Adamari López is in Madrid with Toni Costa and Alaïa for a family vacation

Adamari López catches up to Toni Costa and Alaïa in Madrid. After their separation, the couple reunites for a vacation. “We have mo...

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  • Adamari López catches up to Toni Costa and Alaïa in Madrid.
  • After their separation, the couple reunites for a vacation.
  • “We have moved forward the meeting in Madrid with Adamari.”

Adamari López vacations in Madrid. After the separation between the boricua host Adamari López and the Spanish dancer Toni Costa was revealed, several rumors circulated on social networks, regarding the possible causes of their breakup, now the celebrities are getting back together to enjoy a vacation.

Previously, through the Instagram account of the Hoy Día show, which is hosted by the beloved Puerto Rican, a picture where Adamari can be seen preparing to go on vacation was shared, at that time it was unknown where she would go.

Adamari López reaches Toni Costa in Madrid

Adamari López reaches Toni Costa and Alaïa in Madrid

The Spanish Toni Costa was already in his native country with his daughter Alaïa, but now no one imagined that the girl’s mother, Adamari López, would be reaching them in Madrid, to enjoy a family vacation: “We have advanced the meeting in Madrid with Adamari ”, said the dancer, according to People in spanish.

“I don’t mind traveling half of Spain and doing the necessary kilometers -even with some sleep- so that Alaïa is with her mommy; It makes them extremely happy and me more to know that they are, “added Toni, who was happy to know that his ex-fiancée would be close to his daughter and him.

Adamari López vacations Madrid: Enjoying a vacation with her daughter

Toni Costa enjoying a vacation with her daughter

Through the account of Instagram by Toni Costa, had already shared some images where you can see the dancer with his daughter, enjoying the beautiful landscape of Madrid, Spain, waiting for Alaïa’s mother, while they took a tour of the streets of the native country of Toni.

“The journey of unforgettable memories with our princess # Alaïa, today we repeat” The City of Arts and Sciences “and tomorrow more and better, guess where I’m going to take her very close to there…. We are going to enjoy a lot !!!!! @alaia “ , he wrote in one of his publications.

Adamari López vacations Madrid: They do it for their daughter

They do it for their daughter Alaïa

After it became known that Adamari López would catch up with Toni and her daughter Alaïa in Madrid, to vacation as a family, everything seems to indicate that this is not about a reconciliation, but that they do it for the little girl, so that she can enjoy a beautiful moment next to both his mother and his father.

“We will all go on a trip together. We will all be in Valencia for a few days ”, mentioned the Spaniard, where he affirms that they will continue to be on vacation for a few more days in Spain, both enjoying their daughter, who is the strongest seen in this separation from the couple.

Adamari López vacations Madrid: Father and daughter

Toni Costa and daughter on vacation in Madrid

After Toni Costa was the most affected in this break with his ex-fiancee Adamari, today he has left all that behind, since he is next to his little girl, and he has been seen very happy, since in his social network profile , share different videos and photos of how you enjoy your vacation with Alaïa.

“We have had a great time sharing with my family to maintain those family ties, doing different activities, visiting places that she had never been, taking many photos and videos so that tomorrow I will have a good memory of our first vacations from dad and daughter in Valencia, ”Costa told People en Español.

Adamari López vacations Madrid: Surprise for Alaïa

A big surprise for Alaia

Undoubtedly this is going to be a great surprise for little Alaïa, who after the separation of her parents will return to live with both of them at the same time, as before. Toni Costa assures that this surprise has her daughter very happy and is waiting to live together as a family again.

“We will all take a trip together with the Adamari family to a very beautiful destination that we have never visited. I am sure that we will make that trip a special moment and it will be a very positive experience for everyone. Then we will all be in Valencia for a few days ”, said Toni.

Adamari López vacations Madrid: Adamari goes on vacation

Adamari López goes on a trip

Previously Adamari López who is in her best single moment and happier than ever with her ‘new body’ and her rejuvenated image, raised some suspicions about whether she is seeking a reconciliation with her ex who is currently traveling with her daughter Alaïa, where she would reach them.

Through some photographs and videos where Adamari López tells that she is fixing her hair to go on a trip to spend a well-deserved vacation, it immediately began to speculate that the Puerto Rican host of ‘Hoy Día’ would go to Spain to catch up with her ex Toni Costa and his little Añaïa and being together.

Say hello and look more beautiful than ever

Does Adamari López meet with Toni Costa?

The video was shared by the Puerto Rican’s Instagram account in the stories section, but it was also replicated by a fan page who were amazed by the beauty of Adamari López: “Hello hello my beautiful people, here sending you many kisses, I go out traveling, I’m going on vacation and I’m super happy ”.

They were the words of Adamari López allegedly from a restaurant before leaving on a trip and although he did not mention where he was going, you can see that he was indeed very happy to take some time off, could it be that he will finally fix his situation with Toni Costa for him? good of your daughter Alaïa? Filed Under: Adamari López vacations Madrid Toni Costa.

The Puerto Rican debuts a new figure

The Puerto Rican was more despondent

Something that attracted a lot of attention in the images of Adamari López was her ‘new body’, since it is evident that she has lost many pounds and is wearing whatever she wears, such as the very sexy outfit she used for the airport that took her breath away to his followers.

With loose hair, large glasses, loose and comfortable jeans she conquered, but her torso was ‘weakly’ covered by a white top that showed her very ‘unkempt’, showing off the attributes that she has worked so hard to maintain and for which conquered Toni Costa. Filed Under: Adamari López vacations Madrid Toni Costa.

He hits his body at the airport

The Puerto Rican will meet with Toni Costa and her daughter Alaïa

People were fascinated with the beauty of Adamari López before going on a trip and the comments on the Instagram account ‘adamarylopeztorres’ appeared: “When you decide to change even your face changes a lot of successes in your trip”, ” Adamari you are beautiful and it shows in your face that you are happy ”,“ I am so happy for you, you are beautiful, that you enjoy your holidays ”.

And the messages continued: “These heartbreakers love”, “I hope that she will be reunited with her ex-husband and daughter”, “List your bags. To go on vacation, to Spain ”,“ you are beautiful, many blessings for you! ”,“ That is the best ”,“ She looks beautiful ”,“ Divine princess ”. Filed Under: Adamari López vacations Madrid Toni Costa.

“Why do you wear the half-bubi blouses?”

Adamari López was very enthusiastic about her vacation

To such a degree that Adamari López looked so disheveled, she scandalized a girl who follows her and demanded: “Because she uses the half-bubi shirts”, but quickly more fans came out in defense of the Puerto Rican: “because she feels like it . The clothes do not have age codes or who and how they are put on. It looks spectacular like this. People don’t even have a damn life of their own. However they criticize and if there are no reasons they invent them ”.

Other people also supported the naked sensuality of Adamari López: “because she feels sexy since she left Toni. There you will never know what happened. Now you have to find a new partner ”,“ Because you want and can! I do not understand why they get involved and think of her life as if they were intimate “,” look mijita because if she wants and can, no one supports her so leave the lie for another day “. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF ADAMARI LÓPEZ AT THE AIRPORT Filed Under: Adamari López vacations Madrid Toni Costa.


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