Adamari López reappears on Hoy Día and reveals her Covid-19 symptoms (VIDEO)

Adamari López reappears on Hoy Día. She talks about the symptoms she had after falling ill. She shows the marks left by the COVID-19 trea...

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  • Adamari López reappears on Hoy Día.
  • She talks about the symptoms she had after falling ill.
  • She shows the marks left by the COVID-19 treatment.

After testing positive for COVID-19, the beautiful tv host Adamari López surprised everyone on the Hoy Día program by showing the marks left by the treatment she underwent to combat this virus. She also discussed the symptoms she had and her state of health after being infected. Is she doing better now?

Wow, things have gotten quite complicated for beloved Puerto Rican tv host, Adamari López. After being attacked for her weight loss, now the host has been dealing with health complications after revealing that she tested positive for COVID -19.

Adamari López tests positive for COVID-19

Adamari López positive for COVID-19
PHOTO: Instagram

On January 15 the host of the Telemundo program ‘Hoy Día’ revealed through her social networks that she had tested positive for COVID-19, after her daughter Alaia was infected. The actress also shared the following on social media:

“I’m going to be away for a few more days until they give me my results and they tell me that I am fine and I just wanted to let you know, I thank you very much for your love, your support, your solidarity and I hope to continue counting on your prayers,” she wrote on Instagram.

Adamari López is admitted to the hospital with COVID-19

Adamari López is admitted to the hospital for COVID-19
VIDEO: Instagram

After this alarming scenario, it was the host herself who revealed that she had been hospitalized for three days because her doctor wanted to take extreme precautions and prevent her from getting worse. It was not long ago when Adamari was in great danger after getting sick with the flu.

Considering the symptoms that Adamari was beginning to show, which were very similar to those she had had when she got the flu, both she and her doctors decided she had no choice but to go into the hospital: “Taking the necessary precautionary measures, and speaking with my doctors and medical team, we made the decision, due to the symptoms I had, to enter the hospital so they could treat me.”

She tells Hoy Día about her symptoms and the marks left by her treatment

The interview for Today; confesses the symptoms he had and the marks he had from the treatment in which he underwent
VIDEO: Instagram

Fortunately, Adamari López is much better now and, in an interview for the program ‘Hoy Día’, the beautiful host revealed all the symptoms she had when she got sick with COVID-19. She also revealed the marks left by the treatment.

Through the Instagram account of the Telemundo network program, you can see the interview that her partner Stephanie Himonidis, better known as ‘Chiquibaby’, conducted, where she confessed everything to her loyal viewers: “Adamari López talks about her stay in the hospital for COVID-19 and shows the marks left by the treatment.”

“Today I feel stronger”

"Today I feel stronger"; Adamari López reveals the symptoms and marks that remained from the treatment for COVID-19
VIDEO: Instagram

In the interview, the Mexican host questioned Adamari López about her health after being hospitalized for COVID-19. Given this, the Puerto Rican actress stated that she was in much better shape, however she still tested positive:

“I already feel much better, thank God, fortunately I was able to give myself a treatment so today I feel much stronger. In a little while they are coming to test me to see if at some point I test negative. I have to get to work, but well, for the moment I still test positive”.

Why was she hospitalized?

Why was she hospitalized?
VIDEO: Instagram

After this, Adamari López was directly questioned as to why she had decided to enter the hospital. The beautiful presenter said that it was so that her health was not in danger and the COVID-19 symptoms did not escalate like the time she had Influenza three years ago: “When I had influenza, things got very complicated for me, my pulmonary system was not working very well”

“It was very complicated for me to the extent that I saw myself in a serious state of health. The doctor seeing that I showed symptoms of shortness of breath again, and taking extreme precautionary measures, decided to hospitalize me and give me a monoclonal treatment so that I would wind up in the same position.”

What COVID-19 symptoms did Adamari López have?

What were the symptoms that Adamari López had for COVID-19?
VIDEO: Instagram

After this question, Toni Costa’s ex, Adamari López, revealed the symptoms she had after testing positive for Covid-19. She also surprised everyone by revealing the marks left by the treatment she underwent when she was in the hospital:

“The truth is that previously I had all the symptoms, headache, horrible sore throat, fever, body aches, discomfort, diarrhea, everything, phlegm, little by little I have started feeling better. I got a little hoarse, that’s how it started, complicated but the truth is that I’m fine now.”

The marks that Adamari López had after her treatment

The marks that Adamari López had after her treatment
VIDEO: Instagram

To end her interview, Adamari López showed the viewers of the program ‘Hoy Día’ the marks left by the treatment she underwent to combat the COVID-19 symptoms, surprising her co-host Stephanie Himonidis.

She had a relatively large bruise on the top of her left hand. It looked purple and although it didn’t seem to hurt, it did surprise everyone when she showed it: “Oh! You’re bruised from the treatment,” Chiquibaby says, to which Ada answers with a simple “yes” and laughs. YOU CAN WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

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