Adamari López reveals that she will make an expected announcement and everyone speculates is she pregnant? (VIDEO)

Adamari López causes expectation about an announcement that will give in the show ‘Hoy Día’ Through a video, the Puerto Rican...

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  • Adamari López causes expectation about an announcement that will give in the show ‘Hoy Día’
  • Through a video, the Puerto Rican is excited and assures that ‘they will be very happy’
  • Speculation about a wedding or pregnancy did not wait

Adamari López made all his followers speculate about an alleged announcement that he will give soon in ‘Hoy Día’, ensuring that his followers will be very happy with the news, so they all assure that it is that she is pregnant or a wedding.

The Puerto Rican has started the new stage of ‘Hoy Día’ thinner than ever and with outfits that people have appreciated and showing off an enviable and noticeably slimmer figure, so if she is pregnant, she would ‘ruin’ her progress.

However, the speculations of the announcement that he will make, remain with the cover of the magazine ‘Hola’ that he recently starred with his partner Toni Costa in whose interview Previously they spoke of wedding plans, which they would have suspended due to the pandemic.

In that interview, Toni Costa assured that they were in wedding plans, a suspicious photograph had even been leaked in which he and Adamari López were seen as wedding dresses, as if they had already married, still without confirming anything.

Now, in a video on the account of ‘Hoy Día’ in Instagram, Adamari López appeared to say the following:

“Hello hello my beautiful people, tomorrow in ‘Hoy Día’ I have an announcement to make, I am super happy, excited, I think you will also be very happy when I tell you that I am going to … tell you tomorrow in Hoy Día” says Adamari López while laughing.

Adamari López pregnant?  will announce in 'Hoy Día' (Instagram)

Adamari López pregnant? will announce in ‘Hoy Día’ (Instagram)

Quickly the comments for the short girl appeared and speculated wedding or pregnancy: “She is pregnant”, “It may be that she is going to get married”, “Pregnant”, “Already seeeeeee friend you are pregnant yes”, “With so much exercise !! I do not think pregnancy !!! Yes, wedding ”,“ You are going to be a mother again ”,“ Novel ”,“ That you are going to have a baby ”,“ The stork ”,“ Wedding ”,“ Pregnancy you can see her face with happiness ”.

“That you are leaving the program because you are going to have only one”, “That you are going to leave the program sadly”, “That he marries Toni”, “You are going to make a novel”, “Wedding soon”, “Pregnant”, he said people but it is enough to remember the romantic photographs that were leaked of Adamari López with Toni Costa to be able to guess that it would be a wedding …


Adamari López Toni Costa wedding. Have you already married? An image that surprised many comes to light, and it is that the host of “A New Day”, Adamari López, is seen kissing with her partner, Toni Costa, at the altar?

After the rumors of the supposed separation of both the presenter and the dancer and that their relationship was not on the right track, with this publication many mouths have been silenced.

It was on the Instagram account of Chica Picosa 2, who shared the photo of the couple and the supposed wedding they carried out last weekend, who so far nothing has been said.

Adamari López Toni Costa wedding


In the photo you can see the Puerto Rican wearing an elegant shiny long dress, kissing her sentimental partner, while wearing a black suit, in the background there are several bouquets of flowers that adorn the place where they are.

“They are already married? Apparently this past weekend, Adamari López, Toni Costa, long live love! Beautiful couple”, this phrase accompanied the publication they shared on social networks, which was undoubtedly news unexpected.

Deny rumors

Previously, the couple had appeared for Hola magazine in an interview where they confirmed the love they both have, they even talked about the rumors of their separation and Toni Costa said that the pandemic had made them suspend their wedding.

“I think that sometimes many people comment on our life without even knowing or knowing us. You never get used to people commenting when they have no idea what’s going on between us. In recent days it had been commented, perhaps because they did not see us together in some activity, that we had a crisis as a couple. “, Said the Puerto Rican.

He also added: “Nothing could be further from reality, at least this time because other things were happening. It is difficult for me to answer and I am not one of those who gives rise to continue with comments. We have our life, our reality. We know our good times and our bad times and many times they have nothing to do with what people say in the press. What I do know is that I, when faced with comments like this, do not comment. Toni finds it hard to keep quiet ”.

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Adamari López wedding. The couple have been in a relationship for 10 years (2011-2021) where they have known how to maintain that love that very few couples have, and in these cases when rumors on social networks increase, so far they have been very strong.

Adamari López Toni Costa wedding 2


Adamari and Toni had a photo session for Hola magazine, where the host wears a bright red outfit, which made her look incredible, after so much criticism from Internet users.

While the dancer wore a white shirt with flower ornaments on the side, in addition to gray dress pants where he imposes his elegance.

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Toni Costa responds to the rumors that circulated about alleged problems with Adamari López

Adamari López wedding. After it was circulating on social networks about alleged problems between the couple, Toni Costa, husband of Adamari López, responds with an image stating that they are doing great.

Toni Costa wedding 3


It should be remembered that through the Instagram account of the ‘Live Chisme’ program, the journalist Javier Ceriani posted an announcement assuring that the relationship between Adamari López and Toni Costa was in trouble.

Faced with this situation, the husband of the Puerto Rican driver and actress, on his official Instagram account, responded very forcefully, sharing a photo where the couple appears very happy.

With an elegant black dress in addition to wearing sneakers and a dark hat, Adamari can be seen happy next to her husband who accompanied the photo with a message: “Come on honey, can we have a laugh?”

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