Ángel Pedro is arrested after allegedly stealing and reselling $ 85,000 worth of merchandise

He thought he had gotten away with it, but Ángel Pedro ended up in prison. Authorities accuse Ángel Pedro of stealing and reselling merch...

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  • He thought he had gotten away with it, but Ángel Pedro ended up in prison.
  • Authorities accuse Ángel Pedro of stealing and reselling merchandise from various establishments.
  • All of the items he allegedly stole for resale were valued at $ 85,000.

He was trying to ‘put bread on the table’ in a way that just wasn’t right. Police authorities arrested a man identified as Ángel Pedro for allegedly stealing merchandise from stores and then reselling it.

Angel Pedro, 44, was arrested after officers discovered that someone was reselling stolen merchandise valued at $ 85,000 in Los Angeles, Glendale police reported on Monday, August 9, according to the local newspaper Ktla 5.

Ángel Pedro fell for his bad ‘work’

Angel Pedro
Photo: Glendale Police Department

Suspect Angel Pedro, who resides in Los Angeles, was arrested on suspicion of robbery and of receiving property that he knew was stolen, the Glendale Police Department said in a statement. release press that he sent with three photographs.

According to authorities, on June 23, a large robbery occurred at a retail store located in the 200 block of N. Glendale Ave., in the city of Glendale. Immediately, the store’s loss prevention staff provided officers with surveillance camera footage of the theft.

Ángel Pedro was an alleged member of an organized robbery gang

Angel Pedro
Photo: Glendale Police Department

Then, on June 30, detectives launched an investigation into an organized group of retail store criminals and learned that those same members robbed multiple stores in Los Angeles County, the police statement explained.

Throughout the investigation, detectives learned that the stolen merchandise was being resold in the 2000 block of W. 7th St. in Los Angeles, so they carried out an operation in which Ángel Pedro was captured.

The ‘loot’ that Ángel Pedro sold was more than 80 thousand dollars

Angel Pedro
Photo: Glendale Police Department

In the investigation, detectives also determined that more than 5,000 pieces of merchandise were stolen from various establishments, and that the approximate value of the ‘loot’ was $ 85,000.

After carrying out surveillance work in several places, Ángel Pedro was arrested, said the police statement, which did not offer further details. The Ktla 5 newspaper mentioned that anyone with information about the case can call Glendale Police at 818-548-4840.

Hispanic died after leaving her wedding in an accident caused by a DUI defendant

Hispanic died after leaving wedding
Photo: Utah Highway Patrol

A happy day ended in the worst tragedy. After leaving her wedding, a Hispanic woman died in a traffic accident caused by a man who was allegedly driving drunk.

Quoting the authorities, Fox News reported Monday, August 9, that a driver was arrested in Utah for driving the wrong way and unleashing an accident in which a 26-year-old newlywed was killed on her way home after concluding her wedding reception last Friday.

Tragedy: Hispanic died after leaving her wedding

Hispanic died after leaving wedding
Photo: Utah Highway Patrol

Manaure González Rea, 36, is suspected of Driving Under the Influence (DUI in English) when he crashed his Toyota pickup truck head-on into the Toyota Corolla of the victim identified as Angelica Gabrielle Jiménez Dhondup, the Utah Highway Patrol said. UHP in English).

Suspect Manaure González Rea was traveling southbound in northbound lanes on Interstate 15 (I-15) shortly after 1:00 a.m. near Salt Lake City, Fox News said.

A truck collided head-on

Hispanic died after leaving wedding

Fatal victim Angelica Jiménez, 26, was with a 20-year-old passenger in the Corolla. The latter was rushed to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police reported that the Hispanic woman was traveling home after leaving her own wedding when she was hit by the truck, causing her death. His family was also traveling home in another vehicle after the event and was close at the time of the tragic accident.

The victim left two children and one whom she was about to adopt

Hispanic died after leaving wedding
Photo: Go Fund Me

Angelica Jiménez had just married her high school partner, the family said on a page created on GoFundMe. She left two sons and a daughter who she was just a week away from adopting.

The crash caused Manaure González Rea’s truck to overturn on the road. A passerby stopped to help him and a passenger who was also in that vehicle. On the spot, Manaure González Rea stole the Good Samaritan’s truck and escaped, but was quickly stopped by police a few miles away.

Driver who unleashed the fatal accident was drunk

Hispanic died after leaving wedding
Photo: Utah Highway Patrol

The officers mentioned that Manaure González Rea had a clear smell of alcohol on his breath and he said he had had three beers before the accident, as reported FOX13 Salt Lake City. Then the results of a breathalyzer test came back positive for alcohol, the station added, citing court documents.

Now Manaure González Rea faces charges of motor vehicle manslaughter, criminal negligence for alcohol / drug DUI, theft, for failing to remain in an accident involving a death, for driving under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs, and for reckless driving. As of Sunday, he was being held in the Salt Lake County Jail without bond.

Six deaths in five accidents

Six deaths in five accidents

Over the weekend alone, there were a total of six deaths from five different car accidents, wrote UHP Colonel Michael Rapich on social media. Twitter.

“These are tragic and have involved horrible circumstances,” Rapich said of the crashes. “At the end of this weekend of travel, watch your speed, buckle up, avoid distractions and be safe.”

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