Adamari López, along with Toni Costa and her daughter, receive strong insults for a video that is supposed to make people laugh (VIDEO)

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FOTO: Mezcalent
  • Users are surprised in the social networks of A New Day
  • Puerto Rican actress and host Adamari López shares a family moment on video
  • Things do not go as expected and they tell Toni Costa kept

Despite the good intentions on the part of Adamari López, things did not go as expected and users say they kept Toni Costa for a video where the Puerto Rican actress and host shares a family moment.

On the account of Instagram of the program Un Nuevo Día, where the Puerto Rican participates as a host, you can see this publication that so far is close to reaching 240 thousand reproductions.

They tell Toni Costa kept by a video of Adamari López A New Day

PHOTO Instagram A New Day

This video is also about to reach 17 thousand likes, including Adamari López herself and her partner, the Spanish choreographer Toni Costa, who were willing to do some crazy things with their little girl. daughter Alaïa.

And when it seemed that everything would be laughter and fun, the reality was very different, since users began to tell Toni Costa, something he has read and heard on many previous occasions.

“The reality of this poor family… and the kept very calm “, commented a netizen and the reactions were immediate:” The babysitter “,” I also find him super unfriendly “.

The comments were increasing in intensity more and more: “And the son kept obeying orders from the fat drawer”, “They don’t know what nonsense to put on”.

For his part, one person sent a strong message: “These people no longer have to publish. The little woman this (Adamari López) is already tired with that family. By God, that’s why those shows are already in decline because they only make ridiculous things. “

And if that wasn’t enough, this same person went all out against Toni Costa: “The husband has nothing to do and she thinks she’s the best on TV. Until the farewell check arrives ”. But there would still be more.



While some fans of the couple formed by Adamari López and Toni Costa, who have been told in countless publications that he is a maintained, defended them from the attacks received, several people expressed their hatred towards the family.

“Damn all that damn family”, “That’s why they are doing Tik Tok, because Adita will soon be fired too and as a silly (Toni Costa) he can’t teach Zumba classes, so they have to start clowning around and ridiculous”, “Oh no, they already put the girl in those Tik Tok. No, not anymore. It is better to see her doing healthy “,” There is no more to post. “

They tell Toni Costa kept by a video of Adamari López A New Day

PHOTO Instagram A New Day

“A round of applause for the clowns”, “How long the same clown?”, “Which of the three more clowns?”, “They look like demons and they think it’s funny, how sad”, “Let them just run it off and lose my job ”, you can read in more comments.

Finally, an Internet user wanted to address both Adamari López and Toni Costa with this warning: “They are going the way of Nacho and Inger (Mendoza)… pure publicity of their family life. Soon, the publication will be: we decided to separate. Gentlemen, your private life is yours, then don’t complain ”.

On other occasions, given the constant attacks against him and his family, Toni Costa has not been left with the desire to respond. Next, we share one of the many that Adamari López’s family has gone through.

They say ‘whale’ to Adamari López in a photo on board a motorcycle and Toni Costa bursts out angry (PHOTO)

What barbarians! As is customary, the official Instagram account of Un Nuevo Día shares images of its drivers in different facets, and on this occasion, it showed Adamari López and Toni Costa together with little Alaïa enjoying a walk on the beach and users tell her whale to the boricua.

What no one was counting on was that their partner would react and give them a “white glove slap.”

With more than 20 thousand likes so far, in this image you can see Toni Costa driving a jet ski, and behind him, very well held, are little Alaïa and her mother, the Puerto Rican actress and driver Adamari López, a of the spoiled ones of the program A New Day.

“Everything in the family is infinite times better! I love you @ alaia @adamarilopez ”, was what Toni Costa posted and the reactions were immediate.

PHOTO Instagram A New Day

Of the comments that attracted the most attention was the following: “Are these photos for us to give them a title? Well, not even the water… to the rescue of the whale… the quarantine made us very creative ”, referring to Adamari López.

But what this Internet user did not have is that Toni Costa would react and slap him with a white glove defending the Puerto Rican:

“May God bless you, because you really need it”, which caused more responses from users:

“Before talking about the straw in someone else’s eye, check yours”, “How much pain, what is missing from everything, the worst thing is to hide your face and not speak head-on”, “How can such bitter and poisonous ”.

Admirers of the Puerto Rican actress and host Adamari López and Toni Costa, tired of the constant attacks that the Puerto Rican receives, as on this occasion, who called her whale, and siding with the Spanish choreographer, they gave her several tips so that she does not get hooked with malicious people.

“Toni, don’t answer people like that, don’t waste your time. They are bitter and very envious people who are not happy “,” I say: ‘to foolish words, deaf ears’, everyone who lives criticizing has low self-esteem, live and let live “,” That woman is a vulgar, not her Take into account that God will give him his reward with that dirty heart ”.

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