Finally, Adamari López made it: She lost weight and shows it off in a tight dress (PHOTOS)

Adamari López wears a tight dress on Telemundo’s social networks. Followers Say She Looks Much Better Being Single. The Puerto Rica...

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  • Adamari López wears a tight dress on Telemundo’s social networks.
  • Followers Say She Looks Much Better Being Single.
  • The Puerto Rican doesn’t stop, and shows off her waist. Did she have surgery?

“Did she get prettier after her separation?” The host Adamari López looks more beautiful than ever and followers say that since she separated from the Spanish dancer, Toni Costa, the Puerto Rican looks more spectacular than ever, it seems that she looks much better being single.

It is known that Adamari López has always been a very beautiful woman and since she began her professional life, the Puerto Rican has won the hearts of various artists and of the general public, who all fell in love with the beauty of this little girl. However, for a few days, followers have been saying that the host looks spectacular since she separated from her already ex partner, Toni Costa.

Do you look prettier single? Adamari López makes an impact with photography

After their separation, they affirm that Adamari López looks better single
PHOTO: Instagram

It was last July 31 when the television network of Telemundo published on his social networks a photograph where the host of Today, Adamari López looked spectacular in a fitted pink dress, causing followers to affirm that the Puerto Rican looked more beautiful when she was already single.

In the photograph, which was shared by the Instagram account of this American chain, Adamari López could be seen wearing a beautiful melon-colored dress, which had small details on the sleeves and in front of it, however, what most drew attention, it was the tremendous figure that you could see the spoiled little girl.

Adamari López shows her curvy body in a dress and they tell her that she looks better right now as a single

After their separation, they affirm that Adamari López looks better single
PHOTO: Instagram

At 50 years old, Adamari López boasted on the social networks of Telemundo her curvy body in a fitted short dress, which highlighted her tiny waist, which, according to user opinions, is due to surgeries, while others to the arduous exercise that the Puerto Rican has been doing for several months.

At the bottom of the photograph, which already contains more than 55 thousand likes, the chain of Telemundo wrote the following message, highlighting how beautiful the short girl and former soap opera actress looked: “You have 100 points, how many do you give to Adamari López’s outfit?” the chain questioned its more than 11 million followers.

“She looks much better since she is single” Followers comment on the photograph of Adamari López

After their separation, they affirm that Adamari López looks better single
PHOTO: Instagram

This question generated endless opinions, where followers commented that the host of Today, Adamari López, looked much better since she became single and separated from her former partner, the dancer Toni Costa. A follower wrote the following: “It is impressive how being single makes us more beautiful, that’s why it will look like this”, to which one user replies: “Yes, a woman flourishes when she gets divorced.”

“Best way to summarize, what a diet or anything, separate and period”, “Too bad you did not do it before, it is also important to look good for your partner”, “There is nothing richer than being single”. A girl replied: “It is not singleness, it happens that they focus so much on the man that they forget themselves, they no longer have someone so they return to being themselves”, were the multiple comments that could be read.

Adamari López announces her separation with Toni Costa

After their separation, they affirm that Adamari López looks better single
PHOTO: Instagram

On May 27, the host Adamari López confirmed that she was separating from her partner, the Spanish dancer, Toni Costa, after 10 years of relationship where they also had a joint daughter named Alaia Costa, 6 years old, who for them, it became their priority since their separation.

“I have decided to do this, it is a difficult topic to discuss, I prefer that you know that my decision was made with the welfare of my family in mind. Alaia needs the best of both parents. We do not know the future, what I can say is that I am a strong woman ”, argued Adamari López in the Program from Telemundo, Today, After this, the eyes and ears have been placed on the Puerto Rican, who in the words of many, looks better being single.

Like a young girl; Adamari López surprises and followers affirm that she looks much better single

After their separation, they affirm that Adamari López looks better single
PHOTO: Instagram

Since her relationship with Toni Costa ended, followers have affirmed that Adamari López looks much better as a single woman, stating that she looks thinner and younger every day. In a recent photo shared through her Instagram account, the host overwhelmed all her thousands of followers by appearing in an off-white dress, and her face completely younger.

And it is that as if it were an old photo of Adamari, in the image you can see how the former actress wore a dress fitted at the waist, with small details on the shoulders, however on her face you could see those beautiful eyes that always They characterized and made viewers fall in love at the beginning of her career, provoking various reactions, where followers affirmed how beautiful she looked in that photograph.

Was it operated? Adamari López appears in a dress showing off her waist

PHOTO: Mezcalent

It has not been the only occasions in which Adamari López has looked spectacular since she became a very beautiful single, since on another occasion, the Puerto Rican surprised everyone on social networks, to such a degree that followers affirmed that the driver was had undergone cosmetic surgery.

Through the program’s official Instagram account Today, Adamari López surprised all her followers by appearing in a dress, which made the driver’s waist stand out even more, as well as her body, which every day looks thinner and more slender, causing endless reactions in this regard.

Surprise with a waistband

PHOTO: Instagram

In the photograph, which was shared on July 30, it is possible to see the ex of Toni Costa wearing a fuchsia pink dress, which was tighter in the part of the waist, causing the body of Adamari López to be looked leaner and more curvy, while the driver kept her arms in the air, and seemed to look almost like her years of youth.

At the bottom of the photograph, which already contains more than 25 thousand likes, the program of the Telemundo wrote the following, stating that the beloved “short” was in the Dominican Republic: “WEPA! @adamarilopez reporting from the Dominican Republic to bring us the exclusive interview with Los Montaner 🇩🇴 Only on #hoyDia! ” Filed Under: Adamari López Single

He does not get tired of showing off his waist

PHOTO: Instagram

On the other hand, it was also through the Instagram stories of the program’s account, where once again Adamari López surprised with a tremendous waist. In the photograph, which are erased after 24 hours, it is possible to observe the Puerto Rican wearing a fitted sky blue dress, which further highlighted her slender and new figure, which with hard exercise and good nutrition she managed to achieve.

This “new image” of Adamari has caused many followers and non-followers of the program to be delighted with the beauty that the Puerto Rican possesses, causing endless compliments for Toni Costa’s ex, however, other users believe that she really is operated and that her image change is not due to exercise. Filed Under: Adamari López Single

Was it operated? Followers react to the Puerto Rican’s little waist

PHOTO: Instagram

Various comments began to arrive at the photograph of Adamari López showing off her waist in a fuchsia dress, where opinions were beginning to divide. Some argued that it looked incredible, while others implied that this body was the product of surgery:

A follower wrote: “Someone tell me the name of the surgeon please”, “The surgeon did the bariatric surgery”, “Hahaha, he has achieved everything by lifting the weight in the garage of the house HAHAJ”, “Yes he had surgery, my sister She has been on diet and exercise for 6 months and has only lost 16 pounds, and in less than a year she has already lost 30 pounds. HAHA “,” Super yes, it is obvious that it was surgery, that is not normal in a timely manner. ” Filed Under: Adamari López Single

“They are already bored with her”

PHOTO: Instagram

Other users commented that “they were already bored” with so many publications by Adamari López: “We already know that she lost weight, that she is beautiful, but they no longer stain, every day they are boring” wrote a follower in the photograph of the Puerto Rican showing off her waist. Filed Under: Adamari López Single

More comments could be read, where opinions began to divide regarding the Puerto Rican: “Nobody cares, my republic is in mourning”, “That Adamari, enjoy my country, blessings from above”, “That color It is beautiful and you look very happy ”,“ You are very beautiful, success for you ”, you could read among the comments at the time. Some images of this note come from the following video

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