Actress denounces that she was a victim of sexual harassment by ‘Chabelo’ and tells what he did to her (PHOTOS)

Alexandra Beffer publicly denounces that she was a victim of sexual harassment by ‘Chabelo’ The actress reveals that she had ...

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  • Alexandra Beffer publicly denounces that she was a victim of sexual harassment by ‘Chabelo’
  • The actress reveals that she had two bad experiences with Xavier López, host of ‘En Familia’
  • In an interview he explains everything that happened with the comedian and says that it is the truth

A news has bending to the entertainment world in Mexico after it became known that the actress Alexandra Beffer publicly denounced that she was a victim of sexual harassment by the host of ‘En Familia’, Xavier López ‘Chabelo’, according to various sources such as TvNotes.

Through an exclusive interview for the entertainment magazine, the artist mentioned some aspects of her professional life and then uncovered the alleged sexual harassment of which she was victim.

Currently the actress is 50 years old and the famous’ friend of the children‘He is 85 years old, so below we will leave you more details of the whole case.

Image taken from Twitter @TVNotasmx

Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ is an actor and comedian of Mexican-American origin, who won the affection of the people for his participation in films such as ‘Chabelo and Pepito against the monsters’, ‘La Carrabina de Ambrosio’, “En Familia con Chabelo ‘and many other programs.

The actress currently has a social program on YouTube that will stop for a while to start another one called Anecdotario de una ciega and there she will tell about various things about her personal and professional life.

But within the interview the actress revealed the bad experiences she has had with ‘Chabelo’ as she says that it was on two occasions that the comedian treated her very badly.

He says the first time was when he was a child, then she approached him to greet him, but he says, he rejected her with very inappropriate words.

He assures that when he approached him he said: “’Pin $% & you lousy, get out of here, don’t be chin $% & # $”.

On the next page we will leave you some answers that Alexandra Beffer gave about the complaint she makes against ‘Chabelo’ for alleged sexual harassment.

But there was no public demand made by actress Alxandra Beffer against Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ for alleged sexual harassment.

In a verbatim way, he answered the magazine’s questions and said: “In 1995 I wanted to resume my career and I found out that Chabelo was casting for a program called La cuchufleta, and I went to auditions. In my entire career I have never liked to speak ill of anyone, I never have; but I had a second bad experience with him, much worse than the first ”.

Then he added: “When I had to go through with Chabelo, I told him that I had a lot of experience, that I could play any character and that I wanted to participate in his program; but I was surprised by what happened ”.

And he explained: “I was at the desk showing him the photos and at that moment he took my hand and made grotesque proposals. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me ”.

Image taken from Twitter @elimparcialcom

But then the actress Alexandra Beffer gave more details of the alleged sexual harassment she suffered from Xavier López ‘Chabelo’.

After the proposal that the actor made to her, she did the following: “I took my hand off her and told her that there was my resume, she said that it was useless and I replied: ‘Sir, my husband is out there. ‘, and he replied sarcastically:’ And who is going to tell him? How is he going to find out? Are you going to tell him? Because I don’t. ‘ She was very mean to me. “

She said that after that she left the place and told her husband to leave, but without explaining what happened. At the time he did not comment on anything, but until now in the interview.

And he explained: “It may be that Chabelo is upset, I know that he is a famous and important person, but there is freedom of expression and I am not inventing or defamatory. I repeat, this happened to me, to Alexandra Beffer, and if the man is outraged, he shouldn’t have acted like that with me because he was exposing himself to me one day ventilating it ”.

On the next page we will leave you some comments from the people on the Instagram accounts who published the news.

Alexandra beffer

Image taken from Mezcalent

On the public complaint made by actress Alexandra Beffer against Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ that he was a victim of sexual harassment, people could not stop expressing their opinion and on the Instagram page of @ chicapicosa2 they gave their views.

“Pure lies, she just wants to hang on to Chabelo and she herself discovered it was not sexual harassment”, “I don’t believe her, she just wants to draw attention, I don’t even know who she is,” some people said.

But another did not agree and wrote: “I did expect that because Chabelo comes from a time where all comedians made their ugly films and that was part of that generation that everyone did that.”

Another netizen commented: “I have acquaintances who worked as hostesses in your program and believe Chabelo is a disgusting person, rude and harassing despot.”

Someone else said that they did believe the complaint for alleged sexual harassment: “I do believe you! That man has always had a bad reputation for being a despot. All you have to do is see the interviews they have done with that man so that you can see what kind of guy he is ”.

Chabelo sexual harassment

Image taken from Instagram @ chicapicosa2

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