Ana Gabriel and Verónica Castro in the eye of the hurricane after assuring that they had a ‘secret love’

Verónica Castro would have had a secret love relationship with Ana Gabriel Several netizens were amazed after the rumor of the supposed r...

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  • Verónica Castro would have had a secret love relationship with Ana Gabriel
  • Several netizens were amazed after the rumor of the supposed romance between the two celebrities was aired
  • It is even said that the singer dedicated her song “Simply friends” to the actress.

According to a report from the portal of Formula Group, the name of a woman who is romantically related to the actress Verónica Castro has been mentioned again, and now it is the singer Ana Gabriel.

Supposedly the two celebrities had a secret romance, it is even mentioned that the singer Ana Gabriel dedicated her song “Simply friends” to the actress Verónica Castro.

This caused the world of social networks to be amazed since no one imagined this situation, even everyone thought that a man was the inspiration for Ana Gabriel’s song but apparently it was not.

Veronica Castro romance 1 Ana Gabriel


This news was released when the journalist Jorge Carvajal reported that the two celebrities had a secret relationship.

This romance would have arisen when the two celebrities reached the peak of their success, for which they decided to keep it a secret, in addition to the fact that Verónica Castro was afraid of public criticism.

However, according to what Jorge Carvajal said, the singer Ana Gabriel was willing to formalize the relationship she had with Verónica, but she decided to keep it a secret and even distanced herself from her.

After this news, several Internet users were astonished since they did not imagine what happened, there are even those who look for videos of the two celebrities together to see how they appear together and exchange glances and smiles.

Nor does it rule out that Ana Gabriel’s song was dedicated to Verónica Castro since it is a forbidden love that people do not accept, it should be remembered that in those times the relationship between people of the same sex was not well regarded.

Despite all this scandal, neither the singer Ana Gabriel nor even Verónica Castro have confirmed or denied this supposed romance.

Veronica Castro romance. It is not the first time that the actress has been related to another woman, how to forget when Verónica Castro and Yolanda Andrade reconciled after several months of controversial statements about the supposed love relationship between the two.

The drivers already had the opportunity to speak and forgive each other, so now there is no resentment between the two, a friend of Verónica Castro told a publication with national circulation.

“Before the death of Doña Socorro they had communication again. I don’t know exactly who looked for whom, but Vero told us very happy that she had already spoken with her … She told us that it was a very long talk in which there were very strong complaints and they even ended up crying, but in the end they asked for forgiveness “, the source said.

In the same way, it transpired that Yolanda Andrade admitted that the issue of their relationship got out of hand, but she never stopped loving and thanking Verónica Castro for the years they were together.

Supposed wedding

Veronica Castro romance. And if something else was missing between this reconciliation between Verónica Castro and Yolanda Andrade, in the official account of Instagram of the En Vivo program, revealing information is given.

“The eye of the hurricane. # VerónicaCastro and #YolandaAndrade are once again the talk of everyone after their supposed wedding ”.

The followers of this account did not take long to express their views on this “supposed wedding”: “Leave Verónica Castro alone, please, that pin … Yolanda Andrade already makes me fat”, “That Andrade wants publicity, it’s if he is hungry, let him eat ”.

For her part, an Internet user expressed herself as follows: “How sad, not even the pandemic has left them a lesson. Leave Vero alone, the other old woman wants publicity at the expense of others, a demon made into a woman ”.

The last publication on Verónica Castro’s official Instagram account is two days ago, and it is an image with the following message, which gives a lot to talk about: “I give myself with certainty and faith to the universe to transform my reality in full ”, but so far, he has not given an official version of his reconciliation with Yolanda Andrade.

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