Amazon opens fully automated supermarket in USA

Always at the forefront, Amazon is once again surprising its customers around the world by opening its second Amazon Fresh branch in the ...

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Always at the forefront, Amazon is once again surprising its customers around the world by opening its second Amazon Fresh branch in the Los Angeles area.

Three years ago, the opening of Amazon’s first automated store; However, these advances are today more relevant due to the sanitary conditions that the United States and the rest of the countries of the world are currently experiencing.

Under the name Amazon Fresh, the second Amazon Fresh branch will be located in Irvine, California; the first is in the Woodland Hills area.

The first automated store in its history opens: it is located in Seattle, United States

  • Amazon opens the doors of its second fully automated supermarket in the United States
  • Under the name of Amazon Fresh, the supermarket will offer to work based on sensors and cameras to identify the items purchased by users
  • This is the second Amazon Fresh store in California; the first is located in Woodland Hills

The second Amazon Fresh branch has opened in Irvine, California. One of its main attractions is the affordable prices it manages, which the company classifies as ‘low’.

For example, according to the portal supermarket newsCustomers can find bananas starting at 15 cents, freshly baked bread at 89 cents and rotisserie chicken for less than $ 5 each.

And while one of Fresh’s main attractions is the quality of the products and the low prices, compared to other supermarket chains, the technology implemented in the establishment has become one of its greatest strengths.

Technology plays a fundamental factor for Amazon, and this new Fresh branch is distinguished by an innovative and revolutionary concept: the Dash Cart.

Last July the company led by Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon Fresh customers can use the Amazon Dash Cart to find the items on their shopping list, track their purchases and speed up the checkout process.

In addition, with Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, customers who come to this new supermarket will be able to walk the aisles of the store and choose any item from their list more easily.

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Second Amazon Fresh branch opens in California

Like other chains, Amazon Fresh will offer the option of shipping and delivery of merchandise, and customers who so wish will be able to go to the physical store, where they can pick up their purchase in an area specifically designed for that task.

According to Bill Bishop, co-founder of Brick Meets Click, Amazon Fresh is a “store format that other supermarket chains need to keep an eye on.”; He added that “At first glance, Fresh looks very similar to any conventional supermarket: it is not very small, and it is not very big, and it offers all the items found in a large supermarket, in addition to its meat, seafood and delicatessen offer fresh products. “

However, Bishop highlights the technological aspect that Amazon Fresh offers, since, according to him, it facilitates the experience of going to the supermarket.

So far, Amazon’s physical stores in the United States include 487 Whole Foods supermarkets, two Amazon Fresh locations, two Amazon Go locations, and 26 fully automated Amazon Go stores, among others.

Amazon Go, a store that does not require payment or lines
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Dash Cart: a new experience for customers

In addition to the Dash Cart, Amazon Fresh offers a completely new experience for customers; However, it is important to take into account the following aspects that the Supermarket News portal rescues:

  • The Amazon Dash Cart is specifically designed to hold a small number of items, in a maximum of three shopping bags.
  • The purchase must be accommodated carefully, ensuring that no item blocks the scanner; otherwise the cameras will not be able to process the purchase.
  • Each car has a weight sensor, so if the customer places an item and an orange light turns on, it means that said item has some damage.
  • That it is automated does not mean that anyone can buy any item: products such as beers or wines will require approval prior to payment.
  • One downside to other supermarkets: the Amazon Dash Cart cannot leave the store, so customers will have to transport the shopping bags on their own.
  • Amazon Fresh is as stocked a store as any other large chain, and while it is the second branch, it is larger than its Woodland Hills affiliate.
  • Are you visiting the supermarket and got hungry? It won’t be a problem! Amazon Fresh offers the option to buy foods such as pizza and sandwiches, as well as other fresh foods prepared to consume at home.
  • If for any reason the customer wants to return a purchase, they can do so without impediment: the only requirement will be to have a barcode so that Amazon Fresh employees can process the return.
  • As announced, Amazon Fresh stands out for its low prices and its wide variety of brands.
  • Great deals can be found on soft drinks, fried foods, fruits and vegetables, and some selected cuts of meat.

Shopping at Fresh is presented as a simple and innovative opportunity to avoid long lines and crowds of people; In addition, it will reduce contact with employees at the cash desk or in the aisle.

All products include a barcode programmed to emit a specific light, which will alert the buyer of the status of their purchase.

Amazon Dash Cart
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