Appeals court reinstates anti-abortion law in Texas

Anti-abortion law reinstated in Texas. This new law came into force on September 1. Bans virtually any termination of pregnancy in Texas....

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  • Anti-abortion law reinstated in Texas.
  • This new law came into force on September 1.
  • Bans virtually any termination of pregnancy in Texas.

Texas anti-abortion law. Just a few days after a judge from a federal appeals court in the United States temporarily blocked the anti-abortion law, this Friday night in the state of Texas they reinstated said law in the state of the lone star.

The decision to reinstate this anti-abortion law, which came into effect on September 1 and prohibits virtually any termination of pregnancy in Texas, was made by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, one of the most conservative in the country, according to Efe Agency.

They reinstate the anti-abortion law

Texas anti-abortion law

It is worth mentioning that abortion providers in Texas were ready to appeal this law, even starting to book appointments at their clinics and reopening their doors during a brief respite from the law. Abortions are generally prohibited around 6 weeks of gestation, depending on The universal.

It was the Texas Attorney General, Republican Ken Paxton, who filed an appeal this Friday against the ruling adopted Wednesday by a federal district judge. The appeals court did not enter to assess the issue, but temporarily lifted the blockade waiting for the Government of Joe Biden, the litigant in the case, to respond to Paxton’s appeal, for which it has until Tuesday.

Anti-abortion law Texas: “Texas has created a mechanism”

Texas anti-abortion law: "Texas has created a mechanism"

Whatever the final decision of the appeals court, the case will most likely end up again before the Supreme Court, which weeks ago refused to study the law although it admitted that the litigants had raised serious doubts about its constitutionality.

Justice Robert Pitman, who blocked the new abortion ban on Wednesday, publicly mentioned that the state of Texas “has created an aggressive and unprecedented mechanism to deprive its citizens of a significant and well-established constitutional right.”

Anti-abortion law Texas: “Will not allow this offensive deprivation to continue another day”

Texas anti-abortion law: "He will not allow this offensive deprivation to continue another day"

For Justice Pitman, the anti-abortion law “has illegally prevented women from exercising control over their lives” and that his court “will not allow this offensive deprivation to continue for another day.” In the Lone Star State, it allows individuals to file civil lawsuits against anyone who helps a pregnant woman have an abortion if they believe they are violating the ban

It should be noted that it has been said that if this trial is won, each plaintiff will be offered a reward of up to $ 10,000. That system has so far allowed Texas authorities to evade responsibility for law enforcement, because the burden of implementation rests on those private citizens, and not on the conservative leaders who pushed for the veto.

Texas anti-abortion law: “Roe versus Wade”

Texas anti-abortion law: "Roe versus Wade"

It was this legal vacuum that allowed the law to go into effect a month ago with the approval of the Supreme Court, despite the fact that it expressly contradicts the 1973 judicial decision that legalized abortion throughout the United States, known as “Roe versus Wade.” .

The Texas veto that bans abortion from six weeks gestation, when many women still do not know they are pregnant, is the most restrictive of the 90 that have taken effect this year in territories across the country, promoted by conservative leaders in state congresses.

Anti-abortion law Texas: Announcement of a project that benefits migrants

Project that benefits migrants announced

On the afternoon of this Friday, October 8, the senator for California Alex Padilla and Congressmen Adriano Espaillat and Joaquín Castro, announced a new bill that would eliminate the barriers established so that certain migrants with criminal records can obtain US citizenship, according to Efe Agency.

This new bill, which has already been announced, would guarantee that immigrants who have been pardoned or whose sentences have been suspended or overturned by a court do not run the risk of being deported, and can be naturalized. And thus continue with their lives within the country.

Anti-abortion law Texas: “You can no longer turn a blind eye”

"You can no longer turn a blind eye"

“For too long, our immigration laws have put the American Dream further out of reach by making it nearly impossible for immigrants, especially those with strong convictions, to become citizens,” California Senator Padilla said in a statement. He also added that “you can no longer turn a blind eye” with immigrants.

The Democratic lawmakers’ proposal specifically modifies the definition of “conviction” in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) to ensure that, in certain circumstances, a conviction that is not recognized by a criminal court is not a barrier to naturalization or that generates the deportation of the immigrant.

They support proposal

They support proposal

Congressman Espaillat stressed in a statement that he hopes that the passage of this bill will be the beginning to “rebuild this country’s immigration system from scratch, making it more equitable and accessible to all who call this nation home.”

For her part, Heidi Altman, policy director of the National Center for Immigrant Justice, applauded the proposal, highlighting that the approval of the project “would guarantee that no one is deported and separated from their loved ones due to a conviction or sentence that the criminal court no longer has. recognize”. Filed Under: Texas Anti-Abortion Law

Migration problem

Migration problem
Photo: AP

Republicans have harshly attacked the federal government in recent months for the high number of migrants who are intercepted by border agents on the border with Mexico, where in recent months there have been record numbers in at least 20 years.

The “Remain in Mexico” program has been the subject of numerous demands by MPP detractors and supporters since the Trump administration launched it in January 2019 to make the asylum process more difficult by forcing people to remain in the Latin American country. to applicants while their case is being resolved in the United States. Filed Under: Texas Anti-Abortion Law

Biden takes responsibility for mistreatment of migrants

mistreatment of migrants
In this photo, taken on September 19, 2021, US Border Patrol agents on horseback try to contain migrants crossing the Rio Grande from Ciudad Acuña, Mexico, to Del Rio, Texas. (AP Photo / Félix Márquez, file)

It should be remembered that a terrible moment when border agents whipped Haitian migrants, including the president of the United States, Joe Biden, assumed as president his responsibility in the “intolerable” cases of mistreatment of migrants on the border with Mexico and promised that there will be ” consequences”.

“There will be consequences,” promised the Democratic president, who acknowledged that what happened is a “shame”, but it is also “dangerous and wrong”, while mentioning that these images send a “wrong” message to the world and the country. In turn, he added: “It’s just not who we are.” Filed Under: Texas Anti-Abortion Law

Border agents will “pay” the “consequences”

mistreatment of migrants

Fox News He also cited the statements of September 24 and stressed that Biden sent a severe warning to Border Patrol agents who pursued the migrants on horseback by promising that “those people will pay.” There is currently an ongoing investigation into the footage that some Democrats said showed officers whipping migrants.

The president said that Border Patrol agents caused migrant victims: “the horses run over them, the people are tied up.” However, critics have pointed out that the officers held onto the reins to control the horses, and that they did not use whips or leashes against the migrants. Filed Under: Texas Anti-Abortion Law

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