Actor Sebastián Boscán dies, he appeared in telenovela Pasión de Gavilanes

Actor Sebastián Boscán dies. He played the character of Leandro in the telenovela ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’. His cause of death i...

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  • Actor Sebastián Boscán dies.
  • He played the character of Leandro in the telenovela ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’.
  • His cause of death is confirmed on social media and shock the Internet.

The entertainment world is about to close the year with some of the saddest news that the Latin American public has received. It was announced that actor Sebastián Boscán has died of stomach cancer. He played the famous character of Leandro in the successful telenovela ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’, according to Noticias Caracol Tv. Many celebrities have been deeply affected by his loss.

Pasión de Gavilanes was a Spanish-language telenovela produced by RTI Televisión for Telemundo and Caracol Televisión. It was written by Julio Jiménez, based on Las aguas mansas from 1994, which was also by him. The first season premiered on October 21, 2003 and ended on July 23, 2004 but it had a large audience with Hispanic viewers in the United States and other countries such as Colombia.


Actor Sebastián Boscán dies
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Journalist Carlos Ochoa announced the terrible news on social media. He said the following: “Your departure hurts my soul. Thank you, friend, for so many unforgettable characters. It seems incredible to say this. Rest in peace. I’m in shock.” This prompted other people to send messages of encouragement to his family or of remembrance for the Colombian actor.

Boscán was 41 years old, he was originally from Medellín and just six weeks ago he made his last post on social media. This news leaves his family and the entertainment world in mourning just a few weeks before the end of the year. The Christmas holidays will be stained with the pain and sadness caused by his departure.


Passion of Hawks
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It was reported that according to someone close to the family, that a mass was organized with his ashes in the parish of the Jardines de Montesacro Cemetery, located in Itagüí. It is expected that dozens of people will come to say goodbye to the artist who won the hearts of his fans with his great appearance on the telenovela ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’.

However, Pasión de Gavilanes was not his only role in front of the cameras. He also worked on productions such as ‘The authentic Rodrigo Leal’, ‘Escobar, el patron del mal’ and ‘Loquito por ti’, all in Caracol Television. He had an enviable and highly recognized career not only in his country, but throughout Latin America, which made him one of the most popular artists in his field. His may fans mourn his loss today. Filed Under: Actor Sebastián Boscán Dies


Upon hearing the news, many people were upset by Sebastián Boscán’s loss, such as Lorena Meritano, an Argentine model, actress and presenter who wrote: “My God Carlitos, what happened to Seba? Rest in peace and hugs to your family members.” Other people sent prayers for him and his loved ones: “Let’s pray for his soul.” “It can’t be.” “My God, what is happening with the actors?” “How so? What happened to you? ” “Rest in peace, light to your soul, can someone tell us what happened?”

“I don’t know what happened to him, there is no news of him.” “I can’t believe it, may God receive him in his holy kingdom.” “People that one does not expect to lose on the road.” “A great loss, rest in peace.” “ I can’t believe it, strength to your family.” “I loved seeing him in Pasión de Gavilanes, how he laughed, his way of being, I can’t believe it.” To see the video click here. Filed Under: Actor Sebastián Boscán Dies


Passion of Hawks
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On social media people’s pain and shock were obvious: “How so, what happened to him?” “God give strength to his family.” “His last performance that I saw was in the law of the heart and a tremendous character that he did, very short, but very good,” were other messages posted by the actor’s followers.

“It cannot be.” “Great human being, I had the opportunity to see him personally and he was very humble…” “Is the news true? They denied it, that’s why I ask.” “Peace in his grave, you will no longer feel pain.” “Leandro (Santos) died? Well Sebastián, I had no idea, thank you for such sad news.” “Is it already confirmed?” “Rest in peace.” These were some of the questions and comments that people posted. Filed Under: Actor Sebastián Boscán Dies

Actor Sebastián Boscán dies: TRAGEDY AFTER TRAGEDY

Stomach cancer
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Well, these have been terrible days for the entertainment world, because after the losses of several popular figures in Mexico, including Octavio Ocaña and Enrique Rocha, now the death of actor Coronji Calhoun has been confirmed at 31 years of age, of heart failure. The young man is remembered for his participation in the movie Monster’s Ball, where he played the son of actress Halle Berry. According to information from The Sun, the causes of his sad death were heart failure and lung problems. May he rest in peace…

In the interview that Halle Berry gave in 2001 on the occasion of the launch of the film Montser’s Ball, she said that she talked a lot with the young actor and his mother, comforting him just before each take: “I hugged him and kissed him, and after each take, I hugged him and kissed him,” said the actress. (TO WATCH THE VIDEO CLICK HERE).

Actor Sebastián Boscán dies: WHY DID THEY ASK FOR FINANCIAL HELP?

Actor Sebastián Boscán dies
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After the mother of actor Coronji Calhoun confirmed her son’s death, it was learned that a GoFundMe account was created to ask for financial help, since the family did not have a life insurance policy before his death due to heart failure. As of the writing of this article, just over $10,000 has been raised, including a donation from a person claiming to be Halle Berry, who donated just over $3,000: “Although the financial burden has been removed, We still mourn the loss of my son,” said Theresa Bailey.

“Being me is a job in itself until I die, I strive for myself,” Coronji Calhoun wrote on Instagram, where the last time he posted was on October 21, 2015: “By closing this chapter We ask that in your memory of him, you remember to love your neighbor as yourself, because that is what Coronji did for his entire community,” said the actor’s mother.

Actor Sebastián Boscán dies: THE ETERNAL VILLAIN DIED

Passion of Hawks
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As we discussed, another death shook the entertainment world as famous soap opera actor Enrique Rocha died at 81. The death of the iconic ‘villain’ of Mexican soap operas has been confirmed. The news was confirmed by Óscar Espejel, an employee of the famous actor, according to a report by El Universal.

El Privilegio de Amar was one of the soap operas where Enrique Rocha left his mark on the Mexican entertainment world. The actor always stood out as a villain in the soap operas he appeared in throughout his long career.

Actor Sebastián Boscán dies: WHAT WERE HIS SUCCESSES?

Leandro santos
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Enrique Rocha won the TVyNovelas Award for best villain twice. The Mexican actor’s deep voice garnered him national fame. He even lent his voice to bring Bagheera to life in The Jungle Book, according to the report.

Actor Enrique Rocha was born in the Mexican state of Guanajuato on January 5, 1940. “Tremendous loss for the entertainment world, a legend my dear and admired Enrique Rocha, God bless the good ‘Rochón’. We are going to miss him. RIP,” wrote the Televisa Reynaldo López on Twitter, according to Infobae.

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