Adamari López discovers an unpleasant mold in her house and explains how she solved it (VIDEO)

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  • The host of Un nuevo Día discovers something unpleasant in her house
  • Explain what he had to do to get rid of that undesirable
  • For a long time he lived with it without realizing it

The host of Un Nuevo Día, from Telemundo and wife by Toni Costa, Adamari López, find something unpleasant in your home and hire a company to get rid of the undesirable mold.

All this he reported through his bill of Facebook in which even recommended to the people who helped him end this problem.

Not before, the actress and ex-partner of the singer Luis Fonsi, surprised by this situation that he lived inside his home and explained with the following message.

Adamari López mold

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“I bring you the solution to eliminate something not very pleasant in your homes. It happened to me, but jdrestorationsproperty helped us and I also realized that only professionals can solve this type of problem ”.

Then in the video he explained: “Finding that wall for me was disastrous, the truth was that I did not expect, I had seen those mosquitoes that flew out of the bathroom and I understood that it was humidity, and that they told me, but I said ‘it can’t be make it so recurrent. ‘

Then he related: “When you came to inspect my house for Covid-19 and then came to me with the result that what I had was mold behind that wall, I think the world fell, is it something? Is it normal for there to be mold in the houses?

“Well, you know that for me the problem of mold was something very worrying that I had both in the bathroom of the main room and in the room that Alaïa shared and I was worried about whether this could affect our health and also if that could be keep watering in the house ”.

And he concluded: “Fortunately I was able to find that solution to that concern I had and the real problem I had in the mold house, I no longer have anything, the work was spectacular, in five days everything was finished, I loved that they sealed everything very Well each of the parts that were working so that no other area was contaminated ”.

On the next page you will see the reaction of his followers.

On this page we will let you know some of the reactions of the followers of the host of Un Nuevo Día, Adamari López, to the surprise that she got when she found mold in her house.

“It’s good that they fixed that problem and that everyone is fine, thank God, many blessings family, God bless you all, amen, hallelujah,” said one person.

Someone else commented: “Bella Adamari, you are a very simple woman and each video you transmit is a joy to see, everything is beautiful.”

A follower thanked the information in the video and expressed the following: “Greetings from Colombia … Your information is very interesting, thank you very much, God bless you.”

But the thanks did not end: “Thanks Adamari for passing us those videos, that one does not think it is important, but they are blessings to you to your family. Happy Sunday”.

To see the video click here.

A new day

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Other people made their comments based on their experience and told Adamari López about mold in her home.

“Adamari these houses are not like the one in PR They are made of cardboard and you have to have insurance to keep them in good condition, everything costs to maintain them and the experience is here in Florida,” one of his followers told him.

Another person was pleased that the short girl solved the problem: “Good, to take good care of yourself, that is very risky and dangerous. She looks very good working, peace of mind and security in terms of health above all ”.

A follower exclaimed: “Adamari you are super pretty and that is why everything works out for you and thank God they saw what was damaging your house and that it was not more serious, it is good that you are still blessed in your home and I tell you something my granddaughter is called Alaïa as your beautiful little princess ”.

Another woman said: “For our peace of mind, it is good to hire people who know what they are doing. Thank you for sharing the experience. God bless you”.

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After seeing the video of the mold in Adamari López’s house, many people congratulated her and even remembered her in her appearances in soap operas.

“My Adamari López is so beautiful, we adore you, you are an extraordinary woman and I love everything you share with us and with what dedication, emotion and the energy and joy that you transmit to each one of us, I admire you very much and I loved how you acted As an actress a long time ago in ‘Locura de amor’, ‘Amigas y rivales’, the truth is that those novels fascinated me a lot… I would love to see you act again, beautiful blessings to you and your beautiful family ”, said a woman.

Someone else commented: “Hello, I am very happy that everything was fixed in your home, since it is true it is very worrisome to have mold. A point that I would like to communicate to you is important ”.

Then this person added: “In those cases you can claim your home / home insurance to cover your expenses since it is covered by law. You can do it directly or you can claim it with a company that represents you and they charge 15 to 25 percent of the profit.

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