Alejandra Espinoza shows her skinny legs in mini shorts and they tell her that she looks like ‘Don Ramón’

They attack Alejandra Espinoza for an outfit she used on social networks People tell him that he looks like the character of ‘Don R...

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  • They attack Alejandra Espinoza for an outfit she used on social networks
  • People tell him that he looks like the character of ‘Don Ramón’ from ‘Chavo del 8’
  • They also criticize her because they say that the model has skinny legs

The model and beauty queen Alejandra Espinoza, tried to captivate her followers with a very fresh outfit, but she erred in her intention and people attacked wearing a minishort and hat, which reminded the famous character played by Ramón Valdés, ‘Don Ramón’, from the ‘Chavo del 8’ program.

It all happened after a publication that the model made through her bill Insatgram official, and that caused some teasing of Internet users.

Alejandra Espinoza is a Mexican American who won Univision’s first beauty pageant, Nuestra Belleza Latina in 2007.

Image taken from Instagram @alejandraespinoza

Although her beauty is unmatched, now she did not have the wisdom that was required to fill the eyes of her fans, as her clothes caused some attacks against her.

However, the publication was so successful that as of the morning of September 15, 2020 it already had more than 37 thousand reactions of likes and almost 160 comments.

Although not everything was criticism, mockery and offense, since some fans and especially celebrities, dedicated some words of congratulations.

Alejandra Espinoza wore very skinny legs, according to the opinion of some people, however, her attitude was the one most accepted by people.

The model posted a very promising message that was fuestetado by many Internet users: “Stop being afraid of what can go wrong, and get excited about what can go right @ aimae.apparel.”

On the next page we will leave you with the controversial photograph that caused a stir on social networks because they say that Alejandra Espinoza looks like ‘Don Ramón’, because of the minishorr he uses.

As we promised, here we leave you the photograph that caused controversy due to the shorts worn by the model Alejandra Espinoza in which her skinny legs are seen and they also tell her that she looks like ‘Don Ramón’.

Some first comments were from celebrities such as Chiquis Rivera who flattered the image as well as Miate Perroni.

But then came the criticism of his resemblance to the famous character ‘Chavo del 8’: “Chulada! You look like Don Ramón ”.

They also pointed out to her about her skinny legs: “Spaghetti legs”, “you are beautiful but everything to the extreme hurts”, “a very fine mannequin with a lot of respect”, “I love it, beautiful my queen”, were some diverse comments .

But then other people explained that what wasn’t right was the photography: “The first time the angle of the photo doesn’t suit her, she always knows how to position herself.”

Other people commented: “Wao ale, but for this very skinny ohhoo God you don’t look good anymore, sorry”, “Alex has always been an example to follow, my pride is that I have a photo with you in NY and blessings with your Familia”.

Image taken from Instagram @alejandraespinoza

But then more comments came about the outfit of Alejandra Espinoza, who wears skinny legs and they tell her that she looks like ‘Don Ramón’.

Other people were not happy to see her and said: “Bella as always, thanks for that wonderful message.”

Someone else commented, “That thought is correct.”

“Ale is very pretty”, “let them let go of the reins”, “casually beautiful”, “very skinny, but beautiful”, “my pretty Mexican Ale you are wonderful”, “I love your shirt, is it available?”, “My reian preferred “,” you are a show, beautiful woman “,” pretty “, other Internet users told her.

More people joined the positive comments: “You were carrying the plant, greetings”, “beautiful mom,” “skinny beautiful”, “beautiful baby”, “Don Ramón’s cap, that reminded me.”

But someone else focused on the message: “That’s right! We have to learn to be grateful for the blessings received daily and not be afraid of uncertain things! .. good reflection! A hug”.

“Beautiful lady”, “likewise Ale … fear sometimes paralyzes us”, “Ale what legs”, “you are so beautiful and a great example to follow”, “super women”, “I love your attitude, you are a beautiful woman capable of transmitting joy with your charisma, God bless you always, I admire you ”, were other expressions of affection for the model.

Some more wrote: “Don’t change! We like how you are! I hope your kitchen is beautiful “,” God bless you always mija “,” bearing and elegant, like you no Mexican woman. “

Mr Ramon

Image taken from Mezcalent

Just a few days ago it was announced that the older sister of the driver and model Alejandra Espinoza, named Haydée, contracted coronavirus. She works at the clinic of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Tijuana, in Mexico, that actor Eugenio Derbez had denounced for shortages of medical supplies, although the institution immediately denied it.

In an interview that both Alejandra Espinoza and Haydée gave to the Univisión program Sal y Pimienta, which is hosted by Lourdes Stephen and Jomari Goyso and which was taken up by People en Español, the sisters expressed their feelings.

As if that were not enough, Haydée transmitted the coronavirus to her husband and son, so her entire family ended up infected with this disease.

“When the result came out positive and I started to feel bad and I found out that my husband was positive, my son too, because if I felt a very strong burden. I felt very, very bad because apart if you feel that burden and that guilt that they are to blame, ”said Haydée, Alejandra Espinoza’s older sister.

Alejandra Espinoza short

Image taken from Insatgram @alejandraespinoza

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