After pregnancy, Hispanic mom lost weight in 21 days

  • Laura managed to lose weight after pregnancy with a program of only 21 days.
  • After being ill, Laura made a radical decision to change her life.
  • With her military husband and two children, Laura decided to start her own business.


Before living the adventure of pregnancy, Laura Rodriguez was a 32-year-old Colombian who came to the United States after the love of her life. A military Marine who was in Bogotá, Colombia, stole the heart of the Colombian woman who did not hesitate to risk leaving her native country to have a future next to what would later become her husband and father of her children.

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Laura’s life definitely changed in every way when she arrived in the United States, because when she was in Colombia her life was very different and although she was very active, her diet and lifestyle was not the most appropriate. That little by little began to take its toll on her and little by little she began to get sick.

Laura had severe migraines, she was diagnosed with Anemia, she suffered from the Carpio Tunnel, as well as tendinitis. Her condition progressed so much that she had to depend on her husband to do many things that she was unable to do due to the pain she felt.

All this suffering led Laura to reflect, put a stop to her life and change her habits to have a better quality of life. She began to eat healthier and to exercise. The results began to show not only physically, but also inside. The diseases are gone.

Laura gradually became active again and worked to be better every day. Her discipline was constant, so much so that she became a Fitness instructor, taught Zumba classes and did her routines to stay in shape. Then came a bigger challenge, to become a mom.

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