Allan Torres García was arrested for an attempted sexual assault

Allan Torres García was arrested in Texas accused of the attempted sexual assault on a woman in his business The victim opened his store ...

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FOTO Departamento de Policía de El Paso
  • Allan Torres García was arrested in Texas accused of the attempted sexual assault on a woman in his business
  • The victim opened his store to Torres García thinking he was a customer and the man took advantage of that
  • El Paso Police Department believes there could be more victims

Allan Torres García was arrested in El Paso, Texas, charged with the serious charge of attempted sexual assault of a woman in his business.

Torres García, 45, was detained by agents of the El Paso Police Department (EPPD, for its acronym in English), after the attack on the woman who was caught while closing her business.

The name of the victim will not be revealed in this story to protect her identity.

The authorities of the Sex Crimes Division of the EPPD believe that Allan Torres García could be guilty of other similar crimes of sexual assaultTherefore, they ask the Hispanic community if they recognize you for any abuse, to report it.

According to the arrest warrant against Torres García, consulted by MundoHispánico In Texas, on Thursday, January 28, 2021, a woman was about to close her beauty, clothing and cosmetics salon on North Zaragoza Street.

When the woman had already closed her store, at 5:05 in the afternoon, a Hispanic man arrived and asked her from outside if she would please allow him to enter, since he was running late and wanted to buy something.

The woman, at the prospect of one last sale, opened the door for the man and told him to walk through the store and see what he was interested in buying.

At one point, the woman continued with her work within the business preparing to close and began to count the sales.

Allan Torres García, 45, was arrested in Texas on a serious charge (PHOTO El Paso Police Department)

While the woman was busy, the alleged client took advantage of an oversight to lock the door from the inside, without her noticing.

Torres García then pulled out a weapon, although the case documents do not specify what type, with which he tried to force the woman to agree to his sexual demands.

However, the woman plucked up her courage and began to scream desperately for help and this alerted another man on the street that she was passing by and who, allegedly, was also a client of the woman.

The alleged robber was scared when the woman began to scream and when she saw that someone was already running to help the victim, she unlocked the door, opened it and ran, and then got into a car and escaped from the area.

When the woman told the man who helped her what had just happened, he called the EPPD emergency number to report the incident and that was when the first patrol cars arrived to investigate.

The woman detailed the incident and the EPPD agents, thanks to the videos from the security cameras of the business, were able to recover images of the alleged assailant and the car in which he had escaped.

Thanks to these images, all the EPPD patrollers had the description of the man and his car and an alert was issued to stop him.

That same night, agents of the Auto Theft Division, who were investigating another case, came across the car of the alleged sex offender in the Mission Valley neighborhood and detained him.

The EPPD agents discovered when detaining him that Allan Torres García already had two previous arrest warrants, for the crimes of possession of drugs and solicitation of prostitution from an undercover agent of the Vice Division.

The agents who arrested Allan Torres García when checking him found him drugs and, in addition to the crime of sexual assault, he also faces charges for possession of prohibited substances.

Torres García is already detained in the prison of the El Paso County and faces four criminal proceedings for the two previous charges for which the authorities were already looking for him.

According to Texas State Penal Code, only the charge of attempted sexual assault with a weapon is punishable by up to 99 years in jail for anyone found guilty of that crime after a trial.

Now the EPPD asks the Hispanic population of Texas that if someone recognizes the man for some other crime, report him by calling 915-212-4040, as they believe he is responsible for other attacks. All tracks will be kept anonymous.

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