Aislinn Derbez ‘reacts’ to Mauricio Ochmann’s new girlfriend; he had set his eyes on her before (PHOTOS)

Paulina Burrola, Mauricio Ochmann’s new girlfriend’s popularity is rising like foam. Aislinn Derbez followed her on Instagram...

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  • Paulina Burrola, Mauricio Ochmann’s new girlfriend’s popularity is rising like foam.
  • Aislinn Derbez followed her on Instagram and now she reacts to the news of her ex with his new partner.
  • Eugenio Derbez’s daughter is also dating a new man.

A few hours after Mauricio Ochmann pretty much confirmed his romance with the Mexican Paulina Burrola, his new girlfriend’s popularity ‘exploded’ on Instagram, as she went from having 75 thousand, to 233 thousand followers (and increasing), however, now, Aislinn Derbez ‘reacted’ to the news of his ex’s new partner.

When the news of the separation between Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann was released, Eugenio Derbez’s daughter was attacked by people who claimed that she didn’t treat him well and that there was ‘proof’ of it in the first season of the reality show of the dynasty where they had countless disagreements… Now the story may be different…

Did he already have her in his sights? Mauricio Ochmann has been giving ‘likes’ to his new girlfriend for years

Mauricio Ochmann girlfriend Paulina Burrola

The bomb is about to ‘explode’ Mauricio Ochmann because as his confirmation of a new girlfriend happened, followers began to speculate that since 2019, Aislinn Derbez’s ex, still married to her, liked Paulina Burrola’s publications and even he was ‘secretly texting’ with the Mexican.

The news of the breakup between Eugenio’s daughter and the actor occurred in March 2020, which would mean that Mauricio Ochmann already had ‘contact’ with Paulina Burrola before he broke up with his ex-wife, from whom he separated due to alleged differences irreconcilable, according to the divorce papers.

Aislinn Derbez already sensed something?

Aislinn derbez

While videos and photographs of Aislinn Derbez’s most recent trip with two boys, one of them older than her and with whom she allegedly has an affair, were leaked, it is now known that Eugenio Derbez’s daughter was already ‘alarmed’ by the alleged reactions from Mauricio Ochmann to Paulina Burrola on her Instagram.

Did they know each other? Did they have friends in common? When Mauricio Ochmann spent the weekend on a boat with Paulina Burrola, Aislinn Derbez had not yet seen the photos and videos because to the surprise of many, she followed her on Instagram and within hours of confirming the romance, Eugenio Derbez’s daughter gave ‘unfollow’.

They speculate that Aislinn Derbez was already ‘taking care’ of a betrayal by Mauricio Ochmann

Eugenio Derbez's daughter 'had her in his sights'

The magazine TvNotas gives an account of the speculations unleashed as a result of Mauricio Ochmann confirming a new girlfriend: “Mauricio Ochmann already has a girlfriend and you know what? He liked the little girl since September 2019, but he divorced in December 2020. And he surely told Aislinn ‘it’s just a like’. Don’t be crazy, we know that a like is not just a like ”, you can read on the portal.

The comments on the photographs of Mauricio Ochmann’s new girlfriend exploded into remarks: “I saw how the followers go up”, “We finished with this and we go back to Karla Panini”, “Mauricio is not going to return with @aislinnderbez, you liked doing it happen @mauochmann? “,” It’s much better @aislinnderbez “,” Type that his photos do not exceed 50 comments, and we found out that he is with Mau, puum, “famous” “.

‘They blame Paulina Burrola that Mauricio Ochmann will no longer return with Aislinn Derbez

Mauricio Ochmann was already messaging with Paulina Burrola

The comments on the photos of Mauricio Ochmann’s girlfriend were in criticism and attacks: “Well, she looks a lot like @aislinnderbez, she’s very her type. Mau has very marked the type of woman he likes ”,“ So she is the other one ”,“ Are you not ashamed to go out with a married man? ”,“ She is more beautiful and natural @aislinnderbez ”.

“I just came to see who Chema Venegas’s new girlfriend was. Now if you are going to become famous ”,“ Where did this girl appear, no idea who she was, she looks young, he is already, sir, there will leave him and that she will have fame that is sought by the majority of those who want fame ”,“ He preferred Aislinn a thousand times, there is no doubt that men get fed up with caviar and give them eggs and beans to eat ”.

Mauricio Ochmann’s romantic weekend with his girlfriend

Paulina Burrola

A few days after it was indicated that Aislinn Derbez would be launching a new boyfriend as a result of some photographs in a recent trip she made and a video of a road accident where she is seen with a man, now it is her ex, Mauricio Ochmann who He would have a girlfriend and spent a romantic weekend with her on a boat, the woman in question would be called Paulina Burrola.

Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez, surprised their fans for a year and a half when a statement left all their followers cold announcing their separation, because the couple’s relationship had been lost and now they were treated only as ‘friends or brothers’, according to read the statement.

Aislinn Derbez already had weeks traveling with a mysterious man

Aislinn Derbez reacts to girlfriend Mauricio Ochmann

Just a few days ago, a suspicious video of Aislinn Derbez was leaked on a trip she made to Switzerland, where she suffered a mishap with her truck and when her tire went flat she recorded in the middle of the night on the road and in the forest how her ‘companions ‘and she solved the problem by seeking help.

However, in the video he recorded a mysterious boy from Belgium, with Mexican origins, who supposedly would be the one who sent him some flowers in March that moved Mauricio Ochmann’s ex, whose reaction was recorded by his sister, and from there suspicions were raised of that they would already be premiering galán, which has not yet been confirmed.

Hugs and cuddles between the new boyfriends

Aislinn Derbez's ex cheated on Derbez's daughter?

This weekend, Mauricio Ochmann appeared enjoying a romantic getaway on a boat appreciating the sunset and sharing a photo on his Instagram: Thanks @nasadventures see you soon #boatlife #cruising “, he wrote in an image where he appears appreciating the sunset.

But later, in his Instagram stories, the same actor posed next to a mysterious woman who hugged him while they smiled together and now it is reported that the young woman is called Paulina Burrola, and apparently she would be debuting as his girlfriend, after the separation from Aislinn Derbez a year and a half ago.

The two of them are rebuilding their lives

Aislinn Derbez would she already have a boyfriend too?

In March Aislinn Derbez’s sister wrote in a photo of the actress receiving flowers: “They sent her flowers from Belgium, And I can only say… what a great emotion”, she wrote at the time, but it was never mentioned who it came from. such a detail, until a video was leaked where the comedian’s daughter had an accident on the road in the middle of the trip.

“The tire went flat in the middle of the forest… how far are we from the hotel? An hour from the hotel … “, Aislinn Derbez said in the video, but later a young man named Jonathan Kubben appeared on the scene, who presumably would be his partner who, quite animated, began to joke about the accident:” Hunting something? I do not know … I do not know … more (sic) that you die … And your assistance is to record us “, says the man while Aislinn Derbez records it with a younger boy taking things out of the trunk of the truck and she laughing she asks: “How can I help you?” and he answers: “With your shoe, take it”, throwing it at the actress. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE ROMANTIC VIDEO OF MAURICIO OCHMANN AND HIS NEW BRIDE

Participated in Mexicana Universal for the state of Sonora

Paulina Burrola increased her popularity

According to the Instagram account of ‘Chamonic’, Paulina Burrola is the name of Mauricio Ochamann’s supposed new girlfriend and in a photograph and video with the actor, he wrote: “She is Paulina and she is Mauricio Ochmann’s new love. very pretty, she is from Sonora Mexico and was a participant in Miss Mexico 2011 ”.

In the video you can see the girl with black glasses, a sexy swimsuit with a kind of white transparent blouse while posing on board the boat appreciating the landscape and while Aislinn Derbez’s ex is seen from behind with his tattoo enjoying the cute evening together.

Is Paulina Burrola prettier than Aislinn Derbez?

Paulina Burrola

The comments in the video of ‘Chamonic’ for Mauricio Ochmann’s new girlfriend were directed to make fun of Aislinn Derbez: “Very beautiful and she looks nice”, “Very beautiful and he is not said to be very cool. Not only on the outside but on the inside. We would like to have a man like the many “,” How must the ex be to see the new girlfriend “,” Aislinn will wallow “,” Very beautiful and young for Mauricio “.

The comments continued: “Hopefully and with this one if it goes well”, “Much prettier than the ex’s trans face”, “Much prettier and more beautiful, I hope it’s the right one, they make a beautiful couple”, “She and Aislinn follow each other mutually “,” She is prettier than the other “,” It gives an air to Paty Cantú “,” Why is it that men when they separate or divorce find a partner faster? and women take longer to find someone, or someone to approach them? They can spend “YEARS” and continue alone and men cannot ”. TOWHAT CAN YOU SEE THE VIDEO OF THE ALLEGED NEW BOYFRIEND OF AISLINN DERBEZ Some images of this note come from the following video

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