Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter ‘humiliates’ her mother in a bikini, but they destroy her on the networks for her attitude (PHOTOS)

Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter humiliates her mother with a tremendous bikini from the pool Frida Sofía shows that she is in better sh...

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  • Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter humiliates her mother with a tremendous bikini from the pool
  • Frida Sofía shows that she is in better shape than ever by showing off her sexy body
  • However, he received some criticism for the attitude he has taken towards his family

Frida Sofía, the daughter of singer Alejandra Guzmán, ‘humiliates’ her mother by appearing in a sensual bikini from the pool for her fans, according to a post on the bill of Instagram of the program Suelta la Sopa.

Frida Sofía is a model who in recent years has had some problems not only with his mother, but with the whole family.

However, on this occasion, the daughter of the “Queen of Rock” had no mercy on her mother and gave her a tremendous ‘drag’ by showing her attributes without pain or glory.

Frida Sofia bikini

Image taken from Instagram @laguzmanmx

It was through Instagram that the artist’s daughter showed off her figure and received several compliments from her fans by showing that she is in complete shape.

However, he also obtained some complaints for the attitude he has taken towards his family, many of which criticized him.

A few months ago after all the “rain” of statements between Alejandra Guzmán and her daughter Frida Sofía, the veteran rocker broke the silence and said everything she thinks of the young woman, to the point of denying that she slept with her partner, as has repeatedly suggested its offspring.

In this war of bickering, it has also been said that the singer has not been able to give up drugs and that she even continues to support her daughter, according to a publication on the Infobae portal.

Even Enrique Guzmán, the rocker’s father, came out to assure that he would distance himself from his granddaughter, after pointing out her as “very stupid”, later she decided to upload an old photo while holding a cigarette next to him.

Other of the strong statements that Frida Sofía made about her mother was the following: “When I was pregnant with me, she smoked marijuana and snorted cocaine,” according to what Infobae publishes, which sparked even more controversy. On the next page you will see the shocking photograph of Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter in a bikini.

As we promised, here we leave you the daring photograph of Frida Sofía, Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter who humiliates her mother with a tiny bikini.

Before this postcard, people could not stop reacting in different ways: “Take out your beauty, throw away that shit … of personality that makes you look negative, you are beautiful in all aspects, do not let that flower that you are wither.”

People did not stop recognizing her beauty, but many criticized her way of being and also that they do not believe that this body is natural, except for some people, such as someone who wrote: “Great body, you have a girl, God bless you.”

Others criticized more: “And the brain for when?”, “What nature gave it and science perfected it”, “who cares about that old problem, there are many better bodies than those empty heads”.

Image taken from Instagram @sueltalasopatv

But more people were dissatisfied with the attitude that Frida Sofía, daughter of Alejandra Guzmán, has taken, so appearing in a bikini seemed worse.

“What ridiculous news if this chick posed nude for Playboy magazine, so she showed even her intimate wrinkles. I do not see what else is missing, “said one of the followers.

Someone else commented: “Body of marriage and face of divorce hahahahahaha, because the cachetona is weird in the face, that’s why her envy towards Michelle who is beautiful and intelligent, planet-faced lambonas in 3,2,1”.

“The great body that his mother had and damaged with so many ‘fixes'”, “And the face for when?”, “Nature and surgery too”, “I know it’s worth it if it’s so spoiled”, “a woman should paralyze with intelligence not with body ”,“ the bad thing is when she speaks ”, some people said about the personality of Frida Sofía in a bikini.

One more woman said: “Men flatter her and sad to see women criticize her. Why do women criticize each other so much? And they say that femicides are only men. I find it interesting that women insult each other. I do not applaud her for the scandal she causes, however I am not the one to criticize her, to throw the first stone who is free.

Image taken from Mezcalent

But the criticism did not stop towards Frida Sofía, daughter of Alejandra Guzmán who despite humiliating her mother in a bikini, people do not forgive her attitude towards her family.

“I do not see anything of the other world”, “will be what the surgeries gave him haha. (my comment without malice), “the money ran out, we have to get more”, “that great body lasts very little. There is nothing better than having better feelings towards your parents, ”more people said.

Others said: “Nature, money, surgeries”, “will have given him the body, but took away the most important thing, the brain.”

But someone else tried to level the balance of positive comments and suggested, “The most valuable thing in life is inner beauty. Inner peace, be happy with yourself, learn from your mistakes and forgive ”.

“He already showed it in Playboy”, “And what is ordinary?”, “What a great body”, “he is tired of looking for publicity. Good for teaching the body and living off the mother’s money. Let him get to work ”,“ Frida lend me her body, please ”,“ and what good is it if she has nothing on her mind ”, other Internet users told her.

Daughter Alejandra Guzmán bikini

Image taken from Mezcalent

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