Animal abuse? Maribel Guardia wanted to show off her ‘waistline’ in a photo, but her dog turns on the alarms

For Maribel Guardia’s followers, the appearance of her dog did not go unnoticed and criticism rained down ‘I feel sorry for i...

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  • For Maribel Guardia’s followers, the appearance of her dog did not go unnoticed and criticism rained down
  • ‘I feel sorry for it, it needs an urgent wash’, was one of the comments made to the actress
  • Maribel Guardia wanted to delight her followers with a sensual photo and was scolded because of how her pet looked

Maribel Guardia’s dog. The beautiful actress and singer Maribel Guardia is one of the celebrities who is always active on her social networks as she seeks to be closer to her followers, and she tries to upload content almost daily, in the case of Instagram no day goes by without seeing one of her sensual photos.

In tiny bikinis, tight sportswear or sensual dresses, the Costa Rican always delights her fans with her sensual photographs, the 61-year-old actress receives thousands of compliments in each publication, however in one of her many photos, instead of receiving compliments, her followers were upset.

Maribel Dog Guard: They complain about how careless his dog is

After criticizing her dog, Maribel Guardia makes him 'handsome'
PHOTO Instagram

In one of her posts, Maribel Guardia wears a sensual miniskirt and a captivating smile that make her beauty shine, however, in that postcard her puppy was the one that captured the attention, in the photograph she wrote the following message: “Enjoy the madness, it is always the one that will keep you sane and firm in the lowest moments ”.

But unlike her other publications, this time the actress did not receive her usual compliments, at least in the publication of Suelta la Sopa where they uploaded that photograph, the claims about the appearance of Maribel Guardia’s mascot were immediate.

Maribel Dog Guard: ‘He needs an urgent bath’

After criticizing her dog, Maribel Guardia makes him 'handsome'
PHOTO Instagram

“The puppy hurts”, “I feel sorry, he needs an urgent wash”, “I laughed hardooo … I did not see the puppy with a pissed off face and what eggs … your divine spectacular and I all destroyed, says the poor animal” , “She a Goddess, the dog worse than Mary Mar”, were some of the comments received by the publication.

“Poor little dog”, “Bella Maribel, but not the pet”, “Your little dog needs a haircut”, “It was the first thing I saw !! Hahahahaha so beautiful ugly but tender ”,“ The puppy caught my attention, I have one, and I feel sorry for how dirty it is ”.

Maribel Dog Guard: ‘The puppy is the one that needs grooming’

After criticizing her dog, Maribel Guardia makes him 'handsome'
PHOTO Instagram

“Hahaha I didn’t even realize that the poor man was there…. It gets confused with the ground ”,“ Hahaha, it’s true, she wants a good poor shag ”,“ The little dog is the one that needs cleaning ”,“ God help the little dog ”,“ She is super good but the poor little dog looks like they haven’t past the comb in a while ”, they wrote to the singer.

The critics did not stop: “The puppy looks suffered, poorly cared for”, “What’s up with the puppy, everything must be in harmony, the dogs are also our mirror”, “Very elegant and everything, but also invest in his puppy ”,“ The puppy needs help ”,“ And the puppy’s look ”.

Maribel Dog Guard: They complain to the actress for the bad appearance of the pet

After criticizing her dog, Maribel Guardia makes him 'handsome'
PHOTO Instagram

“Poor dog It doesn’t take much to get him to a good grooming ”,“ I thought it was a little street dog ”,“ Chin… she and the dog are the same age! But he doesn’t have the help of the doctors !! A little help for the parrot Maribel! ”,“ Why is the puppy so careless, he lacks everything! ”, Commented the people.

“I think the pet is crying out for more attention, he looks very careless”, “Poor puppy! Why don’t you take care of it! It happens! ”,“ They had to fix the puppy too ”,“ Poor puppy they forgot about him ”,“ Poor puppy ”,“ And the puppy for when? Poor God help him, he looks like a royal Street“, Criticized the people.

Maribel Dog Guard: ‘Bathe your puppy and stop showing off’

PHOTO Instagram

The publication reached 11543 I like it, and in most of the comments the appearance of the dog was mentioned, “How beautiful but the one that is in a movie is the puppy needs a little help, the poor thing”, “She is very pretty !! But that little dog could go to the hairdresser ”. Maribel Dog Guard

“If they are not going to take care of them, why do they have them”, “Poor little dog, he needs a cut and a bath”, “A lot of heels for a 65-year-old woman do not check him anymore, bathe your puppy and stop showing off”, ” And the dog for when the bath “,” Oh, the puppy looks in bad condition … she is very projected and the puppy also needs to go to a beauty salon.

He listens to his followers and bathes the puppy

PHOTO Instagram

And apparently all the negative comments about the appearance of the puppy reached Maribel’s ears, because days later she uploaded a photo with her pet already very bathed. Wearing a red dress with a cute bow and showing her shapely legs, Guardia carried her criticized dog, which looked “very bathed.”

“Hahaha so we can see that if you want the puppy from the previous photos”, “The puppy has already bathed”, “Look at her and she gave the puppy his bath”, “After so much claim, poor puppy”, “It makes me look the meme and in order not to make the dog feel bad, he took a photo with the hahahahaha ”, his followers wrote.

‘Today if you attended the puppy’, they wrote to Maribel

PHOTO Instagram

“The puppy has already bathed”, “Today if you took care of the puppy why did everyone criticize you for how careless you have it”, “You already bathed haha”, “What a difference the dog has already bathed”, “The dog of the meme, beautiful Maribel ”,“ When social pressure makes you bathe your dog ”, were the comments Maribel received in her publication.

“He already bathed the puppy”, “His hair even shines on him”, “Have you already bathed him? hahaha ”,“ What a difference as a puppy, don’t be gacha Maribel! ”,“ I like your dog ”,“ He already fixed it ”, were other comments he received in the publication that reached 65,970 likes. Maribel Guard Dog

Spectacular at 62

PHOTO Instagram

In the middle of spring, and with the heat to everything that it gives in various parts of the world, the Costa Rican singer and actress Maribel Guardia, about to turn 62 years old, showed off her body in a white bikini causing all kinds of reactions, because while some They praised her spectacular beauty, others tell her that it is the product of surgeries.

With more than 200 thousand likes so far, this publication is available on the official Instagram account of Maribel Guardia, who commented: “A little bit of vitamin D for the body. And another of vitamin F (Happiness), for the soul. Kisses”. Maribel Guard Dog

“Always so beautiful”, they say to Maribel

PHOTO Instagram

It did not take long for followers of the Costa Rican singer and actress to react to this infamous image in which she is seen about to enter a pool and wearing her outlined figure: “Always so beautiful”, “Impressive”, “How beautiful “,” Goddess “,” Beautiful “,” Very pretty “.

But when it gave the impression that everything would be compliments for the one born on May 29, 1959 in San José, Costa Rica, it was not like that, since some Internet users affirmed that her body is the product of surgeries and something else. Is it so? Maribel Guard Dog

“It already looks different”

PHOTO Instagram

This same image in which Maribel Guardia boasts a great body in a white bikini also appeared on the social networks of the Univisión network, where Internet users had no mercy with the former Mexican singer Joan Sebastian. Maribel Guard Dog

“So many surgeries that it doesn’t even look like her”, “It already looks different. The surgeries want to take their toll “,” Satanic old woman “,” It is already different, the face does not look alike “,” My respects for the surgeon, everything is very good, only the face does not lie “,” The miraculous surgeries “. Some images of this note come from the following video

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