Andrés Villegas arrested for trafficking a migrant who he tried to pass off as his daughter

Authorities arrested a man identified as Andrés Villegas in Texas. Andrés Villegas told the agents that a migrant was his daughter, but l...

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  • Authorities arrested a man identified as Andrés Villegas in Texas.
  • Andrés Villegas told the agents that a migrant was his daughter, but later they discovered it was a lie.
  • For a payment of $3,000, Andrés Villegas’ goal was to help the migrant enter the United States.

His lie was quickly discovered and he ended up in prison. Authorities arrested a man identified as Andrés Villegas Cruz after he stated that a migrant was his daughter when he was really trying to smuggle her into the United States for a payment of $3,000.

Andrés Villegas claimed that a migrant girl was his daughter when he tried to smuggle her, for $3,000, through the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge in the Texas city of Laredo, an arrest affidavit quoted by LMT Online said on November 26.

Andrés Villegas’ ‘act’ did not last long and he was arrested

Andres Villegas

According to the court report, Andrés Villegas, who is a US citizen, was charged with transportation, attempted transportation, and conspiracy to transport the migrant girl for the purpose of obtaining a commercial advantage and private financial gain.

Andrés Villegas arrived at the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge in his private vehicle, where he was traveling with his wife, his sister-in-law and three children who he identified as his own. At the scene, he presented a US passport with the girl’s name.

Andrés Villegas’ story made the agents suspicious

Andres Villegas
Reference photo: Getty Images

Then, the agents for US Customs and Border Protection referred all the members of the supposed family to a secondary inspection because the girl, whose age was not specified, was asleep and could not answer the questions that the officials wanted to ask her.

Later, in the secondary inspection, Andrés Villegas stated for the second time that the girl was his daughter, according to the affidavit quoted by LMT Online. But after questioning, the man was unable to maintain his story and ended up admitting to the alleged human smuggling attempt.

Andrés Villegas ended up confessing his plan

Andres Villegas
Reference photo: Getty Images

“Under oath, the defendant admitted that he was trying to smuggle the minor as his daughter in order to reunite the girl with her mother, who lives illegally in the United States,” said the aforementioned sworn statement from the authorities.

In the end, Andrés Villegas allegedly confessed that the girl was of Mexican nationality and that she was the daughter of his cousin. And he also stated that his cousin had given him $3,000 to smuggle the girl to Connecticut, court documents said.

Adriana Martínez and her daughter die after being hit by a drunk driver

Drunk driver arrested in Florida

What was supposed to be a happy family dinner ended in tragedy. A woman identified as Adriana Martínez and her daughter were going to meet with relatives to celebrate Thanksgiving when a drunk driver collided with their vehicle killing both of them.

The EFE news agency reported that members of a Hispanic family traveling from Florida to North Carolina for the Thanksgiving holiday suffered a fatal accident when the van they were traveling in was hit by a truck driven by a drunk driver.

The tragic accident of Adriana Martínez and her daughter Heidy

Adriana martinez
Photo: GoFundMe

Adriana Martínez and her daughter Heidy died as a result of the accident, which occurred on Wednesday, November 24. Four other family members who were in the same van were injured, including a 10-month-old baby who suffered bruises on his face, according to the EFE report. Two of the injured were admitted to a hospital in serious condition, according to local media.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the driver of a pickup truck identified as Logan Wier, 32, of Boca Raton, was arrested shortly after the fatal accident occurred, in which both vehicles ended up on the side of the highway.

Adriana Martínez, her daughter and other relatives were going to pay a surprise visit for the holiday

Adriana martinez

The tragic accident occurred near Ocala, in central Florida, while the Hispanic family was traveling on Highway 441 towards North Carolina. They were going to surprise some relatives who had just moved there, said the aforementioned news agency.

Quoting the Florida Highway Patrol, Click Orlando said the van was traveling north on Highway 441 near Ocala when a van driven by Logan Wier crashed into its rear. Both vehicles immediately swerved off the road.

All the victims who were in the van have been identified

Adriana martinez

Click Orlando stated that several relatives said that the people who were in the van were members of the Martínez family and identified them as spoused Adriana and Rolando, their eldest daughter Heidy, their eldest son Xavier, his wife Erica and their little daughter Ellie, just 10 months old. They were all heading to North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with a cousin.

“Enjoy your family. Enjoy what you have. Life ends in the blink of an eye,”said Gleny Andrade, the victims’ cousin, according to Click Orlando. Adriana Martínez was described as a fun and forgiving person. Heidy was remembered as soft-spoken and kind.

Relatives raise funds for the funeral of Adriana Martínez and her daughter

Adriana martinez
Photo: GoFundMe

“My daughter loved her very much, both of them. And I can’t imagine they are no longer around,” said her daughter-in-law Lucy Martínez. For her part, Andrade said that the other members of the family suffered injuries, including lacerations to the head and ankle and injuries to their hands. Baby Ellie has fractures to her face.

A relative created a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for the funeral of Adriana Martínez and her daughter and to cover the medical expenses of the rest of the injured family members. As of Sunday, November 28, the fundraising goal of $50,000 had already been exceeded at $53,000.

Brenda Guadalupe wanted to fool Walmart employees and ended up in jail

Perhaps she didn’t think through what she was doing or the consequences she would face. A woman identified as Brenda Guadalupe Tovar tried to fool the employees at a Walmart store in Texas, but the ‘trick’ she wanted to play ended up putting her behind bars, police authorities reported.

Local newspaper, the Laredo Morning Times reported on Tuesday, November 23, that Brenda Guadalupe Tovar, 36, ended up in jail for allegedly replacing price tags on cosmetics with fake tags showing cheaper prices.

Brenda Guadalupe’s bad move at Walmart

Brenda Guadalupe

Brenda Guadalupe was arrested and charged with removing the price tags. According to the aforementioned newspaper, officers from the Laredo Police Department responded to a report at 3.53 in the afternoon on Saturday at the Walmart Supercenter located in the 2600 block of Northeast Bob Bullock Loop.

Loss prevention staff at that Walmart store told law enforcement that a woman, later identified as Brenda Guadalupe, was trying to pay for cosmetics using fake price tags. They had prices that did not correspond to the items that she wanted to take. For the full story read this article.

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