America fan jumps off balcony after his team was eliminated from semi-finals

After América was eliminated from the league, a fan threw himself off a balcony. The fan was drunk when the incident occurred south of Me...

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  • After América was eliminated from the league, a fan threw himself off a balcony.
  • The fan was drunk when the incident occurred south of Mexico City.
  • Pumas eliminated América in Liga MX.

The final phase of Liga Mexican soccer has started, and some teams are already on their way to the Liga MX finals that will take place in December. The Mexico City teams América and Pumas met in the quarterfinals of the tournament in an exciting match.

The Pumas eliminated the Eagles 3 to 1, making it to the semifinals of the Mexican soccer tournament. América fans were very upset about this turn of events due to the way they lost the game that was played at the Azteca stadium in Mexico City, according to El Imparcial.

América fan jumps off balcony

America fan throws himself from a balcony

It was a nightmare night for all the fans of Club América when their team was eliminated this Saturday, November 27. But a young man took it to the next level. His intense love for his club colors made him do something unimaginable that put his life at risk.

A fan was so upset about the defeat of his favorite team that he decided to jump off of a balcony, risking his life. According to local media, the young man threw himself from the second floor of his apartment building after seeing how the Águilas del América were humiliated by UNAM’s Pumas.

Why did the América fan jump off the balcony?

Why did the American fan jump off the balcony?

Was his love for a soccer team excessive? Apparently yes, passion overwhelms fans and they sometimes do crazy things. This time the man was drunk. The effects of alcohol caused him to throw himself from his balcony on the second floor of his apartment building. He landed on top of a car.

The incident occurred at a building south of Mexico City, not far from the Azteca Stadium. According to media reports, the fan was immediately treated by the paramedics who came to the scene. The young man had multiple injuries and was taken to the hospital. Fortunately his injuries weren’t life threatening.

América fan was intoxicated when he threw himself from the balcony

America fan was intoxicated when he threw himself from the balcony

The incident was reported on Facebook after the end of the game between América and the Pumas: “Paramedics treat a young man who threw himself from the balcony of his house in a drunken state when the Pumas scored for the third time, eliminating #ClubAmérica”, the post reads.

“The passion for football at times exceeds sanity, the events occurred in a home south of #CDMX, where a group of friends were watching the football game. In the heat of the game they saw their team lose 3 to 1, so one of the fans had a meltdown and threw himself off the two-story balcony, landing on a car,” they added.

Netizens attack América’s fan who jumped off the balcony

Netizens attack America's fan by jumping off the balcony

Internet users immediately reacted on social media to what the Eagles fan did. It is worth mentioning that this club is the most hated and the most loved in all of Mexico. Many say that it is the most important team in the whole country, the constant criticism has made it a well-known club.

“It’s what fanaticism does to a group of mediocre grown-ups, who feel that through sheer will they will be champions.” “Stupi… a its finest, they are paid to lose or win, fans who do such nonsense are so stupid.” “I hope all of America’s shi… fans do the same.” These were just some of the comments.

Another scandal for club fans

Another scandal with club fans

América fans beat and killed young man in Philadelphia. A 28-year-old man, identified as Isidro Cortez, died in the early hours of Thursday after being beaten by four men wearing Club America shirts, reported

According to information from Agencia Reforma, with information from the Philadelphia Police, Cortez, who lived in Queens, New York, apparently went to the semifinal game of the Concacaf Champions League between the Philadelphia Union and the Eagles, which the Mexican team won 2-0 (4-0, aggregate).

Fans beat up and kill a young man in Philadelphia

Supporters beat up young man in Philadelphia and kill him
YouTube photo

After the game, the young man went with his 64-year-old father and a friend to a Pat’s King of Steaks restaurant, where he argued with some América fans and a fight started. Cortez was beaten, kicked and even attacked with a trash can lid, which are made of metal in Philadelphia.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, while his father and friend were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Authorities are looking for the suspects, who were recorded during the attack and escaped in a white van. The Police indicated that they have managed to collect DNA evidence, since there were beer cans in the restaurant, according to Agencia Reforma. Filed Under: American Balcony Amateur

Video of alleged killers is released

They detect potential killers
YouTube photo

The death of an América fan, after a beating suffered following the match between the Philadelphia Union and the Eagles in the semifinals of the Concachampions, sparked an intense investigation by the Philadelphia police. This Friday, the police department’s verified YouTube account shared a video about the possible murderers, in which they point to four suspects.

In addition, they also offered $20,000 dollars (400 thousand Mexican pesos) to whoever provides information about them that leads to their arrest. Isidro Cortez, the fan who lost his life, lived in New York, however, he had traveled to Philadelphia to see the Eagles make it to the finals of the continental tournament, according to Agencia El Universal). Filed Under: American Balcony Amateur

A tragedy caused by fans of the Club

A tragedy caused by followers of the Club
YouTube photo

On the verge of reaching 130 thousand views, the video showing the beating that America fans gave Isidro Cortez, ending his life, can be seen on the official YouTube channel of the Philadelphia Police. They are offering a reward to find the whereabouts of the alleged murderers.

First of all, you can see how one of them punches Cortez in the face and is then joined by the other men. Once he’s on the ground, a bystander tries to calm things down, but it was not possible and they continue kicking him. Filed Under: American Balcony Amateur

Attackers showed no mercy for the young man

They had no mercy on the young man
YouTube photo

Isidro Cortez’s father also tried to calm down his son’s attackers and was hit several times. It seemed that this would go on forever as the América fans pounced on another person, to whom they threw a trash can lid.

A woman, who was apparently accompanying these people, came over to see what was going on. Also, a fan with a Mexico National Team shirt is observed simply watching what is happening without intervening. Filed Under: American Balcony Amateur

The murderers went on, “as if nothing had happened”

The killers followed "like nothing"
YouTube photo

At the end of the brutal beating, the América’s fans went “as if nothing” had happened, even taking time to eat their food. In this part of the video, the four suspects are pointed out and their particular characteristics are emphasized, mainly their tattoos and the blood on their tennis shoes.

In addition, it is clear that they are leaving the place in two vehicles, which may have already been identified. One was a white truck and another was a gray car. A terrible tragedy (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE). Filed Under: American Balcony Amateur


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