Ángela Aguilar appears as Selena, but something is discovered in her armpits

Angela Aguilar dazzles her fans. The singer, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, appears as Selena, but something is discovered in her armpits...

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  • Angela Aguilar dazzles her fans.
  • The singer, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, appears as Selena, but something is discovered in her armpits.
  • “You should whiten your armpits”, users tell her.

A few months after turning 18 years old, the singer Ángela Aguilar, who is daughter of the also singer Pepe Aguilar, appears as Selena with one of her emblematic costumes in her social media, but something goes wrong and users discover something in her armpits.

It is well known by many of the interpreter’s fans that she greatly admires the Queen of Tex-Mex, so she doesn’t hesitate to look like her at each and every opportunity.

They tell Ángela Aguilar that she should lighten her armpits

They tell Ángela Aguilar that she should lighten her armpits
Instagram photo Angela Aguilar

Ready to appear at the Premios Juventud, which will take place tomorrow at the Watsco Center at the University of Miami In the United States, along with her father Pepe Aguilar and her brother Leonardo Aguilar, Ángela Aguilar has three nominations for this ceremony.

And when you would think that congratulations would rain on the young woman by paying tribute to Selena with one of her most remembered outfits, someone dared to tell her: “You should lighten your armpits”, while someone else said: “It’s like kissing Pepe Aguilar in a feminine thong, but Versace is worth it ”.

“Old nose”

"Old nose"
Instagram photo Angela Aguilar

Despite having millions of followers around the world, Angela Aguilar is not spared from criticism by some users and more so when she has ‘dared’ to perform songs by Selena, who was murdered on March 31, 1995.

“And he says that he does not want to look like Selena Quintanilla”, “You will never be like Selena Quintanilla, she did have real charisma, old nose”, “It is not authentic”, “Even the dance steps of her song are the same as Selena does ”,“ Basically, her ‘career’ is based on her father’s fame and copying Selena’s personality ”.

“Enjoying the riches of your grandfather and your father”

"Enjoying the riches of your grandfather and your father"
Instagram photo Angela Aguilar

It would be thought that being a minor, Ángela Aguilar, who a user dared to tell her to clear her armpits, would not receive so many attacks from users, although the opposite happened when sharing an image in which she looks very much like Selena.

“How rich, enjoying the riches of your grandfather and your father”, “What a black armpit”, “How beautiful those armpits”, “Uy, girl, that armpit is not giving”, “Morra without talent”, can be read in some comments from users.

“There where they see me”: Ángela Aguilar

"There where they see me": Angela Aguilar
Instagram photo Angela Aguilar

Ángela Aguilar appears more “pure” and “decent” with a white dress, very similar to the one that Adamari López wore, and followers of Pepe Aguilar’s daughter praised the beauty of the young woman, stating that in all the outfits she uses, she will see beautiful: “Wherever I see you, I always see you beautiful”

At the age of 17, the youngest daughter of Pepe Aguilar has managed to establish herself as one of the most prominent stars of the show, and it is not only because of the beauty that Angela possesses and that she constantly boasts on social networks, but also because of her talent. that the young woman has, coming to collaborate with great artists in the industry such as Christian Nodal.

Surprise your admirers

Surprise your admirers
Instagram photo Angela Aguilar

It was on July 13 when Ángela Aguilar surprised her more than 6 million followers on Instagram by publishing a photograph of her in black and white wearing a beautiful white dress, a very typical Mexican outfit, outfits that Angela Aguilar has of course proudly boasted both in their presentations and on their social media.

At the bottom of the image, which already contains more than 340 thousand likes, and an endless number of comments from his followers, the interpreter of Your blood in my body, wrote the following message: “There, where do they see me?” , This message would go unnoticed by some of his millions of followers, who did not hesitate for a second to comment on beautiful words and compliments for Flor Silvestre’s granddaughter.

Keeps your career clean

Keeps your career clean
Photo Reform Agency

Angela Aguilar told her secret to maintain a clean career free of scandals. The young woman, who is about to turn 10 years of career and 18 years of age, assures that she only does the things that her parents, Pepe Aguilar and Aneliz Álvarez, taught her.

“I think that the way in which I can remain flawless, I think it’s just thinking that if I were a mom, what would I let my daughter see, it’s very easy to take care of you and sadly it’s the least they do, my parents taught me to behave very good, ”he said.

“I am very ready to see the final product”

"I am very ready to see the final product"
Photo Reform Agency

Pepe Aguilar’s daughter assured in a press conference that she is ready and excited for her first solo concert in CDMX on August 21 at the Arena Ciudad de México: “I think that for me I have never felt more at home than in a stage, I’ve never done such big shows alone, but I’m ready. ”

“My dad has prepared me since I was a year or two, my dad was already preparing me, every moment, lesson has led me to this moment, I am very ready to see the final product,” she added. The young woman is working on what will be her new album of unpublished songs and is waiting before her concert to release another single.

Married … but with her career

Married ... but with her career
Photo Reform Agency

After Ángela Aguilar appeared dressed as a wedding for the video clip of her new single, Ahí Donde Me Ven, Mexican designer Mauro Nayem offered to give a wedding dress to one of his Tik Tok followers if the singer reacts to one of his videos.

The young man from the @charros_vip account has been publishing his creations, handmade regional dresses, for weeks so that Angela knows them, so the proposal has gone viral on the social network and hundreds of followers have tagged the singer.

“They have hurt me, I have cried”

"I have been hurt, I have cried"
Photo Reform Agency

A few days ago, the youngest of the Aguilar dynasty uploaded an image showing the wedding ring on a trousseau designed by Claudia Toffano. However, when promoting her new song, the young woman made her position very fixed: “Married, only with my career.”

“I have lived through many things, they have hurt me, I have cried, but I move on. I am a very sentimental person, sometimes I make a lot of stories in my head and they have broken my heart. The truth is that I have a chicken heart and there I am, being sentimental, ”Angela shares (Filed under: Angela Aguilar appears as Selena, but they discover something in her armpits).

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” says Angela Aguilar

"I don't have a boyfriend", says Angela Aguilar
Photo Reform Agency

Written by Gussy Lau, the song is inspired by a Zacatecan legend dating back to 1763. For this reason, the video clip directed during a working day at La Quemada, by Damiana Acuña, has a handmade black and white finish.

“I have no plan to get married, nor do I have a boyfriend, but I did say: ‘I want to have a dress like that.’ The bride and groom are easy to find, the dress is the difficult thing ”, expressed the singer Ángela Aguilar just a few days ago (With information from Agencia Reforma).

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