Former actress Allisson Lozz appears with a tremendous crown, is she back? (PHOTOS)

Allisson Lozz triumphs as a beauty queen? The former soap opera actress shared unexpected photos. The Mexican won a tremendous crown and ...

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  • Allisson Lozz triumphs as a beauty queen?
  • The former soap opera actress shared unexpected photos.
  • The Mexican won a tremendous crown and showed it off.
Allisson Lozz, beauty queen? The protagonist of soap operas such as ‘En Nombre del Amor’ and ‘Rebelde’, has been away from television for more than 10 years because she no longer liked that environment and now she’s a businesswoman, but did she also win a beauty pageant? Some photographs raise suspicions about the Mexican mother of two sons.
The Mexican decided to withdraw from the world of entertainment due to the bad ‘experiences’ she had on Televisa, having recently revealed that she wasn’t paid well, in addition to that it was a world with which she didn’t feel comfortable, so she decided to look for new horizons and now she lives in the United States.

Allisson Lozz is a beauty queen?

Allisson Lozz Beauty Queen

Allisson Lozz recently published some photographs on her Instagram account that would suggest that she has now decided to compete in a beauty pageant and was the winner because she wears a band on her chest as well as a beautiful crown as if she had been the winner.





The former soap opera actress had become part of an international cosmetic products company for years and as time progressed she struggled to level up in it, until finally she was done and was crowned as one of the ‘Top Queens’.

Beauty queen? Allisson Lozz surprises with unexpected photos

Allisson Lozz Beauty Queen

As reported by ‘People in spanish’, Allisson Lozz went from being a beauty consultant to a senior sales director at the powerful company, however, with her new ‘recognition’ as a beauty queen, she will already lead more than 200 people to improve their sales and climb positions like her.

The company for which Allisson Lozz works does not have offices only in the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico, now also in Colombia, since a work unit was opened in which the former actress will be leading the work of 200 women and so expressed : “I’m so, so happy. We are already more than 200 women and we are going for more, for more women who really want to open up their possibilities ”, she said.

The former actress boasted a very important achievement, beauty queen?

Allisson Lozz company

The company for which Allisson Lozz works gives an important opportunity to women who want to enter it, as she commented in a video she made on her Instagram recently: “I love opening possibilities for women. That phrase fascinates me because sometimes women say: ‘No, I just do this’ or ‘No, I don’t know how to put on makeup’ or ‘Oh no, I’m a mom and it’s over’. Then no”.

And he continued: “When entering this business I love that, opening possibilities for women, who really know how to put on makeup, who really know how to have beautiful skin, even repaying the damage they have already had on their skin. It is something very beautiful. I can’t find a better business than to make other women pretty and to increase their self-esteem. It makes me very, very happy and expanding to Colombia is something very nice, “said the new leader of the company, who was given a photo session as a beauty queen to celebrate her achievement.

Next step is to succeed as a beauty queen? Allisson Lozz is an entrepreneur

Former actress as beauty queen

The businesswoman says that she was advancing step by step to first dominate the headquarters of the United States and Puerto Rico: “I did not want to open a unit in other countries until I was already mastering the unity of the United States and Puerto Rico. that is achieved, unity is opened in Mexico, since it is possible to dominate it a little more and that everything is more comfortable because now is when we decide to open Colombia and Peru soon, so I am very excited ”.

Allisson Lozz rejected for years the possibility of returning to acting because her family and her religion, apart from her work as a businesswoman, consumes her entire life and thus she is more than happy, so she would not change that again for having the Fame he achieved in the early 2000s.

The former soap opera actress has been in a beauty products company for many years

Allisson Lozz Beauty Queen

Allisson Lozz marks face. Former Mexican actress Allisson Lozz appeared on social networks, naturally, without any makeup and with her face washed, to perform a live with her followers and announce the beauty products that she sells, but fans were surprised to see something unusual.

Through her Instagram account, the 28-year-old Mexican showed a birthmark that she had been hiding in her appearances in Mexican soap operas, since because of the makeup she used in those appearances, the brand could not be appreciated. on your nose.

Allisson Lozz shows her brand on her face

Allisson Lozz brand face

Internet users immediately noticed something strange on his nose, and doubts began in the comments, Allisson, upon seeing the messages, explained that it is a hemangioma, which is a kind of birthmark that becomes visible depending on how the hemangioma is. day.

“Now it is not as red as the other day, but there are times when it dawns super red and sometimes when it dawns missing, who knows what it is. I think the circulation of the blood, “said the former Televisa actress, in the recording she made on her social network account.

The birthmark on Allisson Lozz’s face

Allisson Lozz brand face 2

In the clip she made on her Instagram account, which starred in children’s soap operas in Mexico, she clarifies that that birthmark on her nose was covered by makeup, so that it would not be possible to observe while she acted on television programs, agreement with People en Español.

“I’ve always had it, it’s from birth, but if you look at it, I was always seen in all the novels because the makeup was swept away. So maybe they thought: ‘Oh, he has a pimple, he has acne.’ But no, it’s my pink mole. I love that it’s pink, “said former actress Allisson Lozz.

His daughters inherited the brand

Face brand 3

Then the Mexican said that this brand inherited them to her daughters, who also have the small stain, but they do not have them in the same place as her, and I take advantage of the recording that lasts almost an hour, to talk about this brand they have their little ones.

It should be remembered that the protagonist of children’s soap operas has two daughters Sidney and London, and at that time she said: “My daughters have it on the back of their neck and they have here on the tip of their noses, already very faint, but when they were born they were very noticeable to both ”, mentions the Mexican. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Allisson Lozz retired from soap operas

Face brand 4

Allisson Marian Lozano Núñez had previously said that she retired from her career as a soap opera actress and singer, approximately 10 years ago, as she explained it herself in her social network account, where she mentions that she does not like to talk about her past life because does not have nice memories.

At the moment the Mexican lives in the United States and is dedicated to selling beauty products and cosmetics in that country, it is worth mentioning that she is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and is very faithful to her religion, since she can constantly be seen talking about that theme, when promoting your products. Filed under Allisson Lozz Brands Face

Allisson Lozz reveals the truth of why he left the acting world

Face brand 5

The former actress, and 28-year-old Mexican promise, Allisson Lozz, revealed a few weeks ago the real reason why she left the world of novels and the musical field, clarifying all the doubts that she had left in her wake after announcing her retirement .

Allisson Lozz had a great career in the world of novels since 2003 when she appeared with the role of villain in the telenovela Alebrijes y Rebujos, starting a promising career in acting, where many argued that little Allisson was it was going to turn into a great promise of the show. Filed under Allisson Lozz Brands Face

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