All-natural and with chonguitos, Chiquis Rivera captivates by wearing a sexy red bikini (VIDEO)

  • Chiquis Rivera surprised her fans after appearing in a red bikini
  • Jenni Rivera’s daughter captivates by showing off her curves
  • The singer appears wearing chonguitos, showing her attributes and without makeup

Chiquis Rivera in a red bikini. Chiquis Rivera, the extravagant daughter of the late singer Jenni Rivera has been in the eye of the hurricane for most of her career, involved in controversial issues, always giving something to talk about, but she has also captivated her fans with sexy images.

After the split-up with his now ex-partner Lorenzo Méndez, Chiquis Rivera has taken social media by storm thanks to the sensual photographs that she usually shares, in which she is seen showing off her body with tiny outfits and sometimes even without any clothes.

Chiquis in red bikini

Daughter of Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera red bikini

Through a YouTube channel, a video of last year came to light in which the singer Chiquis Rivera can be seen wearing an impressive figure, with a sexy and daring two-piece bikini in red, where apparently she is Vacations.

We can constantly see the musical artist on her account Instagram showing off her voluptuous body, with outfits that would leave many of her followers with their mouths open, who are watching the singer to be able to react to her posts. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Criticism of Jenni Rivera’s daughter

Jenni Rivera's daughter Chiquis Rivera red bikini 2

In each publication of the singer, Chiquis Rivera generates controversy among Internet users who are dedicated to criticizing her, since it always seems that the celebrity edits her photographs, to such an extent that it does not seem to be her because of the incredible figure that she looks in her snapshots, precisely when she appears in a bikini.

There was even an occasion when Chiquis was caught running on a beach wearing a tiny two-piece swimsuit, but this one did not look like in her images, since at that time she was seen with a few extra kilos in the snapshot.

Chiquis Rivera hated and loved

Jenni Rivera's daughter Chiquis Rivera red bikini 3

There is no doubt that the musical artist is one of the most loved and hated celebrities in the entertainment world, since although she is a person who likes to party, and has been involved in controversy, either with her family or in his personal life, he has also shown that he has feelings.

What is certain is that his fans really enjoy the images he shares on his Instagram account, and especially where he shows his figure with sexy outfits, that although many say they are edited, others only enjoy the moment and the different personalities that the singer can wear.

The chongos hairstyle

Jenni Rivera's daughter Chiquis Rivera red bikini 4

Chiquis Rivera, in addition to showing off her figure in a daring and sensual red bikini, the singer, daughter of Jenni Rivera, also showed herself naturally without any makeup, and with a hairstyle that makes her look cute with the two buns that she made in her hair.

Despite the fact that Jenni Rivera’s daughter does not own a slim body, as many models presume, Chiquis shows off an incomparable sensuality, which not just anyone can have, this causes the lust of users who visualize her to be enchanted by life.

Chiquis Rivera al natural in a bikini

Jenni Rivera's daughter Chiquis Rivera red bikini 5
PHOTO Instagram @ chicapicosa2

Through the Instagram account of Spicy Girl 2 An image of Jenni Rivera’s controversial daughter was shared, natural, without a filter, where her body comes out as it really is, and to the surprise of the followers who had it in another concept, they were tremendously surprised, since It is not the same figure that he presumed.

He started training to lose weight

PHOTO Instagram

After the criticism received for the photo where he is seen with a little weight gain, Chiquis Rivera decided not to bear any more negative comments and has dedicated himself to training hard, to be able to silence hundreds of mouths of Internet users who attacked her very constantly in networks social.

Chiquis captivates her fans

Image taken from Instagram @chiquis

In different publications, the musical artist has shown that she has a large number of followers and lovers, who according to her comments would do anything to meet her, below will be shown some messages that Internet users leave her on her Instagram.

Not your fan. # 1 72 years old, but with good taste, continues to triumph that you have a lot ahead of you ”,“ little girl you have a tremendous ass… mija. ”,“ Very good ”,“ you are a beautiful sexy cake ”, these were some of the compliments that received in a published image showing his rear. Filed as Daughter of Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera red bikini

The ex of Lorenzo Méndez has posed very colorful

PHOTO Instagram

There was an occasion where Jenni Rivera’s daughter raised suspicions about using too much filter in her images, since in one of her publications she is posing for the camera on her knees and wearing a very colorful sexy bikini, which on top wears a sweater for the water that is part of the swimsuit.

Chiquis in pink thong

PHOTO Instagram

With the question to his followers: “It’s a kind of cook Saturday! What do you think I’m cooking? ”, This is how Chiquis accompanied the image where she looks quite sexy, wearing a pink bikini in the shape of a thong, with a transparent dress that shows the figure of Jenni Rivera’s daughter.

The photo where the musical artist appears cooking on a grill, while showing off her body in a daring and tiny bikini, got a great response from Internet users, who were captivated by seeing the incredible figure of their favorite artist and they sent her their compliments . Filed as Daughter of Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera red bikini

Chiquis in white bikini

PHOTO Instagram

Janney Marín Rivera, also known in the artistic environment as “Chiquis” Rivera, was born on June 26, 1985 in Long Beach, California, into a musical family. His mother was Jenni Rivera, who died in a plane crash in 2012, and his father is Trino Marín, who is currently serving a 31-year sentence for sexual abuse.

“Chiquis” Rivera is part of a legacy of great musical personalities, among which are his mother, Jenni Rivera “La Diva de la Banda”, and his uncle Guadalupe “Lupillo” Rivera, both exponents of regional Mexican music in USA. Filed as Daughter of Jenni Rivera Chiquis Rivera red bikini

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