Adamari López confesses that Luis Fonsi’s reaction to the cancer he suffered led her to the psychologist (VIDEO)

Adamari López was interviewed by María Celeste Arrarás The Puerto Rican commented on ‘the trauma’ left by the abandonment of ...

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  • Adamari López was interviewed by María Celeste Arrarás
  • The Puerto Rican commented on ‘the trauma’ left by the abandonment of Luis Fonsi at his worst
  • Luis Fonsi ‘fled’ when Adamari López suffered from breast cancer

María Celeste Arrarás interviewed Adamari López for her YouTube channel and in that 20-minute interview, the birucua spoke about the most difficult moments that she has lived and that have marked her, including the breast cancer that afflicted her for years and the divorce of Luis Fonsi, situations that sent her to therapy.

Adamari López was one of the interviewees of María Celeste Arrarás, who took advantage of the moment that the host of ‘Hoy Día’ lives to ask her how she got ahead on the most complicated situation of her life, sick, without the support of her partner and finally his separation from Luis Fonsi.

Adamari López relived his difficult stage with Luis Fonsi

Adamari López (IG)
Adamari López (IG)

Dressed in white, with a braid in her hair and light makeup, the Puerto Rican replied to María Celeste Arrarás that she, very young, thought her life would be different: “After having had a very beautiful life in my adolescence, becoming a An adult woman facing what I thought was the love of my life and then as soon as I got engaged, facing a cancer diagnosis was a very hard blow for me ”, she assured.

“I was able to get out of that very well, I thought that my life was headed for beautiful things when suddenly the divorce hit me a blow as or harder than the diagnosis of cancer,” said the Puerto Rican when questioning the journalist that Luis Fonsi he had said that because of the cancer he was not attracted to her as a woman.

María Celeste Arrarás put her finger on Adamari López

María Celeste Arrarás interviewed (IG)
María Celeste Arrarás interviewed (IG)

The Puerto Rican had to face the breast cancer she suffered, but also the reprehensible attitude of Luis Fonsi who did not support her and made her feel worse: “At that time what I wanted was to hide things from myself so as not to let me hurt ”.

And he continued confessing: “I held on to my father God, my family, who has always been by my side, and at one point I also had to visit a psychologist because all those things that I wanted to save so I wouldn’t talk to myself and In order not to face them, they were affecting me and if I did not remove them and if I did not free myself from that, I understood that I was not going to be able to overcome it even when I was a person who did not believe in going to a psychologist ”, but the Puerto Rican did not remain silent.

Adamari López was so disappointed in Luis Fonsi that he went to the psychologist

The Puerto Rican spoke of what she felt with Luis Fonsi (IG)
The Puerto Rican spoke of what she felt with Luis Fonsi (IG)

Unfortunately, things with Luis Fonsi got worse, with all that he had to attend the psychologist: “I thought that this was like something more drastic, that I could solve my own problems, that I with the people around me felt confident to speak enough to be able to get rid of all that pain I had and the truth is that it was not like that ”, he assured.

Adamari López, already more mature and with a different mentality than when she was ill and married to Luis Fonsi, commented that she understood that she had to go through this difficult process to have the thought, fulfillment and happiness that she now possesses with her daughter Alaïa and Toni Coast.

Luis Fonsi was very badly off with the interview that the Puerto Rican offered to María Celeste Arrarás

Luis Fonsi was badly stopped before Adamari López (IG)
Luis Fonsi was badly stopped before Adamari López (IG)

“Today I have the joy of having the family I want with a daughter who had struggled and who had wanted that did not happen at the time I wanted, but at the time when God decided that it was the right thing for me,” Adamari confessed to María Celeste Arrarás on what came after Luis Fonsi.

And it was surprising that Adamari López, without mentioning the name of her ex, wished her the best: “Learning from that step, wishing the best to all the people who were on that path so that today I am a stronger, more fighter woman, without grudges, without pain and thinking that what I let go of did not belong to me, “he said.

María Celeste Arrarás did not stop and question Adamari López

Adamari López interview with María Celeste Arrarás (IG)
Adamari López interview with María Celeste Arrarás (IG)

María Celeste Arrarás questioned whether Adamari López still has a grudge against her ex and said: “You have to let go and leave that grudge, that pain and more knowing that the person who was involved may not have done anything with maybe the bad desire of hurting myself, but when I kept it so much, it might not let me see things clearly, “he said.

But she also hinted that she wanted to force Luis Fonsi to stay with her at that time: “There are things that happen that the other person does not want either and that you should not force, then you let go and open your arms to everyone those new and wonderful things that one can receive from life.

The driver understood that she could not force Luis Fonsi to continue with her

Adamari López (IG)
Adamari López (IG)

The story that Adamari López mentions of what Luis Fonsi did to him is the same one that he mentioned in the book he wrote once recovered from the breast cancer: “Writing helps and especially when you want to say something and not hurt someone and if you write and see and observe you cross out things that can be hurtful and you stay with things that are only what you want to say without hurting, it is very healthy.”

It seems that the story with her ex is healed, but people do not forgive what Luis Fonsi did to her: “We admire her because she has been a warrior !! And he has freed her !! “,” You are very strong Adamari. The faith is very great ”,“ That Adamaris interview made me cry. GOD BLESS you ”,“ Poor Adamaris you are a strong woman God gave you a reward that is your daughter and your husband ”.

The comments in support of the host of ‘Hoy Día’ did not wait

María Celeste Arrarás questioned the Puerto Rican about Luis Fonsi (YouTube)
María Celeste Arrarás questioned the Puerto Rican about Luis Fonsi (YouTube)

People continued to express their gratitude and inspiration to Adamari López: “I love this woman, she really is a being worthy of admiration and example”, “You have to know how to let go of those bad feelings and resentments because those feelings are the ones that hurt the most”, ” Ada beautiful, you are admirable I love to see your strength ”.

A few days ago, some photographs appeared in which Adamari López had supposedly married Toni Costa. It was on the Instagram account of Chica Picosa 2, who shared the photo of the couple and the supposed wedding that they carried out last weekend, who so far nothing has been said. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF THE INTERVIEW

Adamari López is very happy with Toni Costa after his disappointment with Luis Fonsi

Supposed wedding
Supposed wedding

In the photo you can see the Puerto Rican wearing an elegant shiny long dress, kissing her sentimental partner, while wearing a black suit, in the background there are several bouquets of flowers that adorn the place where they are. “They are already married? Apparently this past weekend, Adamari López, Toni Costa, long live love !, beautiful couple”, this phrase accompanied the publication they shared on social networks, which was undoubtedly news unexpected.

Previously, the couple had appeared for Hola magazine in an interview where they confirmed the love they both have, they even talked about the rumors of their separation and Toni Costa said that the pandemic had made them suspend their wedding.

The Puerto Rican posed for a magazine a few weeks ago with her beautiful family

Adamari López Toni Costa wedding 2

At that moment for the magazine, Adamari López said: “I think that sometimes many people comment on our life without even knowing or knowing us. You never get used to people commenting when they have no idea what’s going on between us. In recent days it had been commented, perhaps because they did not see us together in some activity, that we had a crisis as a couple. ”, Said the Puerto Rican.

He also added: “Nothing could be further from reality, at least this time because other things were happening. It is difficult for me to answer and I am not one of those who gives rise to continue with comments. We have our life, our reality. We know our good times and our bad times and many times they have nothing to do with what people say in the press. What I do know is that I, in the face of comments like this, do not comment. Toni finds it hard to keep quiet. “

Currently, the Puerto Rican looks slimmer and very happy with the new stage of ‘Hoy Día’

María Celeste Arrarás interviewed the ex of Luis Fonsi (IG)
María Celeste Arrarás interviewed the ex of Luis Fonsi (IG)

Currently, Adamari López is already more stable in her health, even vaccinated against the coronavirus, she has just held a birthday party for her daughter Alaïa and it seems that her marriage with Toni Costa will soon be a fact, if not that they already married .

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