Actress Markie Post dies of cancer at age 70

Actress Markie Post dies of cancer. The American lost her life at age 70. She died “after a three year and ten month battle with ca...

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  • Actress Markie Post dies of cancer.
  • The American lost her life at age 70.
  • She died “after a three year and ten month battle with cancer.”

Markie Post Cancer dies. The entertainment world is in mourning, since the death of the American actress Markie Post, a cancer victim at 70, has been announced. This was reported by the media when the death of the artist was announced.

Actress Markie Post fought against this cancer disease for four years, but unfortunately she couldn’t beat it. She is remembered as defense attorney Christine Sullivan on the television series “Juzgado de Guardia,” winning the hearts of millions of viewers, according to Efe Agency.

Actress Markie Post dies at 70

Markie Post Cancer Dies

The death of the famous actress was announced through a statement from Post’s family, where they mention the years in which she was fighting this terrible disease. Post died “after a three-year and 10-month battle with cancer,” his family said in the statement.

The family of the American artist noted in the note that Markie Post decided to continue working despite being diagnosed with the deadly disease of cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatments “determined to make it her ‘side job.”

Markie Post Cancer Dies: Featured on TV

Markie Post Cancer Dies: Featured on TV

Post was born on November 4, 1950 in Palo Alto, California, standing out on television when she played Christine Sullivan between 1985 and 1994, the year in which the series “Night Court” (known as “Juzgado de Guardia” in Spain and in other Spanish-speaking countries like “La corte loca”) came to an end, according to Efe.

In addition, she gave life to Terri Shannon-Michaels between 1982 and 1982 in the series “The Fall Guy”, known as “Profession Danger” in Latin America between 1981 and 1986. More recently, she was invited to the series “The Kids Are Alright ”, Among other projects. She was remarried to producer and writer Michael Ross, with whom she had two daughters.

Markie Post Cancer Dies: His Family Says Goodbye

Markie Post Cancer Dies: His Family Says Goodbye

The famous actress passed away at the age of 70, after fighting cancer for 4 years. Her family said goodbye to her with an emotional message on social networks, trying to remember her with the same energy and strength with which she was characterized in her TV characters, according to People in spanish.

“Our pride is in who he was beyond acting; a person who made elaborate cakes, sewed curtains for the first apartments and taught us how to be kind, loving and forgive in a sometimes complex world, “wrote her family in a statement saying goodbye to her.

Markie Post Cancer Dies: Celebrities Send Condolences

Markie Post Cancer Dies: Celebrities Send Condolences

One of the celebrities who manifested in her social network profile was the artist Melissa Joan Hart remembered for her role in “Sabrina the teenage witch”, said goodbye to Post, since they coincided in different television programs, where they were even great friends .

“I am heartbroken to lose an angel on earth, my dear friend and television mother is finally resting after a long battle with cancer. I can’t get to explain what he meant to me, the friendship we had and the kindness he always showed me, ”Joan Hart posted.

Markie Post Cancer Dies: “She Will Be Missed”

Markie Post Cancer Dies: "She will be missed"

Immediately the Internet users were present: “I am very sorry to hear this news. I was a fan I loved her at Night Court. Very sad. Cancer is a horrible killer. I am currently battling my third round of cancer. It is not good at all. My condolences to you and to Markie’s family and friends. ”

“I am sorry to learn of your passing. She was a real lady. I must say that you were amazing in all your jobs. From Mary Tyler Moore to Roots and beyond, you are an incredible actor. Thank you for giving life and fullness to your art. We will all be in a better place too soon ”,“ I am so sad about this news. Markie seemed to be a genuine beautiful person with a smile in her heart. She will be missed, “fans commented.

Markie Post Cancer Dies: Dad Denise Maerker Dies

dad denise maerker
PHOTO: Instagram

A few days ago, the death of Mr. Gunter Maerker, the journalist’s father and head of the Televisa nightly newscast, Denise Maerker, was announced. Followers and friends of the presenter join in condolences and send their condolences to the family of the Mexican journalist.

The lawyer and journalist Denise Maerker is in mourning after the death of her father, Gunter Maerker, which occurred this Thursday, August 5. According to the INFOBAE news portal, it is said that the news was released through the Twitter account of the Noticieros Televisa program.

Journalist Denise Maerker’s father passes away

the father of journalist Denise Maerker
PHOTO: Twitter

Infobae states that the father of the driver Denise Maerker died at dawn on Thursday, August 5, however, so far no further information has been given on the events, and although the journalist has not commented on the matter, she has retweeted various messages from his peers.

Among those that stand out Image Group, For those who did not go unnoticed this news and through their social networks sent the following message: “From Grupo Fórmula we send our condolences to @DeniseMaerker for the unfortunate death of his father Gunter Maerker RIP”. Filed Under: Markie Post Cancer Dies.

They send you condolences

They send you condolences
PHOTO: Maerker Group

On the other hand, the Latin American Confederation of Customs Agents also announced this sensitive death of the father of the also lawyer Denise Maerker, since according to the portal, his father was highly recognized in this union, since he was a consultant specialized in this area .

Gunter Maerker was an expert in customs processes, he was dedicated to giving consultancies, conferences, courses and webinars, after this, many of his colleagues and friends expressed words of regret, commenting that without a doubt this death represented a great loss for the world of commerce Exterior. Filed Under: Markie Post Cancer Dies.

Your friends join

Your friends join
PHOTO: Twitter

Daniel Moreno, director of the portal Political Animal, was in charge of giving the news of the death of Denise Maeker’s father through his social networks, also joining in condolences to the family: “This morning Gunter Maerker passed away, father of @DeniseMaerker, dear Denise, I send you a hug with all my Love”.

After this, more messages began to reach the journalist and head of Noticieros Televisa, such as her partner Daniella Dithurbide, Gabriela Warketin, Jaime Núñez of Radio Fórmula and the governor of Hidalgo and husband of actress Victoria Ruffo, Omar Faayad, among many more. Filed Under: Markie Post Cancer Dies.

Televisa actress who lost her husband says her brothers-in-law wouldn’t let her say goodbye to him

Televisa actress who lost her husband says her brothers-in-law wouldn't let her say goodbye to him
PHOTO: Instagram

Days before the death of Denisse Maerker’s father was announced, it was reported that through his social mediaJennifer Luquín, a Televisa actress who lost her husband, Armando Corona Radillo, at the age of 54, assured that her brothers-in-law would not let her say goodbye to him, in addition to denouncing several threats against him.

In the first place, the interpreter dedicated an emotional word to the businessman, who in addition to dedicating himself to wines and spirits, was a rancher and mayor of the municipality of Tonaya, Jalisco, in the period from 2004 to 2006. A sensitive loss. Filed Under: Markie Post Cancer Dies.


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