Adamari López is ‘humiliated’ in the worst way: “It looks like a kite” (PHOTO)

Adamari López surprises in social networks with a dress in nude color, but they call her a Christmas tree. Still unable to please the ent...

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  • Adamari López surprises in social networks with a dress in nude color, but they call her a Christmas tree.
  • Still unable to please the entire audience with his dress
  • Despite that, she has great fans who always support her

Once again, the Puerto Rican presenter, Adamari López, was the center of ridicule after publishing a photograph of her on social networks, where many Internet users argued that the nude dress that she was wearing in the photo made her look like a Christmas tree.

Despite the fact that Adamari López is one of the Latinas most loved by hispanic, the actress is also one of the most criticized in social networks, either for her way of dressing, for her physical or her way of presenting, since criticism and mockery do not stop with her, where, on this occasion, she was no exception.

Today, the official account of the program A new day, published a photograph of her wearing a somewhat baggy nude colored dress, however, what Adamari did not expect was that she would be showered with mockery for this outfit.

Adamari López nude dress

PHOTO: Instagram. A new day.

The publication consists of a photograph of the protagonist of “Amigas y Rivales” posing sweetly, while wearing a nude colored dress with loose sleeves and loose at the waist, giving a more lively touch to the photograph.

The snapshot, which already has more than 9 thousand likes just several hours after its publication, brings as a legend a writing that made the Puerto Rican characteristic:

“Beautiful inside and out. Our @adamarilopez wishes you a happy belly button of the week. #A new day”.

However, and despite the fact that the description detailed a sweet and beloved woman, the bad joking comments did not wait in the publication of Adamari López in a nude dress.

The users They let Adamari go against everything, from calling her kite dress to mistaking her for a Christmas tree.

Do you want to know what they made fun of to the photograph of Adamari López in a nude dress? Continue reading the next page.

The publication of Adamari López with a nude dress began to be flooded with mockery and criticism towards the presenter who cannot cope with what she receives very constantly on social networks.

A netizen wrote that she looked like a Christmas tree with that nude colored dress: “How can she wear that, it looks like a Christmas tree.”

Quickly that comment generated various answers, where Internet users would end up almost “grabbing the bun” in the comments, since many even ‘fat’ began to say, generating an endless battle between them.

Adamari López nude dress

PHOTO: Instagram. A new day.

Another comment said that she looked like a kite: “That dress looks like a kite.”

To which various responses began to emerge where one said that it looked more like a ham: “It looks like the ball of ham from the butchers HAHAHA”.

One follower said that she seemed girl choir with that dress: “Happy Adamari day, that dress does not fit you, you look like a girl in a choir of something, a lot of fabric, all over the body scrambled.

An Internet user could not explain why they put dresses so loose with the body that Adamari is beginning to forge: “Good morning beautiful, excuse me, but not that dress. They dress you in a lot of fabric, I don’t know why if your figure is to put on something better and more now that you are working so hard on your body, pay more attention to your wardrobe ”.

Plus teasing and bad comments began to arrive at the publication of Adamari López with a nude dress.

“What a horrible dress”, “They must change the wardrobe person”, “Bella as always but that type of neck does not suit you, it makes you look smaller”, “Now if my Adamari, that dress is horrible”.

PHOTO: Instagram. Adamari Lopez

However, there was another user who did not pay much attention to Adamari López’s nude dress, but this netizen criticized that Adamari was not Mexican, calling her a racist.

“I don’t know how they left Adamari in the ProgramHe doesn’t have a Mexican accent ”wrote a netizen.

That comment generated a wave of criticism and sentences against the user.

A user wrote the following in response: “And what does Mexico have to do with the program? Please, how racist and clownish you are.”

While another said: “We not only add that to him, but he also stutters.”

“So to be in that show you have to be Mexican? Not even your comment.

More comments began to emerge: “Ooh, I didn’t know that only with a Mexican accent they should be in the program, look Indian, pick yourself up.” “The program is in the United States and people from many countries work, don’t be ignorant.”

Adamari López nude dress

PHOTO: Instagram. A new day.

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You are a big woman

It should be noted that not everything was mockery and criticism for Adamari López in her nude dress, since this time the good comments were more present.

An Internet user highlighted the great human being that the Puerto Rican is: “Blessings, I don’t know you, but I feel that you are a great woman with a beautiful family, never let go of God’s hand and your family will be covered by God and always they will be united ”.

A user, unlike the other comments, was fascinated by the nude dress that Adamari López wore: “Always citric the way they dress you, but let me tell you that today you look radiant, beautiful and your dress is a show.”

Another comment wrote that she didn’t care what she was wearing but what she was like: “I love how you are on the inside, not what you wear. You wear what you like and that you feel good. Happy day”.

One user told Adamari not to notice the comments: “Linda always my Ada, always sign my precious friend. Don’t listen to ridiculous comments that many people envy you. You always entrust yourself to God and everything goes well ”.

“I love your dress”, “Beautiful”, “Always beautiful”, “My beloved Adamari, the joy of A New Day”, “Beautiful always”, “Blessings dear”, “Very very beautiful inside and out”, “The Latin beauty”, “Beautiful Puerto Rican from Puerto Rico.”

PHOTO: Instagram. Adamari Lopez

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