Amazon will advance Christmas promotions for the first time in October

Amazon will advance Christmas promotions for the first time. The platform will offer its annual Prime Day promotion for two days in Octob...

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  • Amazon will advance Christmas promotions for the first time.
  • The platform will offer its annual Prime Day promotion for two days in October.
  • The internet giant will pressure rival companies to make markdowns at the same time.

You don’t want to waste time. Amazon anticipated its Prime Day and plans to start the holiday shopping season soon this year.

The firm will offer its annual Prime Day promotion for two days in October, after the pandemic forced it to postpone the campaign from its usual date, in July. It’s the first time it’s been held in the fall, and the company introduced it as a way for people to start their year-end shopping.

Even before Amazon’s announcement Monday, large retail chains had advanced plans to urge customers to start their Christmas shopping in October and offer discounts earlier than usual in hopes of avoiding crowds at their stores in November and December.

Amazon Prime Day, which was brought forward from October 13 to 14 this year, will pressure rival companies to make sales at the same time. In years past, Walmart, Best Buy, and Target have all offered their own online discounts on Prime Day.

Amazon launched the campaign in 2015 as its response to Singles’ Day, a business date in China popularized by e-commerce company Alibaba. Prime Day has become one of the best-selling days for Amazon, offering some of its biggest sales of the year on that day.

Amazon also sees it as a way to get more subscribers to its Prime service, since only customers of the service can access the offers.

Amazon anticipated its Prime Day and offers $ 10 free. Photo: Shutterstock

Prime members in 19 countries will be able to access the rebates this year, according to the company, including two new ones, Brazil and Turkey. The event was already held this summer in India.

Amazon also launched a special offer to help small businesses amid the coronavirus crisis.

The Internet giant will offer a free $ 10 coupon to those who spend $ 10 or more on select small business products. The offer is only available to Prime members.

Amazon to hire 100,000 people for increased online purchases

Amazon said Monday that it will hire another 100,000 people to keep up as online orders surge, according to The Associated Press.

The company indicated that the new hires will help pack, ship or order orders, working in part-time and full-time roles. Amazon said the jobs are unrelated to your typical vacation hire.

The Seattle company reported record earnings and revenue between April and June, as more people turned to it during the pandemic to buy food and supplies.

Earlier this year, the company was forced to hire 175,000 people to keep up with the unusual flood of orders, and last week it said it had 33,000 corporate and tech jobs it needed to fill.

This time, Amazon said it needs people at the 100 new warehouses, parcel sorting centers and other facilities opening this month.

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Alicia Boler Davis, who oversees Amazon warehouses, said the company is offering $ 1,000 sign-in bonuses in some cities where it can be harder to find workers, such as Detroit, New York, Philadelphia and Louisville, Kentucky. The initial payment on Amazon is $ 15 an hour.

Things are about to get a lot busier in Amazon warehouses. In addition to the holiday shopping fever, Amazon plans to celebrate one of its busiest shopping days, Prime Day, in the fall of this year after postponing it since July.

Amazon will evaluate whether it needs to hire more workers for the holidays, but has nothing to announce yet, Boler Davis said. Last year, he hired 200,000 people before the holidays.

Another company is already preparing for the increase in orders: UPS He said last week that he plans to hire 100,000 people to help him deliver packages over the holiday season.

UPS said last Wednesday that it expects a record high season. Online shopping has been growing for years and the pandemic has given it an additional boost as some shoppers avoid going to stores.

Seasonal hiring would be roughly the same as UPS announced before Christmas in 2018 and 2019. Christmas season volumes generally begin to increase in October and remain high in January.

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