Airplane passenger loaded gold bars in the rectum to avoid paying taxes

Airplane passenger loaded gold bars in the rectum to avoid paying taxes The passenger came from Dubai and tried to avoid the 18% tax on t...

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  • Airplane passenger loaded gold bars in the rectum to avoid paying taxes
  • The passenger came from Dubai and tried to avoid the 18% tax on the gold he was carrying
  • The gold bars stolen from the passenger are valued at about $ 60,000

An airplane passenger loaded gold bars into his rectum to avoid paying taxes, according to the information published by the New York Post.

Indian airport authorities literally found gold when they saw a man walking through the facility strangely and discovered that he had about two pounds of bullion stuffed into his rectum, according to information shared by Indian airport authorities

The GoAir airline passenger arrived from Dubai on Tuesday at Kerala’s Kannur Airport, where he tried to avoid paying an 18 percent tax on his precious nuggets by passing them smuggling where the sun doesn’t shine, The National reported.

Officials from the Air Intelligence Unit extracted the cache, valued at about $ 60,000, from the unidentified smuggler’s butt, according to the news outlet.

Another passenger on the same flight was caught with more than three pounds of gold, although authorities did not reveal whether that traveler had concealed it in the same way that the other traveler did.

Also, on Wednesday, customs agents confiscated just under a pound of gold from a passenger who landed in Kozhikode, also known as Calicut, on an Air Arabia flight from Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates.

This passenger wore the gold hidden in his underwear, imagining that he would try to go unnoticed and could try to evade the authorities and paying taxes.

On the Instagram social network of the New York Post, several users echoed this information and reacted to the impudence of the passenger.

“He’s going to be very popular in prison,” commented user Vinny Mattera @matteravinny.

Airplane passenger loaded gold bars in the rectum to avoid paying taxes

Photo Instagram New York Post @nypost

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Another user, identified as @rierivers, referred to this fact as giving a new meaning to “the goose that lays the golden eggs.”

Also, the user @willnyny commented that he wants to laugh and cry at the same time. “I bet he’s a Trump supporter,” he added.

The social network Twitter also echoed this information and unleashed a wave of comments about it.

“I mean… I… I just… I can’t even… Who would want that gold now? If you take it to a buyer who knows the story, they will laugh at you and say, “I don’t want that gold no matter HOW MUCH I discount it.” They need to melt it and leave it on the burner for 10 weeks, ”wrote user @atDoyleFM on Twitter.

Another of the comments shared by Twitter users is that of @johnvacca who questions to see what part of the Constitution says that it cannot carry gold “in my rectum. (Or any other person) ”.

“Someone tell this person about bitcoin,” @gauthierlemeur shared.

Twitter @gauthierlemeur

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Muro would not have stopped contraband of ‘El Chapo’, according to testimonies

No wall between the United States and Mexico, one of the main promises of President Donald Trump, would stop the tactics of ‘El Chapo’, judging by the statements issued in the drug trafficker’s trial.

In the trial against Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, which continues in the Federal Court of Brooklyn, it was asserted that the Mexican managed to get his illicit products to cross the border in different ways: with planes, trains, cars, trailer tractors and oil tankers, Fishing boats and even submarines, just to name a few of the transportation methods, revealed nearly a dozen cartel members who presented their testimony, the NY Daily News reported Sunday.

The government case says that ‘El Chapo’ was responsible for about 220 tons of drugs seized in the United States and Canada between 1989 and 2014. Those drugs are valued at a colossal amount of 14 billion dollars.

Of course, those 220 tons are just the drugs that the government seized. Judging by the testimony at the trial, the Sinaloa Cartel of ‘El Chapo’ probably escaped with the smuggling of innumerable tons of drugs into the country, the aforementioned outlet noted.

President Trump insists he will not allow much of the federal government to reopen unless Congress agrees to allocate $ 5.7 billion for a wall on the border between the two countries.

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