Alejandro Fernández raises suspicions! A photo of ‘El Potrillo’ has everyone ‘talking’ about his looks

The new image of the singer Alejandro Fernández is what everyone is talking about. Criticism for “El Potrillo” floods social ...

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  • The new image of the singer Alejandro Fernández is what everyone is talking about.
  • Criticism for “El Potrillo” floods social networks.
  • Because of his new image, users compare Alejandro Fernández with Felicia Garza.

The one who surprised his followers was the Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández who posted a picture to promote his new song “Quizá” that he made in collaboration with the Spanish singer, Antonio José, and the singer-songwriter and producer, Aureo Baqueiro.

It was Fernández himself who posted his photograph with the new look to his official Instagram account, however, it was in the TvNotas magazine’s Facebook post that Internet users criticized Vicente Fernández’s son for his new look, and they didn’t keep anything to themselves.

Alejandro Fernández image: “I thought it was Felicia Garza”

Alejandro Fernández image. They criticize the Foal
PHOTO Facebook

In the publication of the magazine you can read the following message: “WITH A NEW LOOK! Alejandro Fernández wears a new hairstyle, to present us in the next few days his next musical work in collaboration with the Spanish singer, Antonio José, and the singer-songwriter and producer, Aureo Baqueiro… What do you think of the new image of ‘El Potrillo’ ”.

Immediately the Internet users said: “I thought it was Felicia Garza”, “In an effort to look good, they make her look worse, how horrible”, “The hairdresser was in a bad mood and took it out on him”, “I copy Henruchito’s look “,” He seems to be trying hard to look old and ugly. ”

Alejandro Fernández image: “From being El Potrillo to an enterprising Mare”

Alejandro Fernández image. Look with gray hair and a new cut
PHOTO Instagram

Among the thousands of comments you can read: “She’s a girl”, “It looks like the hairstyle of an empowered lady from Las Lomas”, “She left the hair in the sideburns area like this to make quinceanera curls. Stop filly! ”,“ Nooo please !! paint your hair Alejandro ”.

2 It looks like one who went out as a family with Chabelo telling stories … “,” If the record is going to be like this, how the hairstyle was worth the belly, sir “,” From being El Potrillo to an enterprising Mare “,” It looks like an old doll’s head! ” , “Isn’t it Chavela Vargas?”, “He looks bigger than Vicente.”

Alejandro Fernández image: “I thought it was Ellen DeGeneres”

Alejandro Fernández image. Launch new material
PHOTO Instagram

The new look of Alejandro Fernández was not to the liking of Internet users, who did not stop comparing him with others Famous: “I thought it was Ellen DeGeneres”, “I don’t know who told her she had that look, it doesn’t suit her”, “I thought it was Olga Sánchez Cordero”, “Where did she get that cut? I fire the image consultant and the stylist ”.

“I have never liked him, Vicente Fernández, my respects, but the children came out, very strange!”, “He has a hairstyle like a Baby Nenuco”, “Combed by his worst enemy, he looks very rude. Better pay an image consultant. Courage sometimes they do miracles ”,“ It is a tribute to chabela Vargas ”.

Alejandro Fernández image: They compare him with Chabela Vargas

Alejandro Fernández image. They didn't like her new look
PHOTO Instagram

For Internet users, Alejandro Fernández’s look reminded them a lot of the diffuse Chabela Vargas, although with some variations: “But Chabela was more of a man”, “She looked more manly, hahaha”, “With that cut she looks like the mop with which I dry bathroom”.

“I don’t know about you but I notice him as very mannered, he no longer has his manly side”, “I think he urgently needs a back massage, but internal”, “We all have an aunt in her sixties with that look !!!”, ” Barrio teporocho cut “,” Every time worse, apart from the fact that he already looks older than his age. ”

Alejandro Fernández image: “Put on heels and dress like a queen”

Alejandro Fernández image. Announce collaboration
PHOTO Instagram

Internet users “took flight” in the comments about the new look of the “Foal”: “I think everything is over for him, he no longer has the attractiveness he had and with that hairstyle or disheveled his father does not look good even though he is his years old. he looks good but he doesn’t want to comb his hair like a young man and it doesn’t fit him ”.

“Let her do what Gloria Trevi does, put her heels on and dress like a queen !!” they cut the hair with the pruning shears ”,“ As it gives Silvia piñal an air in women cases of real life ”.

They ensure that that look does not suit him

PHOTO Instagram

“What a horror, who will be his image designer, he really looks terrible, unless he sings other types of songs”, “I thought it was Radamés the joke war!,” And surely he spent a fortune on the change of image, I don’t know, but about fashion what accommodates and now everyone with white hair, what an ugly fashion ”, you can read in the comments.

Network users hope that their work is not like their look: “Let’s hope that their work is not like the hairstyle if it will not be a failure”, “Polanco lady’s hairstyle”, “I thought it was Lupita D’Alesio”, “That man who went from being a super macho to this “,” Very nice the glitter on the lips. ”

“I thought it was Dr. Chapatín”

PHOTO Instagram

The new image of Alejandro Fernández caused Facebook users to compare him with a well-known Chespirito character: “I thought it was Dr. Chapatín”, “We lost him, the dove came out”, “His enemy is fixing it”, ”

“Well, the net I don’t know what happened to him if he got older or the man who gives him pa ‘his tunas is finishing him off because he looks very, very bad…. Too bad, someone tells him to change his image because he looks like his father’s brother … And that face of suffering that makes me think that his hemorrhoids hurt him ”.

“Why don’t they age with dignity, this man is already bordering on the ridiculous”

PHOTO Instagram


They ask Alejandro Fernández to age with dignity: “Because this man is not aging with dignity and borders on the ridiculous”, “Tremendous horse, empowered self-confident”, “It looks bad, everything to serve is over”, ” How finished Felicia Garza looks, really ”.

“Horrible, the handsome man looks bad with those cuts and hairstyles”, “He looks like the one who wears a doctor’s gown in the bubble cartoon”, “And so expensive that they charge him, for how they leave it”, “He looks like Chicharrín wero ”,“ As a young circus and an old clown ”,“ You’ve already lost the machín, pure little flower ”.

“He looks like Tata, with all due respect to Tata”

PHOTO Instagram

Because of his gray hair, his haircut and the way he poses for the camera, they compared Alejandro Fernández with other characters: “He looks like Tata, with all due respect to Tata”, “He looks like Sergio Dalma”, “Well empowered ready to be Felicia García ”.

“Don’t stain it looks good finished. Geez what alcoholism does “,” She looks like a bald old lady “,” Bring the look of Pedrito Sola “,” More and more exotic ..! “,” More and more exotic “,” Sincerely and without offending looks awful “,” It’s called coming out. ”

“He already gave the old man and he has not gotten anything good”

PHOTO Instagram

Among the thousands of comments, one could read: “He already gave the old man and has not gotten anything good”, “What a mess Olga Cordero looks like”, “What’s up with that ca …, Every day is worse”, “Every day I see him more effeminate, old age smallpox! ”,“ The hairdresser was drugged ”.

“We already lost it”, “How beautiful Alejandra Fernández looks”, “It looks like a lady of those who watch soap operas”, “It looks more like Potrilla”, “Like a rich lady”, “It looks like a lady from Tacubaya”, “What is wrong with them, How horrendous it looks ”,“ It looks terrible for God that someone advises him ”,“ The new Felicia Garza has already begun her transformation ”,“ More and more child ”.

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