Ana Patricia Candiani, former Telemundo host, confesses that she has COVID and makes a dramatic call

Former Telemundo host confesses that she has COVID. Through social networks, Ana Patricia Candiani mentioned that she’s suffering f...

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  • Former Telemundo host confesses that she has COVID.
  • Through social networks, Ana Patricia Candiani mentioned that she’s suffering from pneumonia.
  • She makes a dramatic call to her followers, especially to the skeptics who still don’t believe in the disease.

Ana Patricia Candiani made a sad announcement. A former host of the Telemundo network, the journalist revealed to her followers that she is in a very delicate state of health, after having tested positive for COVID-19 and now she’s going through serious problems as a result of said disease.

For this reason, the host made a dramatic call to her followers through social networks, telling them that the coronavirus does exist and she is reliable proof of what happens with said disease. Ana Patricia mentioned that she feared for her life and that it’s difficult for her to speak, so she asks others to be aware and get vaccinated.

Ana Patricia Candiani hospitalized: She broke the news

Ana Patricia Candiani hospitalized: She broke the news
Photo: Instagram

Through a video posted on social networks, journalist Ana Patricia Candiani, who was a host on Telemundo, announced that she had been infected with coronavirus. The woman is shown in the video from the hospital and mentions to her followers and the general public that she is having a hard time speaking at those moments because of the cough that remains.

“With my heart in my hand. I have COVID-19 and I developed pneumonia. There is only one way, please listen to me! ”, Reads the description of the video, where the woman shares with her followers how bad she feels after being infected and having generated pneumonia for what it cost her to make the video. Filed as: Ana Patricia Candiani hospitalized

Ana Patricia Candiani hospitalized: The message she sends

Ana Patricia Candiani hospitalized: The message she sends
Photo: Instagram

The journalist in the video that she published on social networks, the journalist explained that it is difficult for her to breathe in those moments, but she did not hesitate to send a message that she knows will help many people who are still skeptical about the appearance of the coronavirus; for this reason, he sent the message from the hospital.

Dear friends, I have a hard time sending you this message. But I do it with the certainty that it will help them, especially the skeptics. Filed as: Ana Patricia Candiani hospitalized

Ana Patricia Candiani hospitalized: “She generated pneumonia”

Ana Patricia Candiani hospitalized: "Generated pneumonia"
Photo: Instagram

The journalist pointed out that she tested positive for COVID and for that reason had generated pneumonia. Although, the story he tells in the video shows how difficult it is to access the hospital, even with the disease in all its splendor, so he asks his followers not to lower their guard and take care of themselves.

I am Ana Patricia Candiani, I have COVID and I generated pneumonia and as you can see, I am here hospitalized. ”, Confessed the former Telemundo host, explaining that this is due to her absence from social networks and why she was in that hospital, showing that She is quite delicate due to the process she is going through. Filed as: Ana Patricia Candiani hospitalized

Ana Patricia Candiani hospitalized: “I am alive thanks to my doctors”

Ana Patricia Candiani hospitalized: "I'm alive thanks to my doctors"
Photo: Instagram

The Mexican explained that it is the worst thing that has happened to her, in terms of her health and that she should thank her doctors for staying alive. Ana Patricia, confessed that in no hospital they accepted her and the work and sacrifice of her friends to make her accept her in a hospital, otherwise she would not have survived.

This has been the worst darkness that I have experienced in my life as far as my health is concerned, I am alive thanks to my doctors and my friends, because they did not accept me in the hospital. “The journalist confessed in that video that she shared a couple of hours ago, where it is observed how her health is deteriorating. Filed as: Ana Patricia Candiani hospitalized

Ana Patricia Candiani hospitalized: “The test results were late”

Ana Patricia Candiani hospitalized: "Test results were late"
Photo: Instagram

The former Telemundo host mentions that she attended Intensive Care twice and on one of her visits, they informed her that she had pneumonia. But, they had not realized that she was positive for COVID because her test was delayed and that also caused the diagnosis to be delayed.

I went to Intensive Care twice and that was in fact where they detected pneumonia, before I knew I had COVID, because the results of the COVID test came very late. “, Said the Mexican in the video she shared on social networks, pointing out that unfortunately her COVID test was turned in too late. Filed Under: Ana Patricia Candiani Hospitalized

“The medicines did not work for me”

"Medicines didn't work for me"
Photo: Instagram

The Mexican journalist assures that the treatment they gave her first did not work for her since the medicines were causing her system to decline and therefore, she felt worse and worse. For this reason, his doctor suggested that he again attend the Intensive Care Unit, where they found that the pneumonia had increased.

Then the medicines to treat pneumonia didn’t work for me, I felt worse and worse. One of my doctors asked me to go to intensive care and indeed, pneumonia had grown considerably. “, Said the journalist on social networks, confessing that pneumonia is still in her system.

They did not accept her in the hospital

They did not accept her in the hospital
Photo: Instagram

She recounts how badly it happened. It was not easy for them to accept her at the hospital, although the second time she attended the Intensive Care Unit, they sent her straight to hospital; the matter was complicated when she was hospitalized and due to the simple fact that her saturation continued at 92, they had to send her back home.

So they sent me here to the hospital themselves. They treated me in the tent, they gave me an antibiotic infusion and at four in the morning I went home, because my oxygen level did not drop below 92 at that time, it dropped several times, but here it did not drop below 92. And the minimum to admit you is 92. ”, commented the Mexican, about her experience in the hospital.

They had little success

They had little success
Photo: Instagram

In his stadium at home, the woman comments that everything got worse. The simplest tasks she had to carry out, be it walking or simply breathing, so her doctors mobilized to get her oxygen but due to the shortage that there is, they were unsuccessful; the situation began to get complicated and she feared more and more for her life.

I could no longer, hardly walk, hardly breathe, I was coughing without stopping, a good fever. So my doctors started looking for oxygen everywhere, but with very little success. ”, Commented Ana Patricia, while at times her voice would cut off due to the coughing attacks that she presents and also because of the fatigue that it generates.

“I was dying”

"I was dying"
PHOTO: Instagram

The journalist mentioned that she felt that she was dying. Ana Patricia, confessed to her followers that she began to have dreams of her brother, who died six years ago and that for her that was the signal to understand that it was her time to leave or to fight for her life; she did not hesitate to fight.

And something happened to me that morning when I returned home, I began to dream of my brother Carlos, we began to hug each other, to have a fever. He died in 2015 from an intestinal infection. So the message was clear, it was a vision, I was dying but I also felt that this was happening, I felt it physically, ”he mentioned in the video.

His friends helped him

His friends helped him
Photo: Instagram

She narrates that the only solution she had at that time was to call her friends and they were the ones who got the ambulance. The journalist commented that they were a fundamental part of being able to access help from the hospital, since they were the ones who pressed until she was admitted and there she met the people who “brought her out of death.”

So I woke up with what little strength I had and called my friends, they put me in an ambulance while they were pressing a hospital. AND Hallelujah! Dr. Peter saw my file and did not hesitate to admit me. And already here in the hospital, the Jackson nurses and especially Queen, literally managed to tear me out of the mouth of death. “, Said the journalist.

You don’t know how it got infected

You don't know how it got infected
PHOTO: Instagram

Ana Patricia Candiani, makes a special request to her followers and asks them not to lower their guard. She mentions that she does not know how it was that she was infected, since she is vaccinated and uses the mask in the correct way, but she is aware that she has a disease that could be the cause of her acquiring the virus more easily.

I am not exaggerating, there is no agenda, nobody pays me. This is a request that I make of you, with my heart so that you do not lower your guard. How did this happen to me? I have no idea, I use the mask properly, I am fully vaccinated, but I have an immune disease, that’s why I have a compromised immune system. “, He confessed to his followers. TO WATCH VIDEO CLICK AWhat

“It is for all of you”

"Is for all of you"
Photo: Instagram

The driver mentioned that this message was especially for people who still did not believe in COVID and she only asked to raise awareness in others. The Mexican stressed that it is important to follow safety measures and above all to maintain constant use of the mask, using it correctly.

This message is for everyone, if you get vaccinated it is much easier to get ahead, the doctors and nurses have told me. Get vaccinated, wear a mask covering your nose, on the chin it is useless. “So good, I send you a hug. And if you are patient and want to know more, I will tell you. I am infinitely grateful to my family for being in these difficult moments at a distance and to my friends, to all those who have sent me messages and have been on the lookout. “, Concluded the host.


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