Andy Ruiz wins fight while shocking brawl breaks out in the stands (Videos)



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  • Boxer Andy Ruiz returned to the ring with a victory.
  • As Andy Ruiz faced Chris Arreola, fans were brawling in the stands.
  • The brawl was recorded in various videos that are now circulating on social networks.

There were two intense fights: one in the ring and one in the stands. Although Andy Ruiz took the victory over Chris Arreola, attention seemed to be stolen from him by the impressive brawl that broke out in the stands.

The videos that are circulating on social media show fans brawling in the stands as the boxers faced each other in the ring at Dignity Health Sports Park, in Los Angeles, California, on Saturday night.

Fans are knocked off during combat

Andy ruiz

Up to three fights occurred in the stands while the Mexican-American Andy Ruiz and Chris Arreola were fighting, the newspaper reported. Brand shortly before midnight.

According to the aforementioned media, in the videos you can see the moments in which fans throw blows, hooks and exchange insults, while Andy Ruiz and Chris Arreola fight in the ring.

The brawl

Andy ruiz

Although the number of fans was limited by biosecurity rules due to the coronavirus pandemic, some present made a lot of noise to trigger the brawl.

The images also show how security agents, in smaller numbers than the violent fanatics, try to control the situation, although they do not seem to be very successful, Marca said.

The unusual fight… in the stands!

“The shameful side of boxing… what a shame… leave the fight to the professionals!”, “Mexicans vs. Mexicans in and out of the ring”, “you can have good professional boxers there, but your fans fight as well as they drink”, were some of the comments from users in a video of the brawl posted by user @MikeCoppinger on Twitter.

“Great fight in the fight between Andy Ruiz and Arreola … BUT IN THE GRADES”, expressed another netizen, according to the newspaper Infobae, which also reviewed the atypical event that occurred in the stands of the Dignity Health Sports Park.

Andy Ruiz’s victory

Andy ruiz

While some fans fell to blows in the stands, the boxers did the same in the ring, and in the end Andy Ruiz managed to take the victory, although he left doubts about his performance.

The Mexican newspaper El Universal reported that Andy Ruiz offered only sketches of a fighter with aspirations to the world title. He went out to “eat alive” Chris Arreola from the start of the contest, but the power of the veteran stopped him in the first episodes and the fight aged in favor of the Mexican, who had to go to the cards (117-110, 118- 109 and 118-109) to get his 34th victory by unanimous decision.

The fall of Andy Ruiz

Andy Ruiz began blasting his way with his jab to set up his powerful right hand for a quick knockout. His rival, with greater scope, but also nine more years of trouble in the ensogados, chose to lengthen the ring to counter the former Mexican monarch.

However, Andy Ruiz’s momentum cost him the first knockdown in the second round. He was caught by a right hand that forced him to put his knee on the canvas to hold the count. A corrective for Eddy Reynoso’s pupil, who suffered to reach the other shore in the episode, indicated the El Universal review verbatim.

Andy Ruiz’s fists

Down in the fight, Andy Ruiz tried to make up lost ground in the third, but after landing a good right hand, he was caught with a left foot that sent him against the ropes. He was in poor condition and had to take a break to return to combat.

Then, El Universal continued, Andy Ruiz stopped throwing punches in the fourth round, he was still looking to cut off his rival, but with a certain fear of the power that Arreola had shown him. The fight reached its first half, and the physical exhaustion played in favor of Andy, who nine years younger than the opponent entered and left, but without deciding to seek to end the duel with a sudden attack. Even so, when Ruiz put his fists in, he showed some advantage, in the face of Arreola’s constant threat.

Doubts about their performance

Andy ruiz

Mexican Andy Ruiz kept trying with a constant left and sporadic rights that put Chris Arreola at bay. Thus they reached the tenth round, with Andy Ruiz dominating the fight in California, the aforementioned media detailed.

The stakes were 20-1 in favor of Andy Ruiz when he started. It was a first victory, but from power to power it didn’t prove to be that strong. Even so, he returned to the path of triumph, but with serious doubts about his performance, concluded El Universal.

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