After the execution of Irving Olivas, ‘narcomanta’ reappears as a ‘warning’ for Alfredo Olivas

After the execution of Irving Olivas, ‘narcomanta’ reappears as a ‘warning’ for Alfredo Olivas The famous singer&...

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  • After the execution of Irving Olivas, ‘narcomanta’ reappears as a ‘warning’ for Alfredo Olivas
  • The famous singer’s brother was shot with his wife and son
  • The photographs of the ‘narcomantas’ resurface after the brutal murder of his brother

After the execution of Alfredo Olivas’s brother, Irving Olivas, with his wife and son while they were traveling in a van in Zapopan, in the Mexican state of Jalisco, a ‘narcomanta’ showing a supposed ‘warning’ for the renowned Mexican singer has again come to light.

The news of the brutal murder of Alfredo Olivas’ brother was released this Saturday afternoon, after Mexican authorities went to a highway in the Mexican city where they found the van where Irving Olivas and his family were traveling.

Was it an attack ‘between’ drug traffickers?

Narcomanta Alfredo Olivas, Irving Olivas, brother attack
PHOTO Instagram

After the bloody attack, which shocked the followers of Alfredo Olivas and where his brother Irving Olivas died, the theories of thousands of social network users began to emerge, and it is that months ago the singer had been ‘threatened’.

After the bloody murder of Luis Mendoza, the Mexican regional singer was “threatened” with a narcomanta in Ciudad Obregón, in the Mexican state of Sonora. Alfredo Olivas, a popular Mexican artist who has already been involved in episodes related to organized crime.

Narcomanta resurfaces amid the commotion over the execution of Alfredo Olivas’ brother

Narcomanta Alfredo Olivas, Irving Olivas, brother attack
PHOTO Twitter

The narcomanta was found a few days after an armed commando riddled with more than 100 bullets Luis Mendoza, vocalist of The Ronaldos, the narcomanta appeared with a supposed warning for the singer Alfredo Olivas.

The narcomanta appeared on a cruise ship in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, where just a few days before, another violent episode had left another victim. In cold blood, the group singer, Luis Mendoza, was assassinated in the company of his manager.

Concern for narcomanta for Alfredo Olivas

Narcomanta Alfredo Olivas, Irving Olivas, brother attack
PHOTO Twitter

Alfredo Olivas, like Luis Mendoza, is originally from Ciudad Obregón, and is also dedicated to singing to narcocorrido, which in the past cost him to be shot during a show he offered in the city of Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua, according to reported Telemundo.

The recent attack on his brother, Irving Olivas and the ‘environment’ in which Alfredo Olivas was performing as a singer has caused many people to begin to worry about the safety of the Mexican singer, to see the narcomanta continue to slide.

Narcomanta with ‘threat’ for Alfredo Olivas

Narcomanta Alfredo Olivas, Irving Olivas, brother attack
PHOTO Twitter

According to the publication Unión Jalisco, in the blankets hung in pedestrian crossings it is mentioned that among those responsible for generating a drug war in the municipalities of Cajeme, Empalme, Ciudad Obregón and Guaymas are the group singer and his father.

Alfredo Olivas, who at the beginning of 2019 suffered an attack that is speculated, was by organized crime. Photographs of various people appear on the several-meter-long canvas, with a chilling message that immediately caused a stir.

Messages in narcomanta for Alfredo Olivas

Narcomanta Alfredo Olivas, Irving Olivas, brother attack
Photo: Portal Realidades

“Dear citizens of Guaymas, Sonora, these are the real responsible for the wave of violence in the port, those who kill our children daily and poison our children with drugs, please the federal government value these criminals and the police accomplices of organized crime and this city calms down. ENOUGH !!! ”, said the canvas.

The narcomantas were removed by elements of the Municipal Police of Guaymas and Empalme, with the intention of not disturbing public order, according to the news portal Realities. But two other narcomantas appeared in other parts of the city, one of them with a more extensive message.

His father was also threatened with narcomanta

PHOTO Twitter

“Citizens of the sad red Cajeme here I present the real responsible for the situation in Obregón, thus killing men, women and now even children, with the collaboration of the local government who have never been able to control because of how common they have always been”, he said another narcomanta.

“Accept your ineptitude and stop hiring inexperienced drug addicts, putting so many innocent families at risk, the federal government demands that you value these people and put a stop to their wave of violence,” said the narcomanta in which the photo also appeared. scored by Alfredo Olivas.

Predictions of Mhoni Vidente about Alfredo Olivas

PHOTO Twitter

But the worst thing for Alfredo Olivas is that in addition to the narcomantas, Mhoni Vidente made a terrible prediction and many say that it is him. Mhoni Vidente said his predictions for the next few days on the Televisa Hoy program.

Remembering the violent murder of Luis Mendoza, he predicted that the world of the Mexican regional will once again dress in mourning, with the murder of another group but now in Sinaloa state. The seer revealed that he is a famous person whose name begins with the letter G or A.

Alfredo Olivas in danger?

PHOTO Twitter

Following the prediction of Mhoni Vidente, many have interpreted the words as a ‘warning’ for Alfredo Olivas, especially after learning the content of the narcomantas and the violent attack where his brother, Irving Olivas, was brutally murdered.

In the brutal attack on Alfredo Olivas’s brother, his partner and son also died. It should be noted that Mhoni Vidente is credited with predicting the murder of Luis Mendoza, since a few days before he had anticipated that the death of a grupero would be recorded. TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

Brutal murder of Alfredo Olivas’ brother

PHOTO Twitter

A family that manned a Cadillac Escalade truck was attacked and shot while driving through Periférico, in Zapopan; a man and a woman died, as well as their two-year-old son. Another 4-year-old girl and her nanny were unharmed, says Agencia Reforma.

Unofficially, it was reported that the deceased are Irving Olivas, brother of the group singer Alfredo Olivas, his partner and his son. Shortly before 12:00 hours, the Zapopan Police Station was warned that a vehicle had been shot.

Child died in the attack on Irving Olivas

PHOTO Twitter

“The units in search, one of our units, notices the impacted truck,” explained a Zapopan police officer. The uniformed men saw the black truck, model 2021, and outside a woman, between 40 and 45 years old, with a two-year-old child in her arms, according to Agencia Reforma.

The boy was dead from the gunshot wounds he received and the woman claimed to be his babysitter. “The vehicle was manned by five people: three adults and two minors, of which two adults and a minor were already deceased,” the police interviewed reported.

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