Alejandro Fernández would have paid to have sex with men (VIDEO)

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Alejandro Fernández would have paid to have sex with men (VIDEO)
  • According to a TV show, Alejandro Fernández hired young men from Costa Rica to spend a few days with him in Mexico
  • The confessions of one of the escorts who were supposedly hired by ‘El Potrillo’ are revealed
  • According to Gossip no Like, the service that the singer hired lasted between five and six hours.

Alejandro Fernández escort. Once again there is a controversy surrounding the sexual preferences of the singer Alejandro Fernández. According to the show Chisme no like, Vicente Fernández’s son hired a male escort.

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Throughout two episodes of their show, Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani introduced a young man who said he saw  the Mexican singer paying an escort service to spend a few hours of fun with him in Mexico. For security reasons, the hosts said, the identity of the witness was not released.

Alejandro Fernández escort: They claim that he requested sexual services from men

They claim that Alejandro Fernández hired a male escort
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In the YouTube program ‘Chisme no Like’, hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristáin, it was reported that on a trip that Alejandro Fernández made to Costa Rica, accompanied by his then manager Carlos Torres, the Mexican singer requested the catalog service of several models, whom he asked to sign a confidentiality agreement and travel to Mexico to be with him.

As told by the witness, in said contract it was also specified that the boys would have to participate in certain sexual activities, and that one of them did not accept. However, two other men did agree, but according to the program, something in that meeting got out of control.

Alejandro Fernández escort: Witness says they traveled deceived

They claim that Alejandro Fernández hired a male escort
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“Through the singer’s manager, they hired my services as an escort,” the man told the program Gossip no like in a first interview. He assured that there is a photograph where Alejandro Fernández appears and that the forms of the contract are in the name of a lawyer and the modeling agency where he worked.

The witness assured that they traveled “deceived” to Mexico City, so that they were in the hotel with Alejandro Fernández after the singer offered a concert. He said that the singer’s team was aware of all these alleged activities of the artist.

Alejandro Fernández escort: This is the supposed escort who contracted ‘El Potrillo’

They claim that Alejandro Fernández hired a male escort
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“I was one of the first people that Mr. Alejandro Fernández hired, through his team, to offer him the service as an escort,” said the young man to the show program. He narrated that the contact was through the modeling agency where he worked. WATCH VIDEO HERE

“We did not know that this modeling agency lent itself to this kind of thing, to promote very handsome boys …”. He assured that after “being chosen” by the singer, they had to talk by email with some people from Alejandro Fernández’s team to find out if they agreed to provide the service.

Alejandro Fernández escort: They made them sign contracts

They claim that Alejandro Fernández hired a male escort
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The young man narrated that the contracts they signed included the name of Carlos de la Torre, who, according to Javier Ceriani, was Alejandro Fernández’s manager for 26 years. “The contract specifically said that it was about sexual services and accompaniment … but what caught my attention was what happened inside that room.”

To Javier Ceriani’s express question that “if there is a catalog (of escorts) of boys in Central America, this has happened with other artists”, the answer was: “yes, the list is impressive”. The driver said that the boy who was giving his testimony had been the first to be contacted by Alejandro Fernández’s team.

Alejandro Fernández: His friends were the ones who accepted the supposed contract

They claim that Alejandro Fernández hired a male escort
PHOTO Youtube

The Argentine driver assured that the boy in the testimony was the first to Contact the singer’s team because supposedly ‘it was the look that Alejandro Fernández liked’, but that in the end he did not accept to participate in the meetings, but two of his friends did.

Javier Ceriani assured that Alejandro Fernández hurt one of the models in the supposed meeting they had with him, but that the tests would show them in the coming days. The drivers of Gossip did not like they assured that both they and the witness have received threats for the information they have released.

Mourning! Fernández suffers the loss of a loved one

PHOTO Instagram

Before this controversy broke out, singer Alejandro Fernández mourned the loss of his dog Coco. With some beautiful words of farewell, the singer confirmed the death of an important member of the family, who spent 15 years with them.

It was through his Instagram account, where El Potrillo shared a series of images, where he appears with his pet, the dog Coco, who lost his life after living with the Fernández family for several years, and the singer he said goodbye with an emotional message.

Goodbye message

“Life always brings unexpected moments. For more than 15 years you accompanied me and destroyed and fixed everything that was around you. My confidant, my partner and one of my best friends. And now, in this strange moment in which I am far away and secluded, it was your turn to change planes. The ironies of the life”.

This is how the singer said goodbye to his pet dog, who according to it was appreciated by his whole family, since he lived together for a long time: “Thank you for the good times, the bad ones and all the others that we had to go through together. I see you on the other side. I love you Coco, ”added Fernández.

Alejandro Fernández in mourning: Reaction of Internet users

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After seeing the publication of the Mexican singer, about the death of his dog Coco, several Internet users sent their condolences for the sensitive lost, even celebrities such as Poncho De Nigris and Rodner Figueroa, were present sending their messages.

“Hug ! I got to know him “,” Ayyyy I’m not so sorry !!!! They are members of the family !!! “,” a hug with all my love! “,” I’m very sorry Alex “,” How do you love these 4-legged angels that God puts us in our way through this world “, they were some of the comments posted. Filed Under: Alejandro Fernández in mourning dog Coco.

The singer tested positive for coronavirus

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A few weeks ago, Alejandro Fernández tested positive for Covid-19 in the tests carried out to participate in the Latin American Music Awards ceremony, which took place in Miami, Florida. El Potrillo was going to be recognized in person with the Icon Award in addition to appearing in two musical participations, one was a tribute to the Mexican singer-songwriter Joan Sebastián, according to Agencia Reforma.

It should be remembered that Alejandro had received the first vaccine to combat SARS-CoV-2 in January, leaving the second dose pending. After recovering from coronavirus, the Mexican singer celebrated his birthday accompanied with his friends.

Heir to a great talent

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El Potrillo began his career at a young age, participating in films where his father was the protagonist, which marked his beginning on the big screen. However, her path leaned toward singing, thanks to her prominent voice as well as the learning she had gained from her father over the years.

He has traveled the world sharing his music, and despite being an outstanding performer of the ranch genre, he has also ventured into pop music, being recognized for his versatility and voice tessitura. He is the father of five children: Alejandro and the twins América and Camila, whom he procreated with his first wife. He has two more children: Emiliano and Valentina, the product of his relationship with the Colombian model Ximena Díaz. Some images of this note come from the following video.

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