App allows you to find your phone even if it is ‘off’

A developer of Mexican origin has created an app that promises to forever change the way electronic devices are tracked. It is the Hammer...

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A developer of Mexican origin has created an app that promises to forever change the way electronic devices are tracked.

It is the Hammer Security app, which is designed by the Mexican developer Bernardo Ruz, who has explained in detail about the benefits of this application, as well as the reasons that led him to create it.

The main objective of the app will be to take care of the safety of its users, and for that it has been designed to issue different types of alerts and respond to certain types of dangers in which users of the device connected to the application may find themselves.

Hammer Security: the app that will let you remotely control the security of your electronic device

  • A Mexican developer has created an app that allows electronic devices to be tracked even in ‘off’ mode
  • This app can also issue alerts to the parents of minors who are in danger
  • It is designed to work remotely and respond to certain types of dangers that can be detected by the app

Hammer Security is an application that aims to offer a safety net to users in different circumstances of life, especially those that represent a danger not only for the device, but also for the user.

According to some experts, the Hammer Security App may alert the parents of minors who are in real or potential danger.

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In addition, among its most outstanding features is the fact that the app is programmed to recover stolen phones, even when thieves turn them off, as is the custom in those cases.

The app’s developer, the Mexican Bernardo Ruz, declared to the media that “When some stories appeared in Mexico just a few months after launch, the downloads went viral.”

Regarding the way the app operates in cases of theft, Ruz explained that “If a thief turns off a stolen phone, the app automatically sends a real location, photos and audio to emergency contacts.”

Security is one of the main attractions of Hammer Security.

Bernardo Ruz’s initial purpose was to create an app that could provide protection to children, especially in cases where they are in danger of becoming victims of crime.

However, among the functions of the app there is also a protection in cases of car accidents.

In practice, this app provides a kind of peace of mind to parents of minors and young people who are beginning to explore the world independently.

The fact that the phone can be tracked even in off mode is just one more attraction of the application, since it is mainly focused on protecting minors from cases such as theft, kidnapping or trafficking of minors.

This does not mean that parents will be able to track their children’s movements or their location at all times.

Unlike other security applications, Hammer Security is only designed to send alerts related to emergencies even when the device is turned off.

For example, the app is useful in emergency cases in which electronic devices are usually turned off, so it guarantees a sending of alerts in real time, but only in the event that the user is the victim of a crime, suffers an accident or theft of your device.

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The problem of stolen phones: How can an app help track them?

According to the portal Precision NewsWire, Ruz highlighted that “in 2013, around 3.1 million smartphones were stolen. That is almost double the previous year. Victims experienced loss of productivity, identity theft, and fraudulent charges. Most phones are stolen when people go out to public places like restaurants, bars, or even their workplaces. “

For example, teens who go to parties are more likely to lose their devices or be distracted enough that they are stolen.

For thieves, the first step after stealing an electronic device is to turn it off, as this, in theory, ensures that it cannot be tracked by any app.

With the app Hammer Security, anyone who takes a device that is not their own will believe that it is off, even though it is actually on.

The moment it’s stolen, the phone will send photos and record snippets of audio, all while the algorithm detects unusual movements and captures a ‘selfie’ of the thief.

Hammer Security promises to be a useful app for people of all ages.

Ruz has detailed that the app is configured to respond to emergencies, and all the user has to do to notify their closest contacts that they are in danger is to press a key.

By downloading the app, users will be able to control it remotely.

To do so, they must access the Hammer Security website, available 24/7, and there they will be able to issue alarms, messages, send photos and record audios or videos.

In recent months, the Hammer Security app has seen an increase in the number of downloads, not only in Mexico, but in the rest of the world.

Ruz trusts the usefulness of the application, and details that “the app is accessible, and should be part of the tools of all parents.”

Hammer Security can be downloaded via Google Play, and offers a monthly subscription of 1.99 USD or 14.99 USD per year, although it also has a free version that includes ads.

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