AMLO gives terrible news to undocumented people who cross Mexico

Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that his government will continue to contain the caravans of undocumented immigrants. At the conference,...

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  • Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that his government will continue to contain the caravans of undocumented immigrants.
  • At the conference, the president of Mexico asked the United States for ‘substantive solutions’.
  • “The United States has to provide temporary work visas to Central Americans,” said the president.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador asks for help from the United States to stop illegal immigrants. After a new caravan was formed yesterday in Tapachula, Chiapas, bound for the Mexican border with the United States, the president of Mexico spoke at a conference and asked the Biden government for help so that there are “substantive solutions.”

According to AMLO, both Mexico and the United States must unite to stop the migratory crossing, but above all to be able to give better opportunities to undocumented Central Americans. For that reason, López Obrador didn’t hesitate to ask for help, mentioning that the United States should grant more entry opportunities to migrants.

AMLO dissolves caravan of undocumented immigrants heading to the border from Mexico

AMLO undocumented border Mexico: The dissolution of the caravan
Photo: Twitter

This Sunday, Andrés Manuel López Obrador spoke of the situation that developed yesterday when a caravan of Central Americans, Haitians and Venezuelans. AMLO expressed that he needs the help of the United States to put an end to the migratory flow that exists between the borders of Mexico with Guatemala and the United States, since hundreds of people enter Mexican territory to obtain a pass to the ‘other side’.

The Efe agency mentioned that the president of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador, affirmed this Sunday that his Government will continue to “contain” migration, after dissolving a caravan of migrants in the south of the country, although he asked the United States for “substantive solutions”, but has not received a response so far. of the government. Filed Under: AMLO Undocumented Mexico Border

AMLO undocumented Mexican border: “We are going to continue containing”

AMLO undocumented border Mexico: "We will continue to contain"
Photo: Twitter

The statements offered by the president of Mexico impacted more than one person. He was at an event from Metapa, Chiapas, and it was at that conference that he asked the United States Government, and even Canada, to help Central American migrants who wish to go to the ‘other side’.

“Yes, we will continue to contain it, but we must find basic and structural solutions, and the United States also has to give scholarships and has to allow temporary work visas for Central America,” commented Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the conference that took place in Chiapas where the carries out his tour. Filed Under: AMLO Undocumented Mexico Border

AMLO Undocumented Mexico Border: “They Need You”

AMLO undocumented border Mexico: "Need them"
Photo: Twitter

Andrés Manuel assured that the United States and Canada need the labor of Central American migrants. For that reason, he believes that they should allow entry to migrants who want to enter their countries, as it is necessary for jobs that US and Canadian citizens cannot do.

“It does not affect them at all because the workforce is needed in the United States and in Canada, they do not have a workforce, their population is already adult. And how is it going to grow if there is no workforce? ”, Questioned the president of Mexico after admitting that Mexico needs the help of these countries to be able to offer migrants a ‘better future’ and that in their nations they will not be able to to have. Filed Under: AMLO Undocumented Mexico Border

AMLO Undocumented Border Mexico: A Development Plan

AMLO Undocumented Mexico Border: A Development Plan
Photo: Twitter

According to the news portal Online Policy, the president also mentioned that the support of the United States is necessary for the phenomenon that is experienced in the matter of migration. López Obrador called for the creation of a development plan that works for both Mexico and Central America in terms of migration and jobs.

“That is why we are going to continue insisting with the United States to create a plan for the development of the south-southeast, of Central America. In order to face the migratory phenomenon in this way, because there is no other option, it is the most humane and the most effective option, to return to the countryside in Chiapas, the Southeast and also to return to the countries of Central America. The countryside allows many jobs to be created ”, commented AMLO, in his conference from Chiapas. Filed Under: AMLO Undocumented Mexico Border

AMLO undocumented border Mexico: The relationship with Biden

AMLO undocumented border Mexico: The relationship with Biden
Photo: Twitter

According to the Millennium portal, at the press conference AMLO also mentioned his relationship with Biden, Trump and Harris. The president announced that he began to form a relationship with Trump and even convinced him to sign the immigration pact; while he stated that his relationship with Biden was quite good and for that reason he wants them to cooperate with the development plan.

“Little by little it has been understood with Donald Trump, he had an idea of ​​closing, we were convincing him and that is why he accepted the signing of the treaty. Now with President Biden there is a good relationship. I have spoken with him and with Vice President Kamala Harris, to carry out this plan ”, mentioned the President of Mexico in said conference. Filed Under: AMLO Undocumented Mexico Border

“They do not come out for fun”

"They don't come out for fun"
Photo: Shutterstock

The president of Mexico stressed that migrants leave their home because of a need that exists, not for the pleasure of facing the immigration authorities or another problem that they face on their way. Andrés Manuel pointed out that on many occasions these people leave their homes because they do not have a good job and, therefore, a better future.

“Why do migrants leave their home? By necessity, nobody goes out for pleasure, if there is work in the towns, if there are these programs, the people are rooted, it is the best way to face the migratory phenomenon, because otherwise it is very difficult, “said Andrés Manuel López Obrador in his conference from Chiapas.

The caravan that left yesterday

The caravan that left yesterday
Photo: Twitter

According to the information provided by the Efe agency, a caravan of some 600 Central American, Haitian and Venezuelan migrants left the Mexican city of Tapachula, in the southeastern state of Chiapas, on the border with Guatemala, on Saturday, heading for the United States.

It was hoped that in the next few days they could achieve their mission and reach the border states with the United States. However, it seems that they have forgotten that the country is currently going through a difficult situation; In several states, they are facing storms and the hurricane that hit hard.

How the tour started

How the tour started
Photo: Twitter

Around 8:00 local time (13:00 GMT), a first group of about 300 immigrants left the central park where they managed to walk about two kilometers before joining the road, reported the agency who has been on the lookout for what will happen in the next days with the group of migrants who want to reach the United States.

A couple of hours later, they made a stop and waited for a similar group of Haitian migrants who joined the caravan and left for the United States, Efe mentioned. It is expected that in a couple of hours they can reach the states of the basin of Mexico, where they will make short stops to rest.

An increase in migrants

An increase in migrants
Photo: Twitter

According to the Efe agency, migration increased in Mexico since October 2018, when caravans with thousands of migrants, mostly Central Americans, began to enter the country to reach the United States. Each year has become a major problem for both countries.

In Mexico, the border states are the most affected by the caravans that arrive since in the shelters there is not enough capacity and above all, the means to supply the needs of the group of people who are waiting to have an opportunity to cross To united states.

AMLO ‘contained’ the caravan

AMLO 'contained' the caravan
Photo: Twitter

Yesterday, it was reported that the elements of the National Guard prevented the passage of the caravan of migrants of different nationalities, which was formed to reach the border states with the United States. The authorities, in an attempt to contain the caravan, detained more than 40 people. In social networks, the situation experienced by migrants was mentioned.

“Elements of the INM and the National Guard intercepted the migrant caravan that left Tapachula this Saturday, but they were only able to arrest 40 people.”, Proceso mentioned through Twitter, where he attached the video of the Human Rights Observation and Monitoring Collective in the Mexican Southeast (COMDHSM), where elements are observed attacking migrants.

The United States keeps the border closed

The United States keeps the border closed
Photo: Getty Images

According to The Associated Press, a couple of days ago it was announced by a statement that the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reported that the restrictions were extended again, at least until September 21 next, without establishing a date for their elimination.

The border will continue to remain closed and any entry into the country illegally will be dealt with quickly. For that reason, migrants have been asked to remain in safe areas and if they have applied for asylum to the United States, they will have to wait the necessary time to see if their application is approved.

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