A slap for Frida Sofía, Alejandra Guzmán posts a photo saying that Enrique Guzmán is the best dad in the world

Alejandra Guzmán posts a photo with her father Enrique Guzmán, with a message for Frida Sofía? Internet users react to the photograph of ...

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  • Alejandra Guzmán posts a photo with her father Enrique Guzmán, with a message for Frida Sofía?
  • Internet users react to the photograph of Alejandra with Enrique Guzmán.
  • For her part, Frida Sofía thanks her father Pablo Moctezuma for all his support.

Alejandra Guzmán photography. The Guzmán family soap opera is still being written. Now with the photograph that Alejandra Guzmán posted on her official Instagram account, in which she appears hugging tightly her father Enrique Guzmán, said image was uploaded for Father’s Day, and in her message she wrote: “The best dad in the world! ! @eguzmanoficial”.

The post was shared by the Instagram account of El Gordo y la Flaca, and it was precisely there where Internet users showed their disagreement, because apparently the photograph was taken as a slap by Alejandra Guzmán to her daughter Frida Sofía, as it shows that she doesn’t believe the accusations she made against Enrique Guzmán.

Alejandra Guzmán photo: Criticism rains on her

Alejandra Guzmán photographs with her father Enrique Guzmán
PHOTO Instagram

Internet users did not take long to react to said publication and wrote in it: “No ma’am .. if my daughter tells me” my grandfather touches me “even if it is my father .. first my daughter! And I will find out and be with my daughter until I get to the truth! If it turns out that my daughter was lying, then it will have its consequences … ”

“… And if my father is really a good man, he will understand that my duty as a mother was to support my daughter … and if it is true I will live with a clean and calm mind that could help my daughter …”, “Exactly that is being a good mother. , children first ”,“ What kind of message are you giving your daughter? @ifridag “.

Alejandra Guzmán photo: “Bad mother, children come first”

Alejandra Guzmán photography
PHOTO Instagram

Internet users did not save anything, and they complained to Alejandra Guzmán not being a good mother and not believing her own daughter: “What kind of mother is this lady! that He does not even give the benefit of the doubt to his daughter ”,“ Sometimes I think that she and he are equally sick, because I do not understand her behavior with her daughter ”.

“That woman does not understand anything, her remaining neurons have already burned, she does not care about her daughter, but KARMA is very little”, “Bad mother, children come first”, “Covering the sun with a finger”, “I no longer look at them the same as these two !!!”, “I think the drug ate his brain.”

Alejandra Guzmán photo: “They are disgusting!”

Alejandra Guzmán photography, do you send a hint to Frida Sofía?
PHOTO Instagram

For Internet users to see the photograph of Alejandra with her father Enrique Guzmán, it was a slap to Frida Sofía and they told her: “You both are disgusting!”, “Congratulations sir. I hope you take away the VIOLA.DOR AND PUERCO!”, “Oh blind woman who does not want to see … But good.”

“This family has many stories of scandals and very strong”, “You can see the look of a pedophile that he has”, “Look for your daughterGive her the love you didn’t give her as a child ”,“ This guy hit her, knocked her teeth out and hit her mother too, is that being a good father? No, I don’t think so, it’s pure show !!!! ”.

Alejandra Guzmán photo: “Such for which”

Alejandra Guzmán photography uploaded it to her social networks
PHOTO Instagram

Outraged, Internet users tell Alejandra Guzmán to be careful with karma: “Such for which, is it the best when you did dirty things to your daughter”, “Life is karma … return everything you give … nobody escape from that… .daughter and father… “,” Cover him. Sun. with. All. The. hand to. See. If you can ”.

“That old man does not give me confidence”, “The best pervert”, “He has the face of an abuser”, “I do not judge but I think, the bond with a son is stronger than with the father and she is making mistakes”, “Her daughter is his daughter above his father “,” And now? There is nothing left but to continue hugging the depraved father, because he has already lost his daughter! ”.

Alejandra Guzmán photo: The criticism did not stop

Alejandra Guzmán photographs, they tell her she is a bad mother
PHOTO Instagram

The comments against Alejandra Guzmán did not stop: “I really don’t know if Frida ever had her mother!”, “Her own daughter saying that he touched her and is making the best daddy in the world that little m @ $ # &” , “I do not understand, the best dad?”.

“The last straw, this woman’s illness, the drug does wreak havoc, she needs an urgent psychologist, it is seen that she totally depends on the father to feel important and it is seen that she is not mature as a little girl clings to the one she believes is her protector or his pimp ??? ”.

They remind the singer of her father’s past

Alejandra Guzmán photo, Enrique Guzmán reposted the publication
PHOTO Instagram

The users of social networks did not miss the opportunity to remind Alejandra Guzmán of the violent past of her father Enrique Guzmán: “According to her the best dad. And when he brought dragging like that mother of the hair also like this is the best ??? No pos wow that people so little mother ”.

“The best? Madam, if Pandora’s box was opened, investigate your father well. And then he says the best father !!!! “,” The worst mother in the world “,” What audacity “,” Children do not lie and never forget who hurt them “,” Oh what a shame “,” According to her, I As a mother I will support my daughter, in a while you will be able to ”.

They tell her that she is “the worst mom in the world”

PHOTO Instagram

The photograph of Alejandra Guzmán hugging her father Enrique and calling him “the best father in the world” angered Internet users, who considered the singer as “the worst mother in the world”: “And the worst mother in the world?” You are going to give to God accounts, I feel sorry for you ”.

“Old green tail”, “Poor woman”, “If he is the one who gets the vice, that’s why he’s the best dad !!”, “Bullies and child molesters, pedophiles protect each other. That’s all. So hugged they will be in jail. #JusticiaParaFrida #YoSiTeCreoFrida ”.

“This woman has no dignity”

PHOTO Instagram

The annoyance of the Internet users was so great that the comments against Alejandra continued: “This woman has no dignity, all her neurons were burned from so much drug that she gets into it”, “This pedophile shouldn’t make a scandal to her. He is old now if he believes the saint Henry ”.

“Hypocrites”, “The best bandit plays a girl”, “Crazy”, “What a damnaaaa”, “If the best father in the world is the one who mistreated your mother and raped her, well @eguzmanoficial is the best in the world”, “Par of pigs “,” With those tongue kisses that his “dad” gave him, of course he is going to defend him. ”


PHOTO Instagram

Internet users described the relationship between Enrique and Alejandra Guzmán as sick and even called them: “Degenerates”, “Puercos”, “Enrique Guzmán is a very disrespectful being, but in his 40s 50s he was even worse”, “Of such a stick such a splinter. Grief for her, children above all ”.

“My mother has a saying that says” The devil never sleeps “the fact that it is her father who guarantees that I do not touch her daughter at least gives Frida the benefit of the doubt for something she is not mentally well she has a trauma because something very bad happened to him in his childhood, it is sad that he does not have support from anyone in his family ”.

Frida Sofía proudly congratulates her father

PHOTO Instagram

On the other hand, Frida Sofía also congratulated her father Pablo Moctezuma, and her message could be read as a hint to her mother Alejandra Guzmán, as she thanks her for her support when she needed it most. The post accompanied her with a photograph of her and her dad.

The message read: “Happy Father’s Day, CUTE DADDY! Thank you for holding my hand when I needed it most. Thank you for keeping your feet on the ground. Thank you for unconditionally loving and caring for all of your children. Thank you for always giving your best. Thank you for loving me as I am. Thank you for bringing @beatrizpasquel into my life THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FAMILY. I LOVE YOU!”.

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