After Frida Sofía’s claims, compromising videos of Enrique Guzmán are released (VIDEOS)



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  • Compromising videos of Enrique Guzmán are released
  • This is after his granddaughter Frida Sofía’s claims
  • Silvia Pinal’s ex’s granddaughter burst into tears and attacked her grandfather

Enrique Guzmán groping. After it became known that singer Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter, Frida Sofía, had attacked her grandfather Enrique Guzmán, for alleged inappropriate touching when she was a child, some compromising videos of the artist’s father have come out.

The situation has generated controversy in the Guzmán family, since the words of the 29-year-old girl have hit the world of entertainment, for this reason, different users have shared different videos in which Enrique Guzmán is seen in a compromising situation.

Compromising videos of Enrique Guzmán appear

Enrique Guzmán groping Frida Sofía Alejandra Guzmán
PHOTO Mezcalent

It should be remembered that Frida Sofía offered an interview to the Mexican journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante in which she spoke about her private life, to the point of revealing that her famous mother allegedly had sexual relations with different men almost in front of her.

But what had the most impact were the confessions against his grandfather, in which he affirmed that he was always very abusive: “He was a very disgusting man, very abusive, he scared me, he did ugly things to me … he groped me … since I was five … I hate him and more because of how, the past leaves that … right now, I was like ‘come on’ and if everyone knew … it’s a crime ”.

Enrique Guzmán kissing his daughter on the mouth

Enrique Guzmán groping Frida Sofía Alejandra Guzmán 2
PHOTO Twitter

As a result of the strong revelations of Frida Sofía, a Twitter account shared a recording in which Alejandra Guzmán can be seen with her father, Enrique Guzmán, in a Verónica Castro program and although the camera did not quite capture it, At the beginning of the video Enrique kisses Alejandra on the mouth.

The singer justifies this action by saying that she is his daughter: “No way to blame me for this, she is my daughter”, then he began to caress his daughter’s leg and immediately Veronica said that her father is a “loose hand”. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Enrique Guzmán groping: Also Verónica Castro

Enrique Guzmán groping Frida Sofía Alejandra Guzmán 3
PHOTO Twitter

In another video that is circulating on social networks, in a program hosted by Verónica Castro called Mala Noche, No, the singer Enrique Guzmán was a special guest, where you can clearly see how he touches his body, leaving the driver shocked.

Here you can see how Alejandra Guzmán’s father passes his hand over the actress and singer’s chest while he was speaking, to which Verónica immediately reacts by taking the ‘long hand’ out of the way, in an action that according to him did not occur account. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE

Enrique Guzmán groping: I do believe you, Frida

Enrique Guzmán groping Frida Sofía Alejandra Guzmán 4
PHOTO Twitter

In the social network of Twitter, the hashtag # yosítecreoFrida has already gone viral, with which several Internet users support Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter, after having accused his own grandfather of making inappropriate touching since he was five years old, something that Enrique Guzmán categorically denies.

Her perverted filthy grandfather and mother lost on drugs couldn’t care for and protect her daughter. That’s why so much anger. They exposed her to all kinds of violence. Frida hugs and blessings, I’m with you”; “Yor yes you I think to Frida Sofia, not because tea classifying as ‘problematic’ means that they automatically have to discard your testimony and call you ‘crazy’. Clearly Enrique Guzmán is an ASCO of a person and should have been in jail for a long time ”. Filed under: Enrique Guzmán groping Frida Sofía Alejandra Guzmán.

Enrique Guzmán groping: Reactions on social networks

Enrique Guzmán groping Frida Sofía Alejandra Guzmán 5
PHOTO Twitter

Hundreds of Internet users demonstrated on the networks in favor of Frida Sofía: “How is it possible that they come out with the flag of a good person? Because I know him, I have treated him and never, really, some empathy, how easy it is Saying has values ​​and what a pity they don’t serve the Lord. I do believe you, Frida! ”.

“@Frida___sofi I don’t usually follow anyone, but your story has moved me. I see your face and I am seeing a hurt girl. I do believe you, of course all my love and light for your life. May the universe bless you today and always ”,“ then if we are neuro divergent people, our complaints of sexual violence are automatically invalidated because we are ‘crazy’. Frida Sofía, I believe you ”. Filed under: Enrique Guzmán groping Frida Sofía Alejandra Guzmán.

Respect your granddaughter’s decisions

PHOTO Twitter

On his Twitter account, Enrique Guzmán defended himself against the accusations of his granddaughter Frida Sofía, after accusing him of having groped her when she was just a child, and posted: “NEWS I think that the statements about Alejandra’s condition should be made by herself . I respect their decisions ”.

What provoked the response of the users: “How much will the girl Frida have charged the head of the Infante for that interview? What does not have a head, education, or dignity. Sell ​​yourself this way. We will see her in a few years repentant, apologizing and accepting that she defecated, “said a follower. Filed under: Enrique Guzmán groping Frida Sofía Alejandra Guzmán.

Enrique Guzmán defends himself

PHOTO Twitter

Through his Twitter account, outraged by the interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Enrique Guzmán responded to the accusations of his granddaughter Frida Sofía: “I am very concerned about the mental instability of Frida Sofía and the stupidity of Gustavo Adolfo, a man who knows perfectly, “he began by saying …

Luis Enrique defends Enrique

PHOTO Instagram

For his part, Luis Enrique Guzmán, Alejandra Guzmán’s brother and Frida Sofía’s uncle, got tired of the accusations against his father and through a message on Instagram, he sent a direct text to his niece: “My father is a Caballero and the values ​​that he taught us, his children can confirm that we know him better than anyone else, Frida lies ”, he wrote.

Netizens support Frida Sofía

PHOTO Twitter

Given the statements made by Frida Sofía about her grandfather, in the Instagram of ‘Nelssie Carrillo’ went to the jugular of the singer: “I do believe you, Frida”, “the attitude of being on the defensive is synonymous with abuse, the rapes of her mother’s boyfriends, maybe that’s why she been so many lack of respect, courage towards Alejandra. I do believe him, because I have seen very closely people with Frida’s attitudes. And when they finally speak, the guilty are outraged and deny everything. Keep going Frida, if those who had to protect and love you did not do it, no way, now you are no longer defenseless and afraid to speak. ”

Did Alejandra Guzmán have relationships in front of Frida?


As if that were not enough with her grandfather, Frida Sofía also confessed that her mother Alejandra Guzmán had relationships in front of her and assures that some of the singer’s couples came to abuse her and that this was how she lost her virginity.

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