Amazon extends Home Office for its employees due to COVID-19

Amazon recently announced the implementation of a measure with which it hopes to benefit the vast majority of its workers. The ecommerce ...

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Amazon recently announced the implementation of a measure with which it hopes to benefit the vast majority of its workers.

The ecommerce platform is one of those that has seen accelerated growth since the beginning of the pandemic. Due to the sanitary measures imposed by the authorities, consumers who were not used to ordering online have been forced to resort to this type of service.

For their part, merchants who previously had not contemplated having a digital store, today are faced with the challenge of changing their type of entrepreneurship.

And, among these adaptations, there is also Amazon and the way it usually operates.

The company has confirmed to its employees and the media that Amazon workers will have the benefit of working remotely until June 30, 2021.

Do you want to know more about this measure? Find out what Amazon is preparing for next year:

  • The pandemic has led to the emergence of new ways of working, and the home office has become the norm for many companies, including Amazon
  • The company has notified its employees that they will have the benefit of working remotely until June 2021
  • Before, the company had already been questioned for allowing its workers to still work with symptoms of Covid-19, which for months put them under the gaze of the authorities and the public

According to Business InsiderThe e-commerce giant Amazon has determined that the best fit for the company’s short-term interests is to continue to allow its employees to work remotely.

Once again, Amazon has postponed the date of return of employees to the physical headquarters of the company.

Thus, it has decided to extend its work at home policy until 2021.

This decision will particularly benefit workers who used to work in Amazon offices prior to the pandemic.

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In the statement, the Amazon spokesperson stated that “Employees working in a position that can be performed remotely are invited to continue working from home until June 30, 2021.”

He added that “We have invested a large amount of budget and resources to make those who want to work in person to do so safely, through social distancing, a thorough cleaning of the place, taking temperature and giving the workers face masks and hand gel.”

Amazon will allow its employees to work remotely until June 2021

It is not the first time that Amazon rethinks its method of working during the pandemic.

Since the beginning of the health emergency, the company led by Jeff Bezos found itself in the middle of the controversy, when it became known that employees came to their offices even when they presented symptoms of Covid-19.

Thus, they decided to implement a strategy that included the option of having a home office or attending offices, as long as a series of protocols were met.

For some months, Amazon has repeatedly postponed the formal and massive return of employees to the corporation’s offices.

This is because, although the numbers of infections have decreased in some cities, they seem to rebound from time to time.

Last April, Amazon had announced that it was contemplating a return to the offices on October 2, 2020; then, reconsidered this option, postponing the date until January 2021.

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Finally, the established date has been June 2021, almost a year and a half after the original date.

Considered “essential workers”, Amazon employees who work in warehouses and in delivery processes have found it necessary to implement protocols to avoid a possible contagion by Covid-19.

Just in early October, Amazon reported that almost 20,000 of its employees had been infected with Covid-19, although some cases were still suspicious.

It is information that has barely come to light, but for some time was the cause of controversy among the public.

With the company’s statement, an estimate of the number of infections that have occurred among Amazon workers, either within its warehouses or on its delivery routes can hardly be reached.

Not only had Amazon refused to share this information with the public, but its own employees were on the sidelines of the number of confirmed infections.

Amazon warehouses have become an indispensable operations center for some companies that have had to move their services to the digital platform.

Within ecommerce, people have access to products that are considered essential and basic for daily use, but they also find on the platform many of the products they need to stay safe during the months of the pandemic.

Some experts consider that the delay in communicating the number of infections within the warehouses had its origin in the fact that the workers who work there are considered “first line”.

One of the biggest criticisms of the company has been its refusal to register or share the number of confirmed cases, which has led to confusion among Amazon employees themselves.

With the decision to implement remote work until 2021, Amazon hopes to preserve the safety of most of its employees until sanitary conditions allow them to return to physical offices.

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