Adamari López is ‘humiliated’ by a strap that they put on her that made it look like she has a belly (PHOTO)

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FOTO: Mezcalent
  • Adamari López is once again a victim of the changing rooms she uses in Un Nuevo Día
  • Now, a ‘strap’ or belt, caused the mockery of people who follow the morning broadcast
  • Adamari López also raised suspicions because of the ‘belly’ that made her see the dress

Is someone boycotting her? Adamari López was once again the target of critics very hard because of her ‘belly’ and a ‘strap’ that they put on a dress she used for Un Nuevo Día.

On several occasions, many fans of the morning have expressed their annoyance at the clothing options given to the Puerto Rican that do not do her figure a favor.

If in itself, Adamari López has to face accusations and ridicule for her body, with the locker room of A New Day, they end up giving him ‘the coup de grace’.

After weeks of Toni Costa’s partner looking impeccable and slimmer than ever, this time, she took many steps back in an emerald green dress.

On the Instagram of Un Nuevo Día a photograph was published where Luis Fonsi’s ex poses in the studio with a green dress that reveals her powerful legs in a ‘V’ neckline that does not leave much to the thinness that the actress also boasted days ago.

And it is that as if it were her worst enemy, the costume designer complemented her outfit with a beige ‘strap’ or belt on her waist, which is not exactly as thin as Thalía’s.

Therefore, the belt or strap ‘made a bad move’ to the short girl, who although she smiled at all times, had to endure that her arms looked thicker, belly and her waist wider.

As is customary in these types of photographs, the image of Adamari López and even her ‘belly’ were mocked:

“Nooo, you’re pretty but that strap killed you completely, I finished with your pretty look”, “Omg, that dress doesn’t fit”, “Just take off that strap please”, “Wow did that dress and that strap kill you”, “You’re pretty but that style of dress makes you look super square”, “Look Adamari, if you dressed like your coworkers you would look pretty”, “The wardrobe designer definitely hates her with all her soul”, “Is she pregnant?”, “It looks like a refrigerator.”

Adamari López belly, A New Day (Instagram)

Adamari López belly, A New Day (Instagram)

It seems that the intense training she has undergone for several months has not yielded the expected fruits, since the Puerto Rican actress and host Adamari López widens again with a dress that makes her look caderona while dancing with La Chiquibaby and Celinés Toribio in Un Nuevo Day.

Through the social networks of the program, you can see a video in which the Puerto Rican, who wears a blue dress that makes her look caderona, dances with her companions La Chiquibaby and Celinés Toribio a showy choreography for a few seconds .

Adamari López widens again with a dress that makes her look caderona Un Nuevo Día La Chiquibaby

PHOTO Instagram A New Day

After departures from Hector Sandarti and Rashel Díaz from Un Nuevo Día, not counting Erika Csiszer and Chef James, the program has seen the need to make some changes.

The above with the aim of keeping his followers, who take advantage of any opportunity to express their points of view.

“There is always time to have fun at @unnuevodia”, you can read on the program’s Instagram account, which provoked reactions of all kinds.

“That program fell apart”, “It is no longer useful (A New Day)”, “Rashel is needed”, “Mmm, no, today the program was ruined”, “I don’t understand anything, they bring another and fire Rashel, there is no one who understands this world.

For her part, an admirer went with everything to Un Nuevo Día after seeing this video in which Adamari López widens again with a dress that makes her look caderona: “That program no longer has a spark, I never understood how you left Héctor Sandarti, you must rehire him, I don’t know, but think about it ”.

These would be just the first complaints they would receive in Un Nuevo Día on their social networks. Keep reading below.


“They give me pain that they need Ada”

Despite the fact that the Puerto Rican actress and host Adamaria López, who flares up again with a dress that makes her look caderona, is one of the darlings of Hispanics, the reality is that she also has many detractors, who wonder why which is still in the program A New Day.

“I am sorry that they need Ada for the program, they threw him out to shit… they are missing all those who took out, Chef James made them stop in everything, Rashel Díaz gave joy together with Adamari… now they turned him into garbage… he is better Wake up America”.

Adamari López widens again with a dress that makes her look caderona Un Nuevo Día La Chiquibaby

PHOTO Instagram A New Day

“Now that song and the little step are boring”, “Definitely Telemundo has to do something urgent with that program, it does not work, the last one that comes out, close the door”, “It takes @rasheldiaz”, “Everyone needs to lose weight !!!” , “Without a doubt, Rashel gave it that touch of fun”, “How boring this program”, you can read in more comments.

An admirer of the Puerto Rican actress and host expressed herself as follows: “What a shame there were so many changes, they can’t find the way around. Adamari beautiful, but she lacks her companions to complete ”.

And when it seemed that the criticism for A New Day would end, they continued to be present: “It is not the same without Rashel”, “There is no doubt that this program is a shame”, “What currents”, “It is time for that medicore program, before it was worth it, today it is rubbish ”.

Finally, users agreed that firing the Puerto Rican from Un Nuevo Día would not be the best idea: “If they remove Adamari López, we are going to knock down that program”, “If they remove Adamari López, the program went to the club”.

It is not the first time that users threaten the program if they do this, although each time the messages become more forceful.

They threaten A New Day because of Adamari López (PHOTO)

The worst year? Users threaten Un Nuevo Día on Telemundo because of the Puerto Rican Adamari López, one of the hosts of this morning program.

Undoubtedly, this 2020 has been a very complicated year for Un Nuevo Día, since after the dismissals of Héctor Sandarti, Erika Csiszer and Rashel Díaz, not counting Chef James, it seems that things are not looking the best, well more layoffs are rumored.

One of the darlings of Hispanics is the Puerto Rican actress and host Adamari López, who has also been said to have the hours counted on this Telemundo program.

she widens again with a dress that makes her look caderona

PHOTO Instagram

Through the show’s official Instagram account, an image was shared in which the nice Puerto Rican shows off her indisputable beauty: “@adamarilopez wishes you such a happy Saturday.”

And what seemed to be a barrage of positive comments for Un Nuevo Día, turned into a list of threats to the program if Adamari López left: “If they remove Adamari, if it is true that no one is going to see that program ”.

On the other hand, someone else said: “Now this program needs to take out Adamari so that it stops being what it was before and that no one sees it”, to which someone replied: “That’s right, she is the only good thing in the world. Program”.

“If Adamari is thrown out, I will stop watching A New Day”, “Adamari is the life of that program”, you can read in more comments.

A user asked: “Is it true that they are going to fire @adamarilopez from the program?”, To which one person replied: “It’s all due to the pandemic, they have removed most of them, can’t you see that it doesn’t produce anything? If not, they show repeated programs. “



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