After having a cancerous tumor removed, Yuri reveals who’s boss at home



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  • Yuri seems to have regained her good mood after the terrible news she shared.
  • After having a cancerous tumor removed, the singer reveals who’s the boss at home
  • “I can’t stand that woman, she thinks she’s a saint,” users say

Everything in order? After Yuri confessed just a few days ago that she had had a cancerous tumor removed, the jarocha singer reveals who’s the boss at home with a video on social networks, although some users didn’t find it funny at all.

Through the official Instagram account of the Chisme No Like show, they shared a video that was taken from Yuri’s social networks and in which she can be seen with her husband, Rodrigo Espinoza, in their home’s kitchen.

A toxic relationship?

After a cancerous tumor was removed, Yuri reveals who's boss at home
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To the rhythm of the musical theme Toxic by the American singer Britney Spears, Yuri, who shows an excellent humor, cleans a part of her kitchen, but just at that moment, her husband approaches to prepare a delicious sandwich.

Seeing that her partner, Rodrigo Espinoza, made a mess with the mayonnaise and tomato sauce, the jarocha makes a most drastic decision: to clean the part she left messy with her face and thus show that she is the boss at home (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

Yuri is not forgiven for making fun of the Virgin Mary

After a cancerous tumor was removed, Yuri reveals who's boss at home
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After seeing this video, users went with everything to the Jarocha singer, since several do not forgive her for making fun of the Virgin Mary in a Tik Tok video: “Do not take out this woman who makes fun of the religions of others and does not respect ”.

“Seriously, it falls badly”, “I can’t stand her”, “She thinks she’s funny”, “No, well, they look decrepit, she doesn’t know what to do anymore”, “That woman makes me fat, she thinks she’s a saint” , you can read in more comments that Internet users made in this publication.

Yuri shares how she found out she had a cancerous tumor

After a cancerous tumor was removed, Yuri reveals who's boss at home
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According to information from various media, including the magazine Who, the Mexican singer Yuri gave details of her health during a talk about the dangers of stress, where she revealed that three weeks ago she had to undergo surgery for a condition she had , which he did not reveal, and it was then that the doctors gave him the bad news.

“I come out of the operation and they say, ‘You know what? We found your appendix all butchered, we removed everything, the appendix in a few more months, it was a tumor that you had there and it was cancer, ‘”said the interpreter of The Damn Spring.

You were unable to rest for professional reasons

After a cancerous tumor was removed, Yuri reveals who's boss at home
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After the surgery to remove the tumor to which she was subjected, the actress also did not keep the rest that the health experts indicated. Yuri assured that he had to fulfill several work commitments that he already had agreed upon, so his body took its toll and his discomforts returned.

“When I came back, well, it hurts until … I don’t even know how I’m standing here, my wounds started to hurt again, I have chronic colitis, and I went back to dieting chicken, fish, rice, one thing. which are body aches, headaches, indeed tachycardia, stress, ”Yuri declared, according to the Mexico Agency.

Yuri asks people to take care of their health

After a cancerous tumor was removed, Yuri reveals who's boss at home
Instagram photo Yuri

After seeing her health affected in this way, the interpreter of hits such as The mirror, Detrás de mi ventana, When the tide goes down, My friend and The blackout, recommended that people not live under stress and give priority to what is most important in life that is health.

As reported by Telediario, the singer Yuri confirmed to the community of a Christian church that she did have COVID-19. It should be remembered that the Mexican had denied being infected when the news was released, despite the fact that several of her colleagues did admit to having coronavirus.

What the coronavirus left him …

Instagram photo Yuri

During the talk with the Christian church community, the singer said: “Every day with God and without him I would not have had this illness and these crises that I have had. In the month of October I had Covid-19, I didn’t know it, I thought it was an allergy because it looks a lot like it. ”

According to Telediario, Yuri also narrated: “When all these things happened, they were after La Máscara that I was filming, there came aftermath, some terrible anxiety attacks, some tachycardias.” After overcoming the disease, the singer revealed that she has some sequels that bother her to this day.

Yuri confessed that her hair is falling out

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The consequences that the coronavirus left to Yuri were the following: “My hair is falling out a lot, I am going to cut it and many people have the consequences in different ways. In December I went through a very strong month, I woke up at six in the morning due to anxiety attacks ”, as he declared.

Hair loss has been evidenced by Yuri in some of her photos on Instagram, as she tries to cover her head with hats, scarves or wigs. In addition, at the Premios Lo Nuestro gala, the singer herself recognized the problem she had with her hair.

The virus ‘pulls’ your hair, says Yuri

Instagram photo Yuri

“They couldn’t comb my hair because I no longer have hair or very little … Yes, of course! The virus pulls your hair. COVID definitely throws it at you. Talking to several friends, they tell me: ‘Yuri, I’m just like you! I’m already bald! ‘ You are right. But we’re fine now! “, Said the singer of Who are you during her presentation, according to Infobae.

Perhaps that is why the singer emphasized that health care is the most important thing, because as she herself narrated, living in constant stress produced several ills in her health, which accumulated until she reached the removal of the cancerous tumor.

Some of his scandals

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In addition to being honest with her health, Yuri has been characterized by always being very active in her social networks, which on several occasions has gotten her into great trouble, such as the scandal she starred in when she made fun of the Virgin Mary in a video, and now dares to pose on social networks wearing a swimsuit.

It should be remembered that last December the artist shared a video where she made reference to the Virgin Mary and began to dance to the rhythm of some Christmas carols, which offended many of her followers and they began to verbally attack her.

“Don’t compete with anyone”

Instagram photo Yuri

After all the commotion that that publication caused, Yuri decided to publish another image on her Instagram account, where she looks very happy and content enjoying the sun, while wearing a black swimsuit.

The publication accompanied her with a phrase where she mentions that she does not care about the criticisms of the Internet users, after she has been involved in several controversies in recent days: “Happy mind, happy life,” said the publication on the Instagram of Yuri.

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