After fighting the coronavirus, Toño Mauri appears unrecognizable and in the bones (PHOTOS)

Toño Mauri appeared in a photograph with his family thanking the support for his fight against the coronavirus Faced with the double lung...

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  • Toño Mauri appeared in a photograph with his family thanking the support for his fight against the coronavirus
  • Faced with the double lung transplant, the actor and producer appeared unrecognizable
  • Visibly thin and almost in the bones, Toño Mauri made an impact in some photos

After eight months of a tough battle against the coronavirus, which caused serious complications that led to a double lung transplant, Toño Mauri has been out of the hospital and enjoying his family and his life, however in some photographs he appears unrecognizable.

Such was the deterioration of Toño Mauri, that the theater producer appeared almost in the bones, remarkably very thin and deteriorated from having been hospitalized for 8 months and practically fighting for his life.

The actor, who said that ‘God had taken him by the hand’ when he left the hospital, used his Instagram account to share two videos of how he left the hospital, but also posed with his wife and children …

Thank God, thanks to life, thanks to my family, thanks to you, and to the doctors who always did their best. The good is yet to come ”, wrote Toño Mauri.

Toño Mauri coronavirus (Instagram)

Toño Mauri coronavirus (Instagram)

In the Photography Toño Mauri can be seen sitting on a bench with his children and wife, all wearing masks and in what appears to be a park.

However, the very thin diffuse and almost in the bones of the theater producer is remarkable, a clear sign of how badly he was consuming himself by the disease while he was hospitalized.

In another image, you can only see the couple hugging on the bench while they are enjoying a very intimate moment.

Toño Mauri coronavirus (Instagram)

Toño Mauri coronavirus (Instagram)

The comments of the people for Toño Mauri after his fight against the coronavirus, did not wait: “Friend !!! You are a warrior for sure. What a joy to know that you are well and back with your family. We have been thinking about you so much. I hope to see you soon and give you your hug !!! Hugs to the whole family from mine ”, wrote Ernesto Laguardia; For her part, Paty Manterola expressed: “What a great opportunity God is giving you, dear Toñito! Your recovery fills me with happiness, a thousand blessings to you and your beautiful family! “,” Welcome to life again! “,” How beautiful, recover that we want to see you in soap operas, you are an excellent actor “,” Warrior of life ” , “Blessings”.

After spending more than 8 months in hospital fighting for his life due to the coronavirus, actor Toño Mauri denies having used influences in the hospital to perform his lung transplant.

Through a video on YouTube of the Hoy program, they presented a note where the actor appears defending himself against haters, who say that he is only alive thanks to his influences that made him a double lung transplant.

According to the hosts of the program, where they affirm that this is a reflection of the rottenness of society, criticizing that a person is alive, in this case it is Toño Mauri.

Toño Mauri denies lung transplant influences


Once the note is presented, the actor is seen defending himself after being accused of using influence peddling, “it is not a subject that I can cover or that I know so and so, not that,” said Mauri with difficulty speaking.

“Here in the United States that does not work that way, but I did not come here with any recommendation, I simply came as one more patient, we have always had insurance like anyone else,” said the actor.


The artist confesses to having been on a waiting list like any patient, he even said that no one there knew him, but that the doctors are constantly working giving their all.

He is also very grateful to his donor, “I wrote a letter to the donor’s family, where I express my gratitude, and if there is the opportunity I would like to meet them.”



Mexican actor Toño Mauri mentions that he is alive thanks to God, since he always kept the faith and never abandoned him, he was always by his side holding his hand.

Denies lung transplant influences 2


“I offered God my life and that he make his decision, which was to put myself in the best hands, which are the doctors, because it is thanks to them that I am here,” said Muri.

Finally, the artist declared that, being fully recovered, he plans to carry out a series of his case, “it is to give my testimony to people and that they see physically that it is true, and how your friends and families are saddened”, he almost mentions on the verge of tears.

The hosts of the Hoy program were outraged, and they showed their annoyance against those who are criticizing the actor for allegedly using his influences to stay alive.

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