Andrea Legarreta breaks the silence after rumors of Erik Rubín’s infidelity (VIDEO)

Andrea Legarreta states that she doesn’t have an open marriage with Erik Rubín. The host clarifies who is the girl who was photogra...

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  • Andrea Legarreta states that she doesn’t have an open marriage with Erik Rubín.
  • The host clarifies who is the girl who was photographed with her husband.
  • Andrea Legarreta defends her husband Erik Rubín against alleged rumors of infidelity.

After the Instagram of Chica Picosa 2 released some photographs where Erik Rubín could be seen dancing with a young influencer, the rumors of the singer’s infidelity to Andrea Legarreta quickly followed.

However, it was the host of the Hoy program herself, who showed her face and broke the silence about her husband’s alleged infidelity. Legarreta offered interviews to various media that approached her when she left the Televisa facilities, such as the reporter Eden Dorantes, who uploaded the talk to his YouTube channel.

Andrea Legarreta infidelity: Show your face

Andrea Legarreta infidelity: Photos of Erik with another woman
PHOTO Instagram

Andrea Legarreta clarified that there is no infidelity and that the relationship with her husband continues to be one of respect and love: “I do not consider it disrespectful that my husband has a life apart from our life, I mean going out with his friends, sharing with friends, it doesn’t seem bad to me because I also go out with my friends ”.

“This weekend he was there with a group of friends where this girl who is the partner of one of Erik’s friends and us, if you notice, he turns around and knows that the camera is there because in the end it is in a public place, and she is dancing, and she is not doing anything, not kissing, or touching her, so the lack of respect I think is for the way they want to manipulate and handle this information, that is a lack of respect, towards him, towards me ”, he commented.

Andrea Legarreta infidelity: “This is stupid”

Andrea Legarreta infidelity: Show your face
PHOTO Instagram

The host of the morning newspaper Hoy assured that like every couple has gone through hard times, however, those photos were not the case, since the images did not show anything bad. “He and I know what we live. We also know that we have had tough times, complicated stages, but not this ”.

“This is stupid, wanting to find something negative where there is none. Sorry, but those who think that marriage means that, it means shutting yourself up like a cage and not having an individual life, because I respect them a lot, but for me it is not that ”, explained Legarreta.

Andrea Legarreta infidelity: They respect her space

Andrea Legarreta infidelity of Erik Rubín
PHOTO Instagram

For Andrea Legarreta, respecting individuality has been the key to leading a marriage of more than 20 years and that has resulted in two daughters, Mia and Nina, he assured that because each one has their space does not mean that there are problems in their relationship.

“For me, he has his job, he goes on tour, he goes out with those from the nineties, there are a lot of guys and girls, they stay in hotels, we on tour too and that’s not necessarily why we are painting the horn and betraying ourselves, doing things that can damage our history that is real, which is not an open marriage, but a marriage of two people who love each other from day one and we are together because we love each other ”.

Andrea Legarreta infidelity: I would not put up with a bad marriage

Andrea Legarreta infidelity, the driver married Erik Rubín in 2000
PHOTO Instagram

Legarreta said that if she was not comfortable in her marriage, she would have no problem putting an end to it, and assured that her husband, the musician and singer Erik Rubín would do the same: “I am an independent woman who could say ‘I don’t want to continue here, I can be alone and be independent’, just like him ”.

For Andrea, the gossip that has been created around her marriage has already exceeded the limits: “Yes, I think they are already passing. The people of the networks are becoming more cruel, they point out and attack more, not all, I have to clarify, nor all the media and because there are people who have been very respectful towards us ”.

Andrea Legarreta infidelity: They have been attacked in networks

Andrea Legarreta infidelity, they caught Erik Rubín with a girl on the beach
PHOTO Instagram

The also actress, Andrea Legarreta, said that unfortunately a sector of society has been very cruel to her and Erik Rubín after revealing those photographs, which she said were also uploaded by her husband to her Instagram stories, as they undo in offenses and bad comments towards them.

“Yes, I am very sad about that sector of society where they are waiting for someone to do something that they can distort to attack someone and mock, attack, attack, celebrate the pain of others. That as a society makes me very sad. Those who have a means to publish something, we should have a bit of awareness and empathy ”.

Did rumors affect your daughters?

PHOTO Instagram

When questioned about how the rumors of an alleged infidelity by Erik Rubín affected her daughters, the television host said: “My daughters are not affected, they are girls who were born in this and who perfectly understand, when you live in a home with ours and you realize the relationship between your parents and you see how they get along and you see freedom and you see love, and you see the effort and day-to-day struggle of both of you as a family, as a couple as individuals… ”.

“It does not have to hurt or affect you, what do you do, block and erase, they were born in this, with the love that it entails from people who do not know you, grateful and also born in this with the negative that it can bring and they understand it, even sometimes they are more mature than me in that sense ”, stressed Andrea Legarreta. WATCH VIDEO HERE

She was not offended by the photos of Erik with another girl

PHOTO Instagram

The actress of “Reaching a star” assured that in the images her husband is not seen in any type of action that could offend her: “I ask you to be very careful, to stop and think, this is not a video of a kind naked with a woman, it is an open, public place where they are enjoying themselves; if they had opened the tap… ”.

“Erik was going that weekend with his dad to celebrate Father’s Day and he came back on Sunday to spend Father’s Day with us. He uploaded stories of parties, without a drop of alcohol, of a healthy party, listening to music, being with friends, celebrating or whatever he was doing, I don’t find anything absolutely wrong or disrespectful ”.

He clarified that he does not have an open relationship

PHOTO Instagram

Faced with rumors that she and Erik Rubín have an open relationship, Andrea Legarreta clarified: “I don’t have an open relationship, we do whatever we want, we don’t want to be disrespectful, it’s what people haven’t understood, we can, yes, we can… ”.

“What my lord did does not seem disrespectful to me, just as I also like his wife, I go out with friends, even I can sometimes have a drink, a little mezcal, because Erik and I do not think it is a lack of respect to have a life as individuals ”.

Who is the girl in the photos?

PHOTO Instagram

When asked about the identity of the girl who appears with her husband in the images released by an Instagram page, true to her custom, Andrea Legarreta answered clearly and assured that she also knows the young woman.

“It was the friend’s partner, and they were not only together that day, they were on a boat, my father-in-law was going, he took his father for Father’s Day, Erik shared many videos, did they miss them in their stories? Chin missed them, but those who did see them are not going to let me lie ”.

“My family is a royal family”

PHOTO Instagram

She recalled that it was her own husband who uploaded stories to his Instagram about his trip to the beach: “He shared a video with all his friends who were there, including her who was the partner of one of them, and there were more girls and he has nothing bad, what I do see bad is that people react like this and want to dirty a family … ”

“A family that loves each other, that loves each other, that respects each other, that we support each other… my family is not a show or a farce, my family is a real family of two people who got married because they love each other, who respect each other and that they also give themselves the freedom to be individuals and that this does not mean betraying themselves, nor does it mean an open relationship ”. HERE THE VIDEO WHERE THE SCREEN CAPTURE FOR THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN

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