Pepe Aguilar’s daughter appears in a bikini and melts hearts

Aneliz Aguilar, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, surprises her followers with a bikini. Angela Aguilar’s sister shares her daily rout...

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  • Aneliz Aguilar, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter, surprises her followers with a bikini.
  • Angela Aguilar’s sister shares her daily routine.
  • The influencer sets the fashion this summer.

Pepe Aguilar’s daughter: Away from the world of music and entertainment, that’s where Aneliz Aguilar is, the eldest daughter of Pepe Aguilar and Aneliz Álvarez; at 23, the young woman has shown that her great passion is fashion and she’s currently studying Entertainment Business Management.

In her networks, Aneliz has positioned herself as the favorite influencer when talking about style and fashion, sharing with the people who follow her her advice on different ways of dressing or exercise routines, managing to be different from her family.

Daughter of Pepe Aguilar: Aneliz in bikini

Daughter Pepe Aguilar bikini
PHOTO: Instagram Aneliz Aguilar

This Wednesday Aneliz surprised his followers in Instagram, when she was seen wearing a flattering bikini, showing off her stylized figure, which got several Internet users to leave messages flattering the oldest of the Aguilar Álvarez and generating more than 18,000 likes so far.

“Thinking of you” is the message that accompanies the photographic sequence that he recently shared on his networks, which generated most of the responses from his followers, among which they stood out: “In me?”, “Divine”, “How much perfection”, “I am having a good time sneezing”, “I always think of you”, “she is the most elegant and beautiful of the family. Filed Under: Daughter Pepe Aguilar bikini.

Daughter of Pepe Aguilar: Far from the family musical dynasty

Daughter Pepe Aguilar bikini
PHOTO: Instagram

The young woman herself has not declared her opinion about music, in fact, in 2013 she went up to sing with her father demonstrating her talent, but since then she has not ventured further into the musical career, leaving several wondering why she did not dedicated to the same as his talented family.

Recently her sister Ángela Aguilar was in charge of talking about the issue with the press, the singer told the media that: “Aneliz does not sing, well she sings, she sings beautifully, but she does not like to sing, so she will not be doing that ”, making it clear that it is a career that he does not want to venture into at the moment. Filed Under: Daughter Pepe Aguilar bikini.

Foray into fashion

Daughter Pepe Aguilar bikini
PHOTO: Instagram

But it seems that the young woman does not mind not being with her famous father Pepe Aguilar and her brothers Leonardo and Ángela in the world of show business, she has managed to start her way in the world of fashion, becoming an ambassador for different luxury brands .

He has even been compared to Michelle Salas because the two come from famous families, but they have decided to stay away and find their own place in the universe of haute couture and trends each year. Filed Under: Daughter Pepe Aguilar bikini.

Always aware of his followers

PHOTO: Instagram

Through Tik Tok, Aneliz has managed to reach more audiences by giving advice to her followers on how to model, what clothes to wear, her favorite drinks and even how she takes the incredible photos that she uploads to her Instagram account, making many feel closer to her.

Although of course, Instagram is his favorite medium to reach his fans by teaching in his stories the details of his day or the recipes he wants to share with others, as well as starting with small vlogs about the things he likes to do the most.

Celebrating your triumphs

PHOTO: Instagram

A couple of weeks ago, the influencer celebrated with users having reached 600k on Instagram, posting two photographs modeling a beautiful outfit where black was predominant.

What is certain is that Aneliz Aguilar will continue to surprise his followers and of course, generate more successes in his projects.

Aneliz Aguilar in pronounced neckline

daughter Pepe Aguilar bikini
PHOTO: Instagram Ángela Aguilar

Aneliz Aguilar, Ángela Aguilar’s sister, continues to enchant her followers with her angelic beauty and her good taste for fashion. Months ago the 21-year-old girl published a photo on her Instagram account where she has almost 400 thousand followers, who did not miss the opportunity to give her compliments.

In the publication, Angela Aguilar’s sister is seen wearing a pronounced neckline and a set of necklaces. Aneliz Aguilar, who wears subtle makeup, competes in sensuality with her sister, who usually has a simple and carefree style that all her fans love.

More beautiful than Angela Aguilar?

daughter Pepe Aguilar bikini
PHOTO: Instagram Ángela Aguilar

“What beautiful eyes”, “what cool eyes”, “you are the best”, “who are you? Who did you eat? These beautiful my love ”,“ chulada de mujer ”, are just some of the comments that are read on the personal Instagram account of the beautiful Aneliz Aguilar.

The romantics did not take long to comment on the photo that exceeded 300 comments. “If beauty were jail, I would be your prisoner,” said user @ pablo_4621. “The color of your eyes stole my attention,” wrote another follower in the account of Aneliz Aguilar.

Daughter Pepe Aguilar bikini: Leonardo and Angela enchant in photo

PHOTO: Instagram Ángela Aguilar

And it is that the children of Pepe Aguilar do not cease to fascinate their followers. Young Angela Aguilar boasted her beauty with her brother Leonardo, but suspicions were quickly confirmed among her followers. With the phrase “photos and memories”, the popular daughter of Pepe Aguilar shared a photograph with Leonardo Aguilar that caused a stir.

In the image shared on Instagram a few months ago, the young singer can be seen staring at the camera, with her short hair and fine makeup that highlighted her beautiful facial features while wearing a little dress spectacular red.

Leonardo Aguilar, a real heartthrob

daughter Pepe Aguilar bikini
PHOTO: Instagram Ángela Aguilar

Next to Ángela Aguilar, her brother Leonardo, who has also ventured into the world of music, could be seen. Leonardo showed off a brown jacket and a black shirt, which made him look very elegant and casual at the same time. One of the first to respond to Angela Aguilar’s photo was her own brother, who sent her several emoticons of clenched fists as a sign of ‘bumping them’ as a greeting.

“How beautiful”, “I love them”, “precious”, “perfection”, “seriousness above all”, “beautiful”, “you are the flower that ignites all my senses”, “you are beautiful”, “how beautiful”, ” you are very beautiful ”,“ I am your fan ”,“ you are so precious ”,“ beautiful ”,“ they are beautiful ”,“ pure talent ”, there were more messages that reached the young woman’s Instagram.

Daughter Pepe Aguilar bikini: Very similar to the Aguilar

daughter Pepe Aguilar bikini
PHOTO: Instagram Ángela Aguilar

However, something came to light and that is that Angela Aguilar and her brother have an incredible resemblance, sharing many physical features, such as the shape of the jaw, nose, mouth and even eyebrows and eyes. With this photograph, the suspicions about the Aguilar family and the inheritance of the beautiful physical features they share were confirmed.

On the other hand, it was precisely with that same outfit that Angela Aguilar unleashed the praise among her followers. The interpreter left more than one with their mouths open, and it is that Pepe Aguilar’s daughter dazzled her fans by appearing with a red dress and boots.

Angela Aguilar is not far behind

PHOTO: Instagram Ángela Aguilar

After Ángela Aguilar assured that she was nominated for the awards just to make fun of her, the young singer showed that her beauty is not in question. Everything happened through her Instagram account, where the interpreter published a spectacular photo that soon generated thousands of ‘Likes’.

In the image you can see Pepe Aguilar’s daughter sitting on a railing while facing the camera with her head completely turned to the right side. Also, the beautiful singer showed off her waist by appearing with a tight red dress that exposed her legs, which were accompanied by long red boots.

“What a beautiful Mexican”

daughter Pepe Aguilar bikini
PHOTO Instagram Aneliz Aguilar

Angela Aguilar’s outfit earned her more than 300 thousand ‘likes’ and the compliments of the users did not take long to appear. “How beautiful you look red,” began by writing a user. Yet another said: “Unmatched.” And one more was added to give rise to more compliments: “What a beautiful Mexican.”

“Zacatecan pride”, “You are a Mexican Goddess”, “You look very beautiful”, “Precious”, “I love your dress”, “Beautiful baby”, “Precious”, “How beautiful”, “But how beautiful”, ” How beautiful ”,“ Woman’s beauty ”,“ Very beautiful ”,“ How beautiful ”,“ You have everything ”,“ The most beautiful ”,“ You are very beautiful ”,“ Divine ”,“ So beautiful ”,“ Perfect ”,“ I’m a fan of the dress ”, were more messages that reached the comments section of Ángela Aguilar.

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