ‘waste’.

The bad news for users? That in this environmental crusade Apple will stop including some accessories in the sale of its devices.

For example, for the iPhone, it was announced that none of its models will have connector cables or Ear Pods, accessories that traditionally included in the sale of these devices.

This measure has not been entirely well received by users, since many of them have assured that the high price of the devices does not correspond to the service to which many are used.

However, the company’s position is firm, and it is confident that this strategy will work in the long term and that users will be able to access Apple services, applications and accessories independently when they need them.

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